Swaragini – junoon wala ishq (Episode 5)


Hey guys moni is back with another episode. Once again thanku for your comments guys. Lets start.

Here we go

Screen starts with swara’s office. Swara & radha are going to lunch then suddenly from window laksh will enter in through wire. They will shock by seeing him.

Laksh: Hey swara how r u?

Swara: What r u doing here? If my boss saw u then my job will be gone.

Laksh: That is y i came through window now please take this.

Swara: What is this?

Laksh: Pizza i know u love it.

Radha: Wow pizza.

Swara: Radha u leave.

Radha: Ok fine u only have it.

Swara: How u know that i love pizza?

Laksh: Not only this i know so much about u. U like to have coffee in rainy evenings, love pizza, likes to play with kids, likes to listen melody songs etc.

Swara: Not bad now u leave.

Laksh: Ok mam as your order.

She smiles & goes to eat it.

Evening in swara’s new house.

She is tired so she will just lie on bed. Then she will remember that parcel she got in office & thinks to see it. She opens it & takes the dress which she liked. She will wear it & sees in mirror & thinks it is beautiful. Then suddenly one flash light falls on her & she thinks what is that & she follows the flash & goes out.

She sees laksh on next building next to her’s. He says hi to her. She just smiles. He signs her to take his call. She will take it.

Laksh: Hi.

Swara: How do u got my number?

Laksh: Radha. She is very helpful yar.

Swara: Hmm. So what do u want?

Laksh: U r looking so beautiful in this dress. I like that dress.

Swara: Thanks. Now bye.

Laksh: Bye.

Next day

In swara’s office.

Swara is doing work on system suddenly her system gets off then to check whats the problem she bends down & she will be shocked to see laksh under her table.

Swara: Wha…what r u doing here?

Laksh: I came to see u yar. U told me that no one should see me here so i am waiting here for u baby?

Swara: Dnt call me baby. Now just leave.

Just then her boss will come to meet her.

Boss: Swara have u seen that germany project file? Is their any corrections?

Swara is trying to hide laksh by covering him with her skirt. She wear top & long skirt.

Swara: Ye…yes sir. I a… am seeing that file.

Boss: Ok then after checking bring me that file.

Laksh is making her feel tickling by moving his hands on swara’s legs. She will try to stand stable.

Swara: She will shout Ye…yes sir.

Boss: What happened swara r u fine?

Swara: She again can’t control tickling & screams leave now.

Boss shocks & says its ok swara i am leaving u just calm down. He goes.

She hits her head & bends down & beats laksh.

Swara: Have u done now? Go out now.

Laksh: I am not intrested swara. Seeing u from here is nice.

Swara: Shut up & leave.

He goes & later she laughs by his doings.


She comes out of office & sees laksh is waiting for her having juice.

Swara: Again u came here? Dnt u have any work in your office?

Laksh: Relax baby. I just came here to cool u down by giving this juice. Have it.

Swara: Thanks.

Just then she will see her cousin getting down from car with few goons. She tells laksh about them & warns him to go.

Laksh will hold her hand & makes her sit in his car & goes to them. Fight will start between them. Later laksh & goes.

Credit to: Moni

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