Swaragini a journey to love episode 4

Swaragini a journey to love episode 4
Sorry it’s too late but I had a family thing hope u guys will understand and forgive me oo yh and plz dnt 4get to comment thank u

Recap lakshya vows to take revenge from ragini for insulting him

Sanksaar apologies to swara
Swara: wow u decided to apologise nw just becuz ur dad said that we r his frndz daughter meaning that we r special
Sanksaar: no it’s nothing like that I wanted to say sorry first and I was trying to but u didn’t give me a chance
Swara: oo really I didn’t give u a chance
Swara stops and goes into FB

And remembers sanksaar saying but I’m I’m I’m and her interruption him am having a go at him
Swara gets out of FB
Swara:ok whatever anyways since we r goin to be working 2gether let’s be frndz she forwards her hand
Sanskaar first hesitated then eventually shakes his hand swara in her mind
Swara: sanksaar u r just like a girl nw that we r frndz I willl make sure that from a girl u turn into a Brave and maybe handsome boy
Ragini: why couldn’t we share a cabin with Shona and sanksaar ji
Lakshya: laddoo calm down

Ragini: how do u knw that everyone call me laddoo and especially my dadi
Lakshya: becuz Einstein I’m ur dadi
Get it bad joke rite
Ragini: yes a very bad joke
Lakshya: ok well u first of all u need to calm down even I’m shocked to find out that I will be working with u oh yh and the ladoo thing I knw that ur dadi calls u ladoo cuz
Whilst lakshya and ragini r arguing then ragini’s phone rings and its her dadi and she was saying to ragini if she has reached her office yet and lakshya could hear wat they were saying cuz the ringer volume was to loud and he even heard her call ragini ladoo

FB ends
Ragini: shut up ok I’m not that bad as u think I am
Lakshya: even I’m not that bad either
Ragini: well I wish I could say the same about u aswell and she starts laughing
Lakshya in his mind
Lakshya: laugh as much as u want ragini cuz soon u will be crying and they will be tears of blood
Swara: sanksaar I was wandering for Mehta and sons we should……
Sanskaar is just looking at her
Swara: what listen ok I can’t say sanksaar ji or sanskaar sir so ur gonna have to adjust with this
Sanksaar: ok I don’t mind miss swara
Swara: miss swara
Sanksaar: yh do u not like it
Swara: no way not miss swara just swara ok
Sanskaar:ok swara happy nw

They both start laughing
Lakshya: so ladoo wats up
Ragini: just shut up ok and dnt call me ladoo
Just then dp enters
And lakshya’s smile disappears and both of them get shocked
Dp: I need u both to go to a party that is my friends sons party and there u r going to meet mr sinha he is going to give u some papers and u need to bring them back to me and also u have a meeting with mr Gupta lakshya: yes papa
Dp: lakshya I hope u have explained the work to ragini and u r making her feel comfortable
Lakshya: yes papa I am dw I will take care of everything
Lakshya in his head: dw papa I will teach ragini such a lesson that she won’t be able to show her face to anyone and she will forget wat laughing is

Precap ragini slaps lakshya
Thanks for reading and plz comment and sorry if it’s too short and sorry it’s the Same precap

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