Swaragini a journey to love episode 2


Thank u sooooooo much for ur comments and plz keep commenting I will be waiting for ur comments always and it’s a swasan and raglak ff sorry guys if I dissapointed u but plz keep reading cuz it will get interesting and I will try to add nok-jok aswell ??

Swaragini a journey to love episode 2
Precap- introduction of lakshya and sanskaar and dp asking laskhya to join office

Gadodia house
2 girls r seen sleeping and someone shouting Shona get up and ladoo get up u hav to go to office an u wanted to meet ur new boss didn’t u after hearing that both girls quickly get up and remember themselves wanting to meet their new boss as their old boss/ manager has left, they quickly get ready and come downstairs and see their parents sumi and Shekhar at the breakfast table and they go and hug them Shekhar says
Shekhar: swara and ragini my strength and my pride
Ragini: and we will alway maintain This strength and pride u have on us that is why we r swaragini
Swara: yes baba
Ragini: swara r u excited to meet our new boss
Swara: yh but I hope he is not karoos
Ragini starts to laugh and they sit down to eat breakfast and sumi serves them kheer
Dp comes down with ap and sees sujata, ram and sanskaar with adarsh parineeta and uttara dp sees everyone including the servants but doesn’t see lakshya dp asks sanskaar for lakshya
Sanskaar: vo bade papa vo
Dp: vo kya
Sanskaar:bade papa laskhya is still sleeping
Dp