Swaragini – junoon wala ishq (Episode 4)


Hey guys moni is back. Sorry sorry sorry for the late yar. Dnt know what happened but i can’t understand one thing that when i am trying to write my ff i am seeing server maintenance or something error. I dnt know what happened for this reason only my story was delayed. So now lets start.

Here we go.

Varma group of industries.

Swara is seen in canteen with her friend radha.

Radha: Shona have u seen this pic. U are so beautiful in this dress.

Swara: Radha u know very well that its not me.

Radha: Yes i know but seen na even its just a creation no one can say that its creation.

Swara: Ha i know that its nice. I like that dress.

Radha: Do one thing u just ask him that u want that dress. Actually u have right.

Swara: Shut ur mouth. How can i ask him?

Then suddenly they will get one parcel on swara’s name. Radha sees it & takes it. She calls her & gives that box. She opens it & sees lot of dresses & letter.

Swara sees the dresses & confused while radha will take the letter & reads it.

” Hey swara. This is laksh.These dresses are for u. That means i used these dress designs on pics & i ordered them specially for u. Please as an apology please accept these.”

Radha: Wow swara u r so lucky. First u got free publicity & now these dresses.

Swara: Shut up radha. Give me that letter.

She leaves from there & goes to her house.

Swara’s house.

Swara will be seen packing her bags & her things. Her cousin will come & sees her packing. His name is aravind.

Aravind: Are u going away by leaving me alone?

Swara: Yes i got my own flat. So i am shifting there.

Aravind: Then what about me. I have seen many dreams about our marriage.

Swara: Marriage? Only in your dreams. How can u think that i will marry u? U have done already 3 marriages & u left everyone & now u r thinking to spoil my life.

Aravind: Shona pls. U know our parents mixed our marriage. So u should respect them.

Swara: Dnt dare to call me shona. I am swara. My parents never force me to do marriage with such an idiot like u. So dnt worry about my parents wish. Now let me go.

Aravind: Never u have to marry me at any cost.

Swara: Just leave my hand. Let me go.

Just then laksh enters to meet her & sees her struggling with araving. He sees it & shocked. He quickly goes to them & pushes aravind & holds swara’s hand.

Laksh: How dare u touch my girlfriend’s hand?

Swara & aravind together says “GIRL FRIEND”.

Laksh: Yes she is my girlfriend. So what? Who r u? Why are u troubling her?

Aravind: Oh so this is the matter. Thats y u r leaving this house for this so called boyfriend. Right swara.

Swara was shocked & she goes to laksh & says ” what are u doing here? What nonsense u r saying that i am your girlfriend”

He notices that aravind is observing them so intentionally puts his hand around her &says ” dnt worry shona i am there for u”. Both swara & aravind shocks by this.

Aravind gets angry & comes to beat him. But swara shouts on time then laksh observes him & beats him back.

After fight, swara who was in shock comes into senses & sees laksh & says ” what did u do? U have beaten my cousin”.

Laksh: What??? He is your cousin. Then y dnt u tell me before? And y he is troubling u?

Swara: Thats none of your business. Just leave me alone i have to go.

Laksh: Wait where r u going? Shall i drop u?

Swara: No thanks.

Just then when she turns to leave & he tries to hold her hand but in this process of holding her hand he will tear her hand sleeve. She shocked & laksh too shocks.

Credit to: Moni

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