Swaragini a journey to love episode 8 maha episode

Swaragini a journey to love episode 8 maha episode
There’s gonna be a big major twist which will be liked by some and hated by others plz forgive me if u dnt like it
Recap swasan develop feelings and raglak become friends
A few days pass and ragini has started to completely trust lakshya ragini meets lakshya at a park
Ragini: hi lakshaya
Lakshya: hi ragini I have smthing to tell u
Ragini: even I have smthing to tell u aswell
Lakshya: ragini luk over there he points towards the left and there is a big shaped love heart and inside it says I love u ragini willl u allow me to be urs and u 2 b mine
Ragini smiles and luks at lakshya and says
Ragini: even I wanted to say this to u 2 lakshya as well and yes I allow u u 2
Lakshya: thank u soo much ragini u dnt how much I love u and he smirks
Oo yh ragini there’s a party today in the evening it’s my friends bday party so I wanted u 2 join me

Ragini: lakshya but I
Lakshya: it’s ok ragini if U dnt want to come then it’s ok dw
Ragini thinks for a while and then finally says yes
Ragini: wat time do I hav to be there by
Lakshya: by 10.00pm cum ragini I have a big surprise waiting for u
Swara: this sanskaar ka bacha he is not answering my phone were the hell is he
Sanskaar comes from behind and says I’m dead nw she’s gonna kill me
Sanskaar: hi swara
Swara: hi ke bache where were u I was calling u since ages
Sanskaar: actually mom wasn’t well
Swara: wat wat happened to aunty
Sanksaar: nothing just forget it I just wanted to say U r luking beautiful 2day
Swara: thanks sanskaar and she gets shy
@ party
Ragini cums in wearing a long white dress with her hair In a messy bun she has curls comming out of her hair and her side frindge hanging out
Lakshya gets mesmerised wen he sees her

Lakshya: let’s call the fire brigade
Ragini: why wat happened
Lakshya: cuz ur luking so hot
Ragini: lakshya tum bhi na
Lakshya: cum I will introduce u to my friends
After he introduced his friends laskhya tells ragini that he wants to marry her
Ragini: really lakshya
Lakshya: yes ragini come let’s go
Ragini: where
Lakshya : u trust me na
Ragini: more than myself
Lakshya: then let’s go
Lakshya nd ragini cum to a house and go staright to a room which is decorated with flowers
Ragini: wat is this lakshya
Lakshya: a surprise for u my love
Lakshya pulls ragini from the waist

Ragini: lakshya wat r U doin
Lakshya: shush sssshhhh
And turns the lights of
Ragini: lakshya before marriage I mean
Lakshya: ragini we r going to get married anyway
Ragini: but lakshya
Lakshya: if U dnt trust me ragini then we won’t
Ragini: no lakshya I trust u completely
Lakshya turns of the lights again and they consummate
Nxt morning

Ragini wakes up and remembers wat happened between her and lakshya and smiles whilst lakshya is sleeping ragini gets up and gets changed and wakes up lakshya telling him that she needs to go
Both of them go home
Lakshya enters
Dp is drinking tea and is about to drink a sip wen lakshya enters and is going to his room
Dp: lakshya where were u all ni8
Lakshya: papa I was at a friends house
Dp: u should hav asked for my permission and remember lakshya if I see or hear that u have done smthing u shouldnt hav then it will only take me a couple of seconds to throw u out of this house and my properties and the remaining wealth understood

Lakshya: yes hitler
Dp: wat did u say
Lakshya: nothing papa I just said yes papa in his head thank go he didn’t hear me
Couple of days later…….
Ragini calls lakshya
Lakshya:o god why is she calling me hello
Ragini: hello lakshya
Lakshya: who Is this
Ragini: ragini
Lakshya: ragini who which ragini I dnt knw any ragini
Ragini: ok lakshya nw stop jk

Lakshya: I’m not I’m being serious I dnt knw any ragini who r u
Ragini: lakshya the ragini u love
Lakshya: I dnt love any ragini wait wait wait hang on I only nw one ragini and that is the one who hurt my ego who slapped me and who insulted me who made me low infront of my papa and ragini u knw wat I did all this to take revenge from u
Ragini: lakshya plz say that u are lying
Lakshya: u knw wt ragini this Is probably the first time I ever told the truth to u
Ragini breaks down
Ragini: wat about all that has happened between us
Lakshya: ragini ragini ragini that was part of my revenge
Ragini breaks down and starts crying unable to control herself
Chill gaye naina plays at the bg
Swara comes in and sees ragini and runs up to her and asks wat happened ragini tells her everything swara gets shocked
And goes to tell everything to sumi and Shekhar
Shekhar gets angry and calls do and ask him to come and bring his family and definitely being lakshya
Do comes with his family and lakshya
Dp: Shekhar ji wat happened u called us here is everything ok
Shekhar: ask ur son This question
Dp: I dnt understand wat r u trying to say
Shekhar tells dp everything whilst ap and sumi cry

Dp gets angry and slaps lakshya

Precap maheshwari and Gaddis family ask ragini to marry lakshya and she faint whilst lakshya gets shocked

Hey guys I decided to quit cuz I didn’t get enough comments I only got 2 hopefully this time I expect a bit more plz help me guys and plz plz plz comment thank u

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  5. don’t make rags forgive laksh

  6. Please I want her to be pregnant so then it will be more interesting

  7. Shocking update yr n yes don’t make her forgive him easily let him suffer n plz don’t make her marry him that easily this lakshya is just lyk the laksh in swaragini both are losers

  8. Laksh should be punished before marrying her

  9. No rags will never easily forgive him….

  10. NO yr plz continue there r many silent readers nd plz give some more importance to swasan nd show some big twist in their love story

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