swaragini the journey with tiny surprises (episode 1)


Hey guy thank you for the comments and the encouragement means alot when ur writing for the first time and as of the pair i’ll let you know in a few episodes but dont worry you’ll get to see all four SWASAN SWALAK RAGSAN RAGLAK bonding

Before i start with the story i want to make a few things clear to u ppl so that later on u dont have a prob understanding the story so here we go swara had completed her mba at the age of 19 and architecture at the age of 20 confused as to how its possible because we all know it take 5 years to complete both theses studies so usually the persons age will be 22 they complete these studies now let me tell u swara completed studies at a very young age because when she was done with her 12 there was an exam conducted by the New York University by which the students could clear 3 years of b.com and 2 years of architecture (no mentioning about other professions) in one go and also get scholarship for the rest of their studies they (ppl who were conducting the test) were so sure that no student could clear the exam hence held it obviously the papers set would have been hard but to their surprise or should i say shock swara cleared both the exams with 98% with that she got scholarship and completed her studies at such a young age she is a gold medalist in both the fields the reason im telling you this because y this we know the swara is really intelligent and smart and present she is very successful and powerful she does want she wants and no one even harm a single strand of her hair she get what she wants by hook or by crook (u’ll know what im talking about as the story proceeds)

so over all we can say that she is a very strong headed person now coming to ragini i told you people that ragini is nothing but a lifeless body but now after 8 long years she has started reacting a lil like when swara speaks to her and asks her something rangini replys to her by nodding her head in a yes or a no she cries i.e tears roll down her eyes when she sees her sister crying/emotional or when swara gets sad and speaks to ragini also ragini gives a small smile to her lil sis when swara does something stupid or when swara is happy about something and shares it with ragini so by this we can conclude that ragini does have improvement in her condition compared to what she was after the incident also ragini is intelligent just like swara is but might be not as strong as her lil sister ragini wanted to be a big chef hence at the age of 18(before the incident) she had written 4 dairies which contained her own recipes which taste divine no one could make food like ragini but still something similar to taste of her food could be found at few places how do in know and which is this place then the answer to it is after swara was settled as a business women she opened hotels for her sister across the world known as R ROYALS it is a 7 star hotel which again stands in the first position across all the countries and there are three reasons for the first position of the hotel

1. the food served the food that is served in these hotels are all ragini’s recipes which are followed step by step and made just like how ragini has written in her dairy 2. its structure the way it is designed obviously designed by swara/swags no matter if it is the outside or inside the hotel is simply beautiful in every way the furniture the walls the sculptures everything about it just attracts people towards it 3. the way the guest are treated as if they are kings and queens / prince and princesses not matter who comes the are treated in a very respectful manner when guest stay for few days there is always a person allotted to them if at they have any prob they can let the person know and the problem would be solved then and there (that means each room in the hotel is allotted to person so whenever guest come they need to take care of guest) and when people come to dine in even there each table has a waiter which means people do not have to wait for a long time for placing their order and wait for food

Swara/Sammie might be very arrogant and ruthless but when it comes to her staff she treats them very nicely just like a family and respects each one of them no matter how small their post is she addresses each one of them by their names which means she knows each and every person working for her okay i wanted you people to know all this so that on you do not have any confusion now lets begin with the story New York (6:15 am) SR MANSION The screen opens with a girl standings in the balcony right then the sun begins to rise scattering orange red and yellow colour in the sky. The breeze hitting her making her thick brown hair flow and due to suns rays her hairs become a shade of golden her big hazel brown eyes sparkling small cute little nose and beautiful smile playing on her lips yes she is none other than our swara who is lost in her own thoughts (what she is thinking – 2 small girls one 3 years old and the other 6 years old running and a 8 years old boy running behind then boy: shona lodo wait shona: (childish way) no bhai u cannot catch us lado: yes bhai shona is right

with that both the girls run into the living room and hide behind a man shona (swara): papa see bhai is making us run hai na lado loda (ragini): ha ha papa see na bhai is making us run the boy enters the living and hears his sister complaining to their father father/shekhar: ansh why are you troubling your sisters boy/ansh: papa i did not do anything this shona and lodo where pulling my hairs when i was sleeping shona: papa bhai was sleeping so we were just waking him up shekhar: see ansh they were only waking you up with that shekhar lifts both his princesses and starts twirling them and both the girls start laughing while ansh see them and keep a pout on his face ansh: see papa you only love shona and lado no one love me he turns arounds to go mean while both the girls get down and go towards their brother and stop him lado: (holding ansh’s hand) dont go bhai we are sorry shona: (coming front of ansh holding her ears teary eyes) sorry bhai shona and lado together: we love you bhai and give a kiss on either side of ansh’s cheek and there ansh hugs both his sisters tightly

