SwaRagini ( Kismat Connection ) Episode 11


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The episode starts with SwaRagSanLak submitting their test paper but Ragini is a bit worried as she didn’t study properly.

“Ragini,what if you don’t get full marks? What will you tell to Annu maa?” She thinks with a worried face.

“Oh Ragu. Don’t worry. My sister will do her best,I know!” Sanskar smiles at her.

“Bhaiyya,when did you come?” Ragini questions.

“Oh,so now I cannot come also to meet my sister. Okay fine Ragu, I’m going.” He acts as if
he is sad.

He was about to go from there,but in a nick of time Ragini holds his hands.

“Arre bhaiyya,I didn’t mean that. Our classes are very far away.” Ragini explains.

“Vo,teacher allowed us to finish our food in the period and now 20 minutes are left so I am going down to play.” Sanskar tells her.

“Okay bhaiyya,Bye!” Both bid bye to each other and left.

It’s time for the teacher to return the papers. All specially Ragini is nervous.

“Children, you all didn’t understand Costal Plains chaper? Don’t hesitate to tell me because I know every one has a doubt here. ” Teacher tells with a angry and sad face.

” I did so much to explain you all. But you all were busy in talking.” Teacher adds.

“And Ragini got the highest score. She didn’t get full marks but I am happy because she made only one mistake. ” Teacher tells with a happy and sad face.

Screen shifts to Sanskar’s and Lakshaya’s classroom.

“Children, everyone of you did well. I am happy that you all understood what I said. I am proud to have this class.” Teacher happily says.

She distributes the paper and the paper brings smile on everyone’s face epically SanLak.

Swara’s teacher too tells same but Swara is unhappy seeing her marks.

“Suji maa will be unhappy with me” Swara tells with a crying face.

Precap- Maybe RagLak meeting.

I’m sorry for late update. Silent reader please comment. I need evertyone’s support. I will be irregular now a days I feel. Sorry for giving the same Precap. It’s tough for me to give equal importance to 4 main leads. Hope you understand. And yeah,I have one more story popping up in my mind of SwaRagini only… Please suggest a name for that. I will not quit this FF. Please suggest a name for that and take care…


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