Swaragini Ki Love Stories


Guys this is the first time i am writing fan fiction hope u ill support me

A house is shown. A woman is shown doing puja. She gives prasad to her family including Daadi, Shekar. The woman is reffered as Sharmista by Daadi. Daadi ask her where are her lovelu daughters. Sharmista says might b they are sleeping till now I ill go and wake up dem. She goes to their room.

In swaraginis room.
Sharmista comes and says get up. Two girls are shown in blanket. One girl is reffered as Ragini and other as Swara. Ragini says wait ma its only 6:45 showing her lips. Sharmista says ua Alarm clock has been stopped and its 7:30. Ragini openes her eye in shocked state. She gets up and says 7:30 oh no we have to reach for the musical selection and ask Swara to get up else we ill b late for selection. Swara says wat selection? Swara remembers and says selection on no showing her beautiful face. Swara says we have to reach at8:00 . Sharmista says first fresh and come. First Swara goes followed by Ragini.

Swaragini comes. Ragini is wearing Salwaar and Swara in modern dress. Their parents hugs dem and says they look very pretty today. Their parents praises dem. Daadi comes and says when ua parents and daughters hugging will finish. I am hungry. Sharmista says her to come breakfast is ready. Ragini says ma ua food is worlds best food. Swara says ya mom its very delicious. Sharmista says enough have ua breakfast now.Swaragini says dey ill be late and takes their blessings. Her parents and Daadi blesses her. Swaragini leaves.

Precap: Some goons tease Swaragini in the road.

Credit : Sana

Thnk u for reading it.. Plz tell ua opinoin shall i continue or stop.

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  1. Hi sana nice start plz continue

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  3. make it swasan yaar

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