Swaragini a journey to love episode 7


Swaragini a jouney to love episode 7
Recap lakshya and his friends decide to get revenge from ragini

Lakshya is in his room sleeping it is 10:40 dp is in office and calls lakshya
Lakshya answers the Phone
Lakshya: who is this why hav u called me u ullo ka patta
Dp: lakshya wat r u saying
Lakshya: papa he is shocked vo papa
Dp: wat lakshya
Lakshya: nothing papa
Dp: were r u
Lakshya: papa I am I am
Dp: I am wat lakshya complete the sentence tell me the truth lakshya if I find out u r doing smthing u shouldn’t be doing then watch u will be out of my house my property and u will not get a pooty kori from me understood
Lakshya: yes papa
in his head hamesha meri khushiyon ke peche pare hai he himself doesn’t enjoy his life neither does he let me enjoy my life
Lakshya: nothing papa I am out for some important work I will tell u the rest wen I reach office
Dp: ok hurry up

Lakshya goes to meet ragini
Lakshya: ragini plz at least listen to wat I have to say
Ragini: wat is there left to say
Laskhya: plz ragini first of all I would like to apologise and I would like to ask ur hand for friendship
Ragini: who do u think I am lakshya no seriously do u think I am a toy
Lakshya: no ragini if u were a toy then I would never had come back to apologise to u
Ragini thinks for a while
Ragini: fine lakshya I accept ur apology and friendship but ur gonna hav to promise me that u will never hurt me ever again
Lakshya: I won’t and don’t u worry ragini from nw on ur gonna see a nw side of lakshya I promise u that
Ragini: I can’t wait to see the new side. Lakshya
Lakshya: yep me neither

Dp and sujata
Sujata: bhaisa I was saying if we could go for a Picnic
Dp: why sujata any occasion
Sujata: no bhaisa there’s nothing as such it’s just we haven’t been and it will be a nice change for us
Dp: bus sujata I am still alive to take decisions
Sujata: ji bhaisa In her head hitler bhaisa
Ram: chup kar sujata
Sujata: ji wat did I do
Ram: enough sujata go and do ur work
Sujata: ji u always tell me to shut up do u remember in those days u used to feed me with ur hands and u smtime used to call me Suji ka Khalwa remember ji
Ram: sujata back then u were young nw ur gone old
Sujata: ji u called me old I’m still young ji even sanksaars frndz say I am they thought I was his sister
Ram: yh older sister
Sujata: wat r u saying I will go and ask jiji she always tells the truth.

Precap love blossoms between raglak and swasan and entry a nw member

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Credit to: Akira

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