Swaragini – junoon wala ishq (Episode 1)


Hello guys my name is moni. I am a big fan of ff’s. I will share with u all my story. It will be interesting to u all for sure. So shall we.

One big hotel will be seen which is fully decorated with flowers & other decorative materials. There is a large crowd of people gathering for party. It was a business success party.

Two companies are the best in the world. One is varma group of industries & other is maheshwari group of industries.

All famous guests will arrive in the party. There will be a show of presentation from both these companies. First varma group will declare to presentation. Then they will announce Swara bose name who is the ceo of varma group of industries.

Then swara will be seen in professional outfits being very beautiful. She wishes everyone & presents her company’s future project presentation.

All will get impressed by her. And they will ask second company’s presentation. From their company Vamsi (an orphan but P A for durga prasad maheshwari) will present.

Later all praises Swara’s presentation & thinks to declare project for varma group.

Here in party will get bored & sit by aside looking others dancing. Then ragini will come to her.

Ragini: Hi u r swara right?

Swara: Ya its me and u?

Ragini: Myself Ragini. Ragini maheshwari.

Swara: So u r daughter of Mr. Durga prasad maheshwari. Owner of maheshwari group of industries.

Ragini: Yes that is me. And your presentation is very nice.

Swara: Thanks. So u also came here for presentation.

Ragini: No yar i am not interested in these business worlds. I am a free bird. I want to enjoy my life peacefully.

Swara: Cool. U r lucky.

Ragini: So drink?

Swara: Ya red wine.

Ragini: Wow that’s my fav too.
Hm so where r u from?

Swara: I am from delhi came here mumbai on this company work. I am missing delhi from 1 month.

Ragini: Ya me too.

Swara: What?? U also from delhi?

Ragini: Ofcourse yar. I came here with my dad for holidays. He told me about today’s party so i came here to enjoy the party.

Swara: So we can meet in delhi frequently.

Ragini: Ya sure & by the way u r saying that u r missing delhi. That means r u missing place or some special person in delhi.

Swara blushes & ragini observes it.

Ragini: Yes i knew it. U r missing someone special.

Swara: No no nothing like that.

Ragini: Come on swara tell me who is he?

Swara: Ok baba ok it will be in filmy way but its true.

Ragini: Anything yar first u say what is his name?

Swara: Laksh….

Credit to: Moni

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  1. Awesome hope it’s Swalak and Ragsan

    1. Thanku crazygirl

  2. Your fan fiction is very nice. Keep writing moni

    1. Thanku sakshi

  3. Nyc startng dear…???

    1. Thanku fairy

  4. Saanvi

    Don’t make it a love triangle please 🙁

    1. Sure & thanku saanvi

  5. Divyanshri

    interesting story line

    1. Thanku divyanshri

  6. Swalak nyc..

    1. Thanku Sanam

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  7. nice…

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  8. SPP

    Awesome Superb

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  9. swalak awsome.

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  10. Sathya

    Good start dear…. Keep going ?

    1. Thanku sathya

  11. Nice… is it ragsan? Or RagLak?

    1. Thanks nitu but u have to wait for pairs sorry

  12. Lila

    Awesome….I hope it’s Ragsan and Swalak

    1. Thanku lila

    1. Thanku a

  13. raginiiiiiiiiiii Nice

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  14. awesome!!

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  15. Moni

    your and mine name is same..same pinch

    1. Wow moni same pinch too & thanku

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