SWARAGINI (jungle mein mangal) episode 1

hii guys i am anita and i am new writer so i don’t know much but i can tell you one thing this story is gonna be epic if not don’t blame me

so pardon me on any mistake i made –
here we go then

Swaragini (jungle mei mangal)

We see a girl standing alone in deep forest (we can see her backside) she has a bow and a arrow they look hand made she targets at a tree and they shoot at it with full pressure she is wearing a short frock made of banana leaves and then we see some fruits falling down

she ran to those banana and pick them up in hands (her face is not revealed)
after a long walk she enter in a house actually its a hut made of pine barks , straw , leaves and things like that inside the hut as she opens the door is a pit where water is …. a 2 straw beds and a empty space

The girl first throw her bow and arrow on a side and then goes to pit and put the food (we can only see her backside ) her hairs are all entangled and she had dust on her body
Then she shouts – SWARA …………………………………………………

Then she turns and it is revealed that its ragini – but looking at her dosn’t make feel comfortable
Her eyes are half red like she havn’t slept for days – she has dust and mud all over her face she has baby pink and brown lips and her skin colour is normal

A girl ran coming inside the hut saying – aai…….
(yes its swara ) the makeover is same her eyes are not red but her skin colour is little down , her face is more ckear then ragini but her hair are more tangled then ragini although her hair are shorter than ragini

Swara ran come inside – aai kya hua
ragini -oye aaja aaj mughe accha khana nahi mila magar yeh kele pade hai aur guava bhi hal aaja khate hai
swara- tu mere liye itna kucch kyu karti hai
ragini-apni behen ko mei esse nahi dekh sakti
swara-mei bhi nahi dekh sakti
they both say together – majburi hai

Then they both hug each other and some tears come out of their eyes
Ragini break the hug and say – chal ab ro mat kitni baar kaha hai strong reh and haan saath mei hai ham hame kucch nahi hoga
saying this she goes out side of house
ragini shout – aaj roasted banana khate hai banana le aa ander
swara starts to feel nervous she knows that ragini was just supporting her although she was crying inside she had tried to make her realise before but all the try goes in negative – she never blurp it out

Swara had tears but she wipes it and goes to bring banana when she come out she saw ragini is making ire from stones she smiles and then flame come out ragini then took banana and then roast them then swara come with guava then they oth eat them

Its mid after noon and ragini suggets swara to lets travel in jungle swara agreed with it while walking they were talking
ragini-swara ek baat bta tu bhi toh gayi khana dhundne mei toh layi kyu nahi ?
swara hidly bit her tounge but ragini sees it
ragini-swara ……
swara-voh mei dosto se baat kar rahi thi
ragini angry – phirse ??
swara- sorry naa voh kya hai voh kaju ko chot lag gayi thi toh
ragini gigles – kaju kon hai voh gilhari ya khargosh (rabit)
swara-khargosh (rabit )
ragini- chal koi baat nahi
swara hug ragini
they both walk and talk along whhile they were roaming deep in the forest

Precap – swaragini are wild

Thank you guys for reading and pls commet on it thanks again

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