swaragini the journey with tiny surprises (intro)


Hello people im alahna this is my first ever fan fiction hope you all like it. Its gonna be different from the original plot
Swara / sammie / swags : note swara has 3 names y which people know her she is a beautiful and a modern girl who lives her live the way she wants to full of life she is 23 years old an architect and a business women by profession she is successful in both the fields known as swags in the architect field she is the 2nd best architect in USA and the best and the youngest business women not only in USA but in Asia as well that obvi includes India known as sammie in the business world when it comes to business swara is ruthless and arrogant the reason of her living is her elder sister ragini
Ragini / rags : elder sister of swara loves her a lot once a happy go lively girl but an incident that occurred 8 years back in her life changed her completely now she is nothing but a lifeless body who does not react to anything she is 26 years old
note there is an incident which changed both swara and ragini’s life so much so that they left their parents and family and moved away from india they do not even use their fathers surname
Sanskar Maheshwari and Laksh Maheshwari are twin brother 28 years old laksh is elder to sanskar by a minute both are sucessful business man in india they have their own company ut also help their father’s company both are fun loving a lil flirty by nature but know their limits very well but when it comes to business both very serious
Shekhar and Sharmishtha Gadodia : parents of swaragini and ansh shekhar is a business man and shomi is a house wife
Ansh gadodia : elder brother of swaragini and best friend sanlak 28 years old ansh loves his sisters a lot but could not do anything 8 years back for them and still has guit about it tried searching for them but could not find them works with his dad in his company
Avni Gagodia : ansh’s wife and a house wife 21 years old

other members of gadodia family are dada ji dadi and dida (no bengali thing) the gododia have a lil backward thinking regarding a few things
DP AND AP Maheshwari : parents of sanlak DP is a business man and AP is a house wife
RP AND SUJATA Maheshwari: sanlak chacha chachi and parents of adrash and uttara
Adarsh Maheshwari : elder brother of sanlak 30 years old helps his dad and uncle in business
Parineeta Maheshwari : adarsh’s wife 23 years old house wife
Diya Maheshwari : adrash and poari’s 2 year old daughter
Uttara Sinha : sanslak younger sister 21 years old
Raj Sinha : uttara’s husband and sanlak best friend 28 years old both raj and uttara stay with the maheshwari as raj parents died a year back
note the maheshwari’s are also lil old minded ppl about a few things just like the gadodia both uttara nd avni are 8 months pregnant

the maheshwari and gadodia are business partners their company is known as maheshwari and gadodia pvt ltd they are the 3rd biggest company in india sanlak company’s is karma and co which is the 2nd biggest company in india

swara’s company is SR group of industries which is across all other as well country which is the leading company in india infact entire asia and usa as well no one is asia knows who sammie is and since she is an architect she has an another company as well i.e SR constructions both companies owned by ragini

so these are the characters of my ff to know what happened 8 years back you’ll have to read the story will begin with the present but will be giving flashbacks of what happen 8 years back hope you guys like it do comment good or bad commends welcomed

Credit to: alahna

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