Swaragini a journey to love episode 6


Swaragini a journey to love episode 6

Sorry it’s late I was ill for the past few days plz enjoy and comment

Recap ragini slaps lakshya for misbehaving with her

Ragini:stay away from me lakshya dnt try to come close to me
Lakshya: ragini plz try and listen to me
Ragini: I dnt want to listen to u lakshya I have had enough
And she leaves
Lakshya: I still want my revenge ragini and will get it at any cost nw that u hav slapped me U have hurt lucky’s ego
Swara: it’s getting late sanksaar I need to go home nw and ragini must be home already
Sanskaar: yh come I will drop u home
Swara: no it’s ok I can go by myself
Sanskaar: if bade papa finds out then he will be very angry to knw that u went home alone at this time
Swara: ok let’s go

In the car
Sanksaar plays the radio and the song plays ishq wala love
Both swasan remember their first meeting and their sweet nok jok were sanskaar and swara argue over calling each other sansakaar ji and miss swara
They both get out of FB and end the awkward silence and swara starts the convo
Swara: so sanskaar wat r ur hobbies
Sanksaar: my hobbies r
Swara: let me guess to obey ur bade papa and do whatever he says literally watever he says
Sanksaar: no
Swara:yes ,ok fine tell me wat r u hobbies
Sanksaar: I Iove charity work and helping poor people, I like spending time with my family and making people smile swara gets happy hearing wat sanskaar has to say
Sanskaar:wat r ur hobbies
Swara: helping old people getting pampered by my sister and family and of course hanging out with friends
Sanskaar: wow nice
Ragini is crying in her room
Lakshya is in his room thinking about the slap and placing his hand on it
Lakshya: u r going to have to pay a very heavy price for this ragini
Lakshya calls his friends and tells them everything and about his happenings with ragini and asks for their help to take revenge from her he also tells his friends that ragini even slapped him
Om: dnt worry lucky we will help u teach her a lesson for nw u just think of a way to get her to accept ur apology

Gadodia house
Sumi is on the Phone
Sumi: oo really I still can’t believe it ok plz come soon we will be waiting for u
Shekhar: mishti who is it
Sumi:Shekhar it was my childhood friend sunaina she Is comming with her son
Shekhar: that’s great news mishti we should prepare for their welcome

Dp: were is lakshya
Ap: ji he is upstairs in his room
Dp: go and call him
Ap: ji lakshya come downstairs ur papa is calling u
Lakshya comes downstairs
Dp: mr sinha couldn’t come as he was ill
Lakshya in his head: Buddha Bemaar ho kar muhje latka Gaya
(Old man was ill and he hanged me)
Dp:lakshya wat happened
Lakshya: nothing papa I’m just tired and want to rest

Precap sunaina comes with her son and he saves ragini from falling Akira

I’m gonna enter a new character for ragini opposite her plz comment if u want that to happen and I will reveal the character in the nxt epi thank u and plz comment

Credit to: Akira

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