swaragini ki ashiqui (epi 3)


Now start
First scene
A girl show. She is wearing a pink color anarkali dress. She is holding a puja thali With both hand.she is standing front of small Mata rani Idol and doing arti.

Then camera shows her lip. Her lip is looking like a pink color petals of rose. Then camera shifted on her eyes. Her is eye is looking like a mirror jisme aap use dekh Kar uske andar ki sari batein padh sakte h. After min she ends her arti.
She put arti thal other side. She joins her hand and praying in front of God.
Suddenly she hears someone calling from behind. Ragini……
Then she turned behind…. Camera shows her full face. A smile coming on her lip. She running towards the lady and say Maa.
Sumi :yeah my child. U looking like my angel.
Ragini :Maa where is papa.???
Shekhar :I m here beta…
She going towards him papa she hug him tightly. And say good morning papa. (Ragini loves her father more than herself)
Then she took Prasad from thali and saying Maa papa take it Prasad.
Sumi touches her head and say God bless u beta.
Sakher:but Ragini where is my second princes.
Sumi :yeah beta where is she I think she is still in room. Right Ragini.
Ragini smile and say don’t worry Maa I think she is tired because Kal hi toh hm Kolkata se Mumbai swift huye h.
Sumi:but Ragini this is already 8 o’clock ab Kitna derr soyegi.
Ragini :ok Maa mein dekhti Hu but please don’t angry with her.
Sumi :ok go.. I m going to preparing breakfast.
She leaves from there. Ragini also leave from there.
Shekhar say to itself sab toh Cale gaye ab mein kya karu I think mujhe paper padni chahiye.
Scene shifted on swaragini room.
Ragini enter in room and sees a girl sleeping with teddy she is totally covered with blanket but teddy face was uncovered with blanket.
Ragini smiles seeing her in this state. Ragini say how cute. She is looking like my doll. But mujhe pahle iss uthana h…. She thinks something and say good idea Ragini and smile on herself.
Ragini start talking with loud voice Maa u r right swara is still sleeping. Maa that’s good for me. Main sari sweets kha jaungi swara ka bhi sweets.

Suddenly swara throw her blanket other side and say no mom I m coming please mom Ragini ko mra sweets mat Dena.
Camera shifted on her cute face. She is looking like a doll With high poni and in blue color nigh ?.
Suddenly she sees Ragini laughing.
Swara:confused… Ragini why r u laughing??? R u OK na???, suddenly she thinks something and say wait wait… Don’t say ki yeah prank tha OK.
Ragini struggling with controlling her laughing.
Ragini :yeah swara u r right this was a prank.
Swara:raginiiiiiii I will not leave.
Ragini making puppy face and saying her sorry.
Swara:it’s OK but because of u… Meine apna dream Pura hi nahi Kiya. She takes a pillow from the bed and hugs.
Ragini :akhir dream kya dekh rahi thi???
Swara:mein abhi apne varun ko hug karne hi Wali thi ki tune mujhe disturbed Kar diya.
Ragini :sorry baba.
Swara :ok…. She goes towards the window and shout good morning Mumbaiiiiiiiii
Swara:how beautiful na Ragini.
Ragini :but not more than our Kolkata.
Swara :raginiiiiiii.. I think mujhe yaha mera varun mil Jaye..
Ragini :kon varun…. I mean bahut sare varun h.
Swara:Ragini obviously my varun dhawan. Oro se mujhe kya karna h.
Ragini :thanks God mujhe laga varun Kapoor.
Swara:who is varun Kapoor… But anyway I hope u also find ur life partner.
Ragini :shut up swara I not believe in love.
Swara :yeah but mujhe believe Karogi love part. Then they a cute hug swaragini title song in be.

Precap :hero’s entry.

Credit to: Manvi

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  1. Guys sry ek hi episode do bar update karne ke liye.but this is not my fault.

  2. Plz pair up raglak

  3. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

    So funny. I loved it. Waiting for the next episode.

  4. Thank u so much.sahima and Kiran.

  5. nice dea ! but plz make it Swalak !!

  6. U r such a amazing writer.ur story line is very good.

  7. Its ok manvi and u can me di btw nice start & gud sister bonding

  8. Its nice manvi… no confusion u can continue ur ff… without hesitation… small child

  9. Nice..bt pairing

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