Swaragini a journey to love episode 3


Swaragini a jouney to love episode 3

Sorry it’s too late but I had a family thing hope u guys will understand and forgive me oo yh and plz dnt 4get to comment thank u

both Shekhar and dp r 2king wen suddenly dp remembers that 2 girls were meant to work under lakshya and sanskaar and he had to tell them wat they needed to do
Dp excuses himself and cums to office
Lakshya is swinging around on the chair and playing a game on his phone an tilting his Phone at the same time
Sanskaar: lucky sit still if bade papa cums then he will scream at u agin
Lakshya: chill bhai he won’t cum and ur judgments r always wrong
Just then dp enters and screams lakshya
Dp comes in and says This is not ur house, it is my office
Lakshya: yes papa
Dp: anyways I wanted to tell u that u will be having 2 girls working under u and u will guide them, they will be helping in u the current project that u r working at they will be here soon
Dp leaves
Lakshya gets excited about the 2 new girl thing at stars to have ladoo bursting inside him
Sanksaar: I knw that u will be very happy since bade papa said 2 girls imagine if he said 2 boys then ur happiness would have been doubled
Lakshaya: bhai I’m not gay
The door opens and sanksaars heart starts to beat faster and lakshyas heart skips a beat this feeling was nw but was amazing
The 2 girls entered and were none other then swara and ragini
All were shocked to see each other and recalled the incident from the morning
All 2gether: u!!!!!
Ragini: wat is this bin bulaya mehman doin here
Lashya: excuse me I’m not bin bulaya mehman u r cuz I’m Lakshya durgaprasad maheshwari the heir of this company
Ragini is shocked and her mouth is opened
Lakshya: close ur mouth Einstein u knw everything rite how cums u didn’t knw this
Swara gives the evil luks to sanksaar whereas sanskaar just smiles seein. Swara and scratches the back of his head
Dp enters again

Dp: lakshya and sanskaar these the 2 girls that r going to work under u both
Lakshya smirks whilst ragini get angry
Dp: they r also the daughters of my best friend Shekhar so I expect u both 2 take care of them and if anything happens to them then u both will be in serious trouble although I trust u sanksaar but lakshya if anything goes wrong then remember u will not get a single penny from my property and u will be chucked out of my house for good
Ragini laughs quitely
Dp leaves again
Ragini: make sure that nothing goes wrong otherwise u will be on streets and u can romance with the dogs as they will be ur only company
Ragini, swara and sanksaar start to laugh
Lakshya gets angry and says in his head that u will hav to pay for this miss ragini
Sanskaar says to swara and ragini
Sanskaar: plz come and sit
Lakshya : yes plz come, come ragini ji and smirks
Sanksaar explains the work to swara and ragini and asks them for their qualification files cuz according to the qualifications they had to get into pairs
Sanksaar sees swara’s and gets happy
Sanksaar: we’ll miss swara ur qualifications match mine so that means we r going to be working together
He sees ragini’s and says that u will be working with lakshya ragini gets shocked whilst lakshya smirks and says what timing and luck nw watch ragini I will get u back for the insult

Precap ragini slaps lakshya

Plz comment and give suggestions and wat u would like to see more raglak or swasan or both equally
Plz plz plz comment and I will be waiting for ur comments thank u

Credit to: Akira

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