SwaRagini (Kismat Connection) Episode 15


Sorry for irregular update. I also started another FF and that is “Tujhse Hi”. Please read it. Thank you.

“Ajay?!” Ragini tells being surprised.

“Ragu?!” Ajay to replies being shocked.

“Haan. I’m Ragu.. You’re too busy na.. You can’t come to meet us from 12 years.. Do you know how much Suji maa,Papa,Sanku Bhaiyya and I missed you.!” Ragini tells while being little bit teary eyes and keeping her hand on her waist.

“Arre. What to do.. Mom told me to say with her and she became ill and after that I went to London and…….” He gets interrupted by Ragini.

“Bas Bas. I don’t want to listen your bak bak. Vaise. You’re going to study in this collage?” She asks him hoping answer would be yes.

“Yes mere sweet sister.” Ajay tells with a smile.

“And you couldn’t tell us you’re coming here!” Ragini tells while getting angry.

“Arre sister I wanted to surprise you and now let’s go to our class and we’ll go home together.” He orders

“Okay!” She replies with a smile.

The collage ends and they reaches home.

“Badi maa! Look who’s here.” Ajay tells with a smile

“Who are you? And why you’re calling me Badi maa. Wait…its you? AJAY??!!” She shouts his name.

“Haan,you guessed correct. Wherstead bade papa?” He asks.

“Hes gone to office and.. .you didn’t even inform us that you’re coming?”

“Ohh mom..Please don’t start again.. Ask Ragini.She’ll tell you and we met in collage and bye…I’m going to sleep.” He tells while yawning.

“Arre. I want to talk to you..” She tells.

“I’ll talk to you after 3 hours. Bye mom. Good night ” He tells while yawning

“Huh!” She tells while rolling her eyes.

He goes to sleep and after 3 hours they talk.


Sorry for errors and really tell me honestly do you want me to continue? If you don’t want please tell me honest then I will quit. Thank You

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