Swaragini a journey to love episode 9

Swaragini a journey to love episode 9
Recap raglak consummation and dp slaps lakshya

Shekhar: swara go and call ragini out
Swara: yes baba
Swara goes an gets ragini out ragini comes out with swara and her eyes are pale cuz of crying so much she luks like a dead body lakshya is shocked to see her but happy aswell cuz his revenge is completed
Dp luks at lakshya and gives him the Evils
Dp: cum ragini beta we hav heard about lakshya’s doings and we hav decided to get u married to him
Lakshya gets shocked and so does ragini then suddenly ragini’s head starts to spin and she feels dizzy and then she faints all get worried and Shekhar lifts ragini up and dp signals Lakshya to help ragini and lakshya does but Shekhar stops him
Swara calls the doctor the doctor comes inside and asks everyone to wait outside the doctor examines ragini and comes outside where lakshya has his arms folded sumi Asks the doctor wat happened and the doctor says
Doctor: congratulations she is expecting
Lakshya’s folded arms automatically unfold and he becomes shocked

Ap and sumi dnt knw whether to be happy or sad the doctor Ask for ragini’s husband
Doctor: who is ragini’s husband I hav to tell him smthing related to ragini
All stare at lakshya and the doctor sees that
Doctor: oo so u r her husband well ur gonna hav to take extreme care of her cuz she is soo weak and for her to carry the baby for 9 months will be quite difficult so u need to take care of her and make sure she doesn’t take any stress
Lakshya kinda feels guilty
Dp and everyone nod there heads and the doctor leaves suddenly sumi’s friend and her son cum to meet sumi
Sumi’s friend: hello is anyone home
Sumi and all turn around
(I have decided the son will be aamir ali and the mother will be suchitra from ek Hasina thi)
Ap asks lakshya to go inside and talk to ragini as she needs him the most at first lakshya says no but after dp giving him the evils then he has no other option but to go inside
Lakshaya goes inside and sees ragini who is unconscious she slowly opens he eyes and sees lakshya she starts shouting
Ragini: go away why r u here just go away MR LAKSHYA MAHESHWARI she touches her stomache and says this baby is mine u hav no rite over it remember that lakshya

Lakshya: just shut up ragini why r u trying to separate me from my child u hav no rite to do that
Ragini: child MR LAKSHYA MEHSHWARI no u started to care about ur child I thought u had no heart so were r all these feelings comming out from
Lakshya: enough ragini nw I won’t tolerate any negligence from u towards my child from nw on I will decide wat u eat and drink
Ragini: just stop with ur fake care towards me stop pretending lakshya oh I forgot that that watever U do is just pretend
Lakshya: this is my child ragini so u can’t stop me from taking care of it lakshya leaves later on ragini comes out of the room and walks over a slippery wet floor and is about to fall wen armaan (aamir ali) catches her lakshya luks on shocked

Precap 4 months leap

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  1. how within one day she s pregnant???though it s a fiction pls be practical… .i m not hurting u…..ur story s nice….bt dis s without logic….sry if i hurt u….

  2. nice i read only2day so u plz put ur link from first

  3. Amazing yaar I’m so happy that she is pregnant but please I don’t want her to lose her child and please I want raglak together but not so soon, after some fight

  4. If u r going to unite to ragini and laksh by using that baby,i will not read………..

    I rally hate this type of story.sorry i don’t want to hurt u.

    1. I agree with kids should be strenght to parents and
      Ragini should not accept that laksh because of baby this type of relation hurts a lot

  5. superb plz make laksh to jealous on aamir n ragini

  6. plz dont make raglak together bcoz of baby……………

  7. Nice but make laksh suffer & ragini shouldnot marry him now

  8. Make Raglak together…

  9. Lucky how can he say like that

  10. Raglak scene was v nice

  11. Lucky deserve punishment ..

  12. Plz don’t unite them that easily make laksh suffer he should bear punishment for breaking her heart

  13. hey plz patch up ragini and aamir plz

  14. Hey how it can be possible within one day she is pregnent and i agree with sindhu ,………. And ya sry of i hurted u

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