swaragini the journey with tiny surprises (episode 2)


Hey guys does seem like you are liking the story line whatever it is im posting the next part but if guys want any change do let me know even if you want me to discontinue also let me know so it starts with swara entering ragini’s room

Swara enters ragini’s room its completely dark other than the little light from the bed lamp swara goes and pulls the curtains by which the room lights up and there on the ed a beautiful girl is sleeping who slowly starts waking up by rubbing eyes yes she is ragini
swara: good morning ragini
surprising my princess has slept for such a long time now come on wake up and get ready im dam hungry and you know na i cannot control my hunger so before elephants start dancing in my tummy please freshen up
with that swara sends ragini into the bathroom meanwhile nelsa comes and hands over swara her files and she gets busy checking it 20 minutes later ragini comes out of the bathroom wearing a white and blue dress her long lack hairs uptill her hips dropping tiny droplets of water small dark brown eyes and red lips swara who was a bit busy engrossed in her files looks up and finds her sister in front of the dressing table and whistles
swara: (whistling) wow rago you look hot
OMG how do you manage to look this beautiful every dam time huh
to which ragini blinks her eyes and gines a small smile to her sister seeing which swara’s morning finally lights up right the nelsa knocks at the door
nelsa: ma’am breakfast
swara: set it on the table nelsa
she does so and leaves
swara: (placing her files aside) come on rago im dam hungry
with that swara pulls ragini and makes her sit on the sofa and starts feeding her
swara: see rago kaka has made such yummy dosa’s aren’t they fab they are just the way you like it na hot and crispy
swara looks at ragini and ragini gives a nod in reply swara understands that her sister likes it and continues feeding her
after sometime swara: okay do you want another one (she calls nelsa) nelsa come over here
ragini holds swara hand and nods her head in a no
nelsa: yes ma’am do you want anything
swara: (looking at ragini) yup get the guava juice you’ll have it na rago
ragini blinks her eyes

mean while nelsa gets back with two glasses of guava juice and hands it to swara and leaves
swara picks one of the glass and makes ragini drink it when all of a sudden ragini holds swra’s hand and stops her she picks up the other glass and makes swara drink it
seeing this swara’s eyes get filled with tears which she is controlling hard so that they do not flow down her eyes
looking at ragini with tears filled eyes and a smile on her lips swara thinks that for the first time in 8 years she got a small glimpse of her old rago and her hopes have increased to get the old ragini back with that swara hugs ragini tightly tears start flowing down from both the sisters eyes ragini knows how much her lil sis misses her and hence has no control over her tears now and hugs swara even more tightly even if it was possible
composing herself swara breaks the hug while tears are still flowing down ragini’s eyes
swara: (wiping ragini’s tears) stop crying rago
looking at swara’s love for her more tears start flowing down ragini’s eyes she wants to speak her life (swara) live her life but still some connections of her past are stopping her from it she know what she is doing is wrong but still is helpless
swara: (wiping ragini’s tears) shhh rago its okay stop crying and i know you blaming yourself so stop doing that you haven’t done anything wrong (cupping ragini’s face) now please stop crying i know my princess is very strong and i also know that one day she starts speaking and living just like she use to
going toward the bed she picks up a bottle of tablets and glass of water a goes towards ragini
swara: here rago take your pills
ragini does so then swara takes ragini towards the bed and makes her sit and sits opposite to her
swara: (holding ragini’s hand) listen rago what ever happened in the past happened we cannot change that but now you need to forget it its been 8 years i know you are trying a it more for your shona you’ll do it na
looks at ragini ragini nods her head in a yes

swara: thats my girl i’ll not force you for anything take as much time as you want but i want my rago back and as long as im here no one can even get as close to you so forget about harming you
ragini looks up at her baby sis with proud eyes once the girl who learned walking holding her hand is now standing as a shield between her and her past and whole world
swara: okay rago im getting late for office and im sorry i might not e able to make it for lunch since R is not here so you have you lunch and and dont forget to t………….
their talks are disturbed by a knock at the door and there is a girl aout 25-26 years old standing
swara: (turning) yes swati (ragini’s care taker) come in
swati: good morning ma’am (turning towards ragini) good morning ragini ma’am
while ragini gives a nod swara: good morning by the way you are late today
swati: sorry ma’am actually………….
swara: hey thats alright (serious) swati i wont be able to make it for lunch today so make sure ragini has her food on time and dont forget to give her pills
swati: alright ma’am
swara: (looking at her watch) so im getting late i’ll leave take care of my sister and if at all there is any problem just give me a call
swati: ma’am you tell me the same thing everyday dont worry i’ll take care of ragini ma’am
swara: (smiling) thanks swati you very well know only since you are here i leave ragini here and go without any tension
swati: yes ma’am i do
swara: (turning towards ragini) you take care rago swati is here if you need anything let her know i’ll see you in the evening
ragini nods her head in a yes with that swara plants a kiss on ragini’s forehead and cheek and leaves telling bye
swara: bye rago bye swati
swati: bye ma’am
swara moves out of ragini’s room giving one last glance to her

swara: nelsa
nelsa: (come running) yes ma’am
swara: my files are in ragini’s room get them and keep them in the car and ask the driver to get the car ready i’ll driving by myself today
nelsa: alright ma’am
swara heads towards her room gets in and locks it goes to the wardrobe open it and takes out a dairy and takes out a pic
swara: (looking at the pic) its because of you people that my rago is in this condition i’ll never forgive you
taking out another picture your count down has begun right then her cell rings
swara: hello yes is the work done
the is a conversation between swara and the person on call which is muted
swara: alright i want it done by evening
swara cuts the call places the dairy back at its place and leaves for her office in her lamborghini huraca becoming the arrogant business women sammie to face the outside world

so guys here is the next part hopefully you’ll like it suggestions always welcomed and ya i want you people to suggest as to who should play uttara raj ansh avni(swaragini’s brother and bhabhi) and diya(pari and adarsh daughter)

Credit to: alahna

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  1. nyc episode…..

    Uttara = Khusi
    Ansh = Arnav
    raj and avni from aur pyaar hogya….
    wat say well juz my suggestion…..its ok but decision is yours

  2. yrr plzz don’t make swasan

  3. super bonding…..:-)

  4. Plzzz make it swasan yaar

  5. plzz update next part

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