Swaragini a journey to love episode 5


Swaragini a journey to love
Episode 5
Recap swara and sanskaar become friends and lakshya and ragini continue to argue
Lashya: come on Einstein go and get ready we have to go to a party remember
Ragini: yh I knw
Lashya: and yh dnt wear ur behenji type of clothes to the party cuz ur going to a party with lucky
Ragini: excuse me
Lakshya: wat I dnt want u defaming me Infront of public
Ragini: whatever I’m gonna wear wat I want to wear and going to a party with u never and the reason why I’m doing all this is cuz I’m handcuffed
Lakshya: really handcuffed so ur trying to call my dad a jailer
Ragini: wat wen did I say that I meant ur the jailer
Lakshya: wat

Lakshya in his mind: another insult ragini nw watch wat I do lucky never forgets those ppl who insult him never
Swara: so the first step to our friendship lets go out for a coffee
Sanskaar: nw wat if bade papa finds out then wat
Swara: not nw and anyways if he does find out then wat nd why r u so scared of him
Sanskaar: I’m not it’s just that I dnt wanna hurt him
Swara: awww so sweet
Sanksaar: wat I’m being serious
Swara: yh and so am I
Sanskaar: ok forget all this lets concentrate on our project
Swara: ok bade papa’s well wisher
Lucky is ready in a white shirt and a black tie which is loose and black jeans
Ragini opens the door and lakshya is shocked to see ragini who is wearing a purple sleeveless dress her hair is in a bun with curls and she is wearing silver earings which are looking amazing on her and lakshya is just speechless
Lakshya:from behenji to model

Ragini: just shut up ok nw let’s go
Lakshya:yep lets go
Lakshya and ragini enter the party and try and luk for mr sinha
Lakshya: i need a drink
Ragini: wat u drink alcohol
Lakshya: only on occasions and wen I’m upset
Ragini: do ur parents nw and especially ur dad
Lakshya: no and dnt u dare tell em otherwise
Ragini: otherwise wat nw watch if u annoy me I will tell ur dad that u drink
Lakshya: no ur not

Ragini: yes I am
The waiter is going past raglak and lakshya takes a drink from the tray
An drinks it
And ragini starts coughing badly and she accidently takes the same drink as lakshaya’a and drinks it both of them want more so they order the waiter for the same drink again the waiter brings the same drink 4 times after that both lakshya and ragini go to the dance floor and dance on sooraj dooba hai
Swara: sanskaar seriously how can u work in the same place probably doing the same thing everyday for so many hours
Sanksaar: it’s becuz I’m used to it and u will be soon
Swara: I hope I’m not
Sanskaar: why
Swara:cuz after marriage I dnt knw if my in laws will let me work
Sanksaar is shocked and a bit upset
Sanksaar: so ur already engaged
Swara: yh why
Sanksaar: just I was just asking in general
Swara: I’m just joking I’m not engaged and I haven’t found Mr perfect yet still waiting for him
Sanksaar: thank god
Swara: wat did u say
Sanskaar: nothing dw

Lakshya has completely lost it and ragini is still just dancing
Laskhya remembers ragini comming In the cabin and goes up to ragini and pulls her towards him and starts to get close to ragini unable to tolerate all this ragini slaps lakshya
Lakshya comes back to his senses and realises wat he has done unknowingly
Ragini: how dare u lakshya
Lakshya: ragini i
Ragini: enough lakshya u were trying to misbehave with me ur so cheap
Lakshya: listen ragini ur mistaken I was drunk I didn’t do anything deliberately
Ragini: stop it lakshya how much more will u stoop low and lie
Lakshya:shut up ragini I admit wat I did was wrong but seriously believe me I did not do anything intentionally

Precap – lakshya still wants his revenge and swasan develop feelings for each other

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Credit to: Akira

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