Swaragini – junoon wala ishq (Episode 2)

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Here we go.

Swara & ragini are talking to each other. Swara starts to say her story.

Swara is an independent, lovable girl. She loves her parents alot but one year back she lost them due to a road accident.

She is living with his cousin who wants to marry her because of her property. Even though she is rich she want to do job to live independently.

Laksh will be seen doing some project work about an ad. He is having ad agency. He is seeing many models for an ad but he is not getting impressed by anyone.

Rakesh: Sir we have already seen many models but u r not accepting anyone.

Laksh: Rakesh i want the best model for my ad. These are not best.

Rakesh: Then how we can do this?

Laksh: I will try now. Wait & watch.

He goes out & observes many girls & takes their photographs. He will see all girls photos in system. He will observe everyone carefully.

He will like one girl’s forehead, another’s eyes, another’s nose, another’s lips. He will pick them all separately & attach them all & finds a new face. That is swara.

He likes that photo very much & thinks if she would really exists he will definetly love her. He shows it to rakesh & confirms him to use this photo to cover page.

Rakesh: Sir photo is excellent u r great. R u sure that she really does’nt exist.

Laksh: Ofcouse rakesh. She is my creation.

From then she will be seen on all ad cover pages. She will be very popular.

Here swara is unaware about her model creation. She will go to shopping. There all people surround her for autographs & selfies. She will be confused & can’t understand the situation.

She will explain them that she is not a model. They will not believe her & they will show her cover page. She will be shocked by seeing herself on page. She will get angry & sees name of ad agency & thinks to go their.

Here laksh is busy in his work in office. Swara will be seen coming to office angrily. All the office staff will be surprised by seeing her real.

She will ask receptionist where is her boss?

Rakesh will come to her & shocked to see her live. She shouts how u people got my photos & where u people saw me? Rakesh asked her to calm down. He explains her that it was created by system.

Then laksh sees her & shocked & surprised. He observes her eyes, lips, hands, face & thinks how is it possible? My creation came live infront of me. And she was so beautiful. He remembers his words of saying if she really exists he will definitely love her.

Yes i love her. He sees her lovingly while she sees him angrily.

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