Swaragini – junoon wala ishq (Episode 3)


Hey guys sorry for the late yar please dnt mind ok. Thank u for all your comments. So shall we start.

Here we go.

Swara comes to laksh’s company & scolds their everyone for using her photos on their cover pages without her permission.

Laksh will be surprised by seeing her live. Background music starts.

Baatein kuch ankahein se
Kuch ansune hein hone lagi

He was mesmerized & lost in her beauty. She will come to him & keeps on talking to him but he just lost in her eyes, lips. He cannot listen anything.

Swara: Excuse me i am talking to u. R u listening?

Laksh then comes to senses & he doubts that it was his dream & to clarify he will touch swara’s cheeks & pulls them.

Then he senses it was true.

Swara: What nonsense? How dare u touch me?

Laksh: O… I am sorry. I thought it was my imagination. R u real?

Swara: R u blind? Can’t u see i am shouting here.

Laksh: Ofcourse i can see u. You r so beautiful & your cheeks are so soft.

Swara: Shut up u idiot. Now tell me where did u saw me? When u clicked by photos?

Laksh: No yar i am seeing u first time. Infact i never know thought that my creation will come in live infront of me.

Swara: Dnt lie. Without seeing me how can u create me so perfectly? Do u know who i am? Swara. Swara bose ceo of varma group of industries.

Laksh: Wow very nice name swara i like it.

Swara: U have gone mad. Next if u use my photo without my permission then i will file case on u.

Laksh: But listen to me mam. My creation is true.

She leaves. He will thinks that he have to meet her again & should clarify her doubts. First impression is spoiled.

Next day.

Laksh comes to swara’s office & asks about her in reception. She will tell that she went to near by restaurant. He goes their.

Swara is in restaurant & drinking milkshake . Some boys near to swara’s table is observing her & talks that she is beautiful.

Then laksh enters & sees swara & goes to her. She was shocked to see him.

Laksh: Hi swara.

Swara: What r u doing here?

Laksh: Are yar y r u talking so angrily? See our first meeting is spoiled by your angry. So i thought y can’t we meet again & make our day memorable.

Swara: Memorable my foot. What r u thinking about me? All are seeing me as a model which i am not because of u.

Laksh: Let them think na. You will get free publicity & popularity.

She glares at him angrily.

Laksh: See u r getting again angry. Ok let me explain & he explains everything about his creation.
Now r u clear. This is what really happened. I swear i never sawed u before.

Swara: Ok i believe u but how is it possible yar? That means u r so great.

Laksh: Thank u. So friends.

Swara: Friends??? Y ? I dnt want any friends. Bye.

Laksh: This is so rude yar. I am just asking friendship.

She leaves. The boys who are observing her comes towards her & asks her autograph. She hesitates.

Man 1: Madam u r so beautiful & he touches her hands.

Swara: What is this leave my hand.

Man 2: Mam your face is so cute just like on cover page & he touches her cheeks & says they are so soft.

Swara: Leave me idiots.

Man 3: Let me touch your lips & test them how juicy they are. He tries to touch her lips then laksh comes & holds his hand tightly.

Laksh beats them hardly. Swara was scared & crying badly. The goons ran away & laksh sees her crying & comes to her.

Laksh: Swara dnt cry. I am there na nothing will happen to u. Please stop crying.

In scared moment she hugs him & cries. Then she realizes her position & saws laksh.

Swara: This was all because of u idiot. Because of your ad.

Laksh: I am sorry swara. I dnt know that this all will happen to u. Please forgive me.

Swara: Go to hell & dnt meet me again.

She leaves & laksh looks her sadly.

Credit to: Moni

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