ansh: i love u too lado i love u too shona after that shomi enters they have breakfast and they spend some family time) Swara while thinking about all this had a beautiful smile on her face and all of a sudden her smile just disappeared thinking about what happened 8 years back how the bubbly fun loving childish swara changed into an arrogant and ruthless sammie/swags how once the girl who believed in love now thinks there is nothing known as love even exists and how her life her ragini has become a lifeless body who has not spoken a word from last 8 years while swara was busy engrossed in her own world her chain of thoughts were broken by the ringing of her cell swara went towards and phone smiles seeing the callers name and receives it person: good morning sammie sammie: good morning ran…… person: cutting her in between how many time have i told yo not to call me that sammie: but R you have such a good name then why R: sammie you too have a very good name do you want me to call you by that name sammie: (angry) R you very well know i dont want my past life interfering with my present then y R: im sorry sammie i understand will not repeat it again please forgive me sammie does not give any reply and R not getting any reply R: sammie im really very sorry pls pls forgive me wont you forgive your R you know na i can’t live without speaking to you

sammie: R do you think your sammie can stay angry at you for a long time R: now that like my girl i love you sammie sammie: i love you too stupid R: i know but i love you more sammie okay i just called to remind you that i’ll be leaving for california today sammie: ya i do remember R: i know that you remember im at the airport now will be leaving in an hour and we’ll get dis projest as well just the the others sammie: i know and take care of yourself R: dont worry i will take care sammie: ok i gotta to go now have a safe flight bye R: okay i’ll call you once im done with the meeting to give the good new bye love u sammie: love ya 2 bye R: i love you more bye here swara cuts the call smiling she gets into her jogging suit and goes out for jogging an hour later she returns swara enters SR MANSION (living area) person:ma’am your protein shake swara: thank you nelsa (one of servant in swara’s house) nelsa: your welcome ma’am what shall i ask the cook to make for breakfast ma’am swara: ask kaka (head chef in her house) to make dosa’s today ragini loves them and ya also ask him to make guava juice today alright

nelsa: okay ma’am with that nelsa leaves towards the kitchen and swara towards her room swara enters her room at looks towards a wall which is full of hers and ragini’s pics (pics before the incident) and then heads towards the bathroom to get freshen up after 20 mins she comes out wearing light blue jeans white tee and a pink coat (swara is very fashionable) she stands in front of the mirror dries her hairs and leaves them open with a little curls at the bottom put on small diamond earrings a platinum bracelet (she always wears this bracelet its filled with diamond stars at certain intervals) in one hand and a hublot black caviar bang (its a watch i just love it) in the other hand just then there is a knock on the door swara: come in (nelsa walks in) do you want anything nelsa nelsa: no ma’am i just came to ask if i should put the breakfast on the table swara: nelsa you very well know i take my breakfast infact have my food with ragini right nelsa: yes ma’am i do but ragini ma’am is not yet up she is still sleeping swara: is it thats surprising alright i’ll have a check on her you get these (pointing towards the table) files into ragini’s room after 10 mins and get the breakfast after half an hour alright nelsa: alright ma’am (turns to leave)

swara: nelsa (nelsa turns towards swara) make sure the dosa’s are hot when you get them ragini likes them hot and ya you people have your breakfast as well no need to wait for another 30 minutes get the breakfast to ragini’s room once your one with your breakfast (nelsa and few other are full time workers swara has made arragement out their staying in the out house which is opposite to the mansion and all those who work full time i.e nelsa kaka and few other have food which is prepared in SR mansion only)

nelsa: yes ma’am i’ll see to it that they are hot and thank you soo much swara: come on nelsa your just like family now go nelsa: thank you once again ma’am with that nelsa leaves

after nelsa leaves swara does her final touch up applying kajal in her eyes and lip gloss on her lips looks at her reflection once in the mirror and leaves for ragini’s room so here i complete the first episode so who do u think R is who is so close to swara and who can cool down swara’s anger hope you like it do comment and sorry if there are spelling mistakes did not get time to read it so pls forgive the mistakes

Credit to: alahna

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