swaragini ki ashiqui (epi 2)

Guys thank you for your comment. Guys mean and ff likhna chati thi but meine ek writer ki story padhi o my god she is amazing writer. I want to share this story with all of you. I hope you all like it and enjoy it.

It was morning in Mumbai… On a flat in a building a girl was doing arti of the little Mata rani Idol with closed eyes holding a puja thali.. Camera shows her lips moving as she was singing… Arti.
She finished the arti and bowed her head in front of the Idol still holding the thali with both of the hand.. She opened her eyes and camera shows her bottom to top.. She was wearing a pink color anarkali dress… A smile come in her face seeing a lady and a man in front of her : Maa papa… (sarmista and Shekhar)
She went towards them removed a hand from the puja thali and took blessing from them…. They blessed her
Smiling.. She is our ragini. Ragini gave them laddu from puja thali
Sumi cupped her face and kissed her forehead.
U have really a beautiful voice. God bless u beta.
Shekhar: ragini where is my second princess

Ragini: papa… She is still in room. Papa mein abhi usse bulati Hu.

Sumi: swara bhi na… I m sure that she is still in sleeping.
Ragini smiled and went towards the room… She opened the door and saw some one sleeping on bed with covered with blanket… Ragini sighed shaking her head and start to talk loudly : Maa she is still sleeping… I think she didn’t want to have breakfast today!
A girl come out from the blanket shouting :no no I mean coming in one second!!
The girl was none other than swara!.. She was about to get up from the bed when see saw ragini laughing… Don’t tell me It was only a prank… Again???
Ragini nodded suffocating a laugh
Swara hugged her pillow… U ruined my dream….
Ragini sat near her and say what were you dreaming?
Swara still hugging the pillow of course.. My Ranbir Kapoor.. I was hugging him tightly… But then u come!!
Ragini took the pillow from her hand and put it on side :sorry meri Maa! Ab jaldi ready ho Kar aa jao breakfast was ready.

Swara get up from the bed and opened the window :good morning mumbaiiiiiiii
Ragini smiled seeing her an whet towards the swara… They admired Mumbai landscape from their flat on 5th floor.
Swara(watching out) :how beautiful na!??
Ragini (watching out) :but not more than my Kolkata
Swara :Tum bhi na.. Boring ki boring hi rahogi.

Ragini :and what about u do din aye nahi hua Mumbai me or Tum Mumbai Wali ho gayi.
Swara : of course meri Jaan.. U know Kolkata mein mujhe koi bhi handsome guy nhi mila but I m sure Mumbai me mera Ranbir jaroor milga or ho sakta h tumhara majhnu bhi mil Jaye.

Ragini :swaraaaaa!! She took a pillow from the bed and hit swara… Swara did the same… They start pillow fighting and laughing like Mads after a while they fell on the bed still laughing and looked towards the celling
Swara:I feel like everything is gonna change!!
Ragini :because of u right. Because Mumbai ko Pata nhi h kon yah aa chukka h. Right
Swara : absolutely meri Jaan.
The two sisters laughed again… When sarmista called them… Swaragini beta come is ready.
Ragini :shouted i m coming Maa.
Swara nodded still lying on the bed and looking up.. Ragini went out of the room..
After a while Shekhar and Ragini were sitting on dinning table while Sumi was serving them breakfast??…
Sumi was about to say something when swara came towards them running and shouting Maaaa!!!!! Papa
She went towards her Maa and hugged her smiling…
Sumi:what happened swara? Why r u looking so happy??
Swara showed her phone :Maa I and Ragini passed the test for scholarship for Mumbai arts musical academic.
Ragini took the phone from her hand and smiles looking her name in the phone.
Ragini :wow swara and then they share a sweet hug be swaragini title song played. Screen freezes on swaragini smiling face.

Precap :hereos entry.

Please tell me guys how is it. Jab meine yeh ff padha tha I m totally lost in this story. This is amazing I hope you all like it.

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  1. I m really sry guys meine ek hi ff do bar send kardi because kal raat ko hi meine post kiya tha par abhi tak bhi aaya isliye meine dubara post kiya.

  2. Sahima ( fan of swasan and abhigya)

    Wow. The episode was nice.

  3. Thank u so much sahima.

  4. Ur ff is amazing.pls continue…..

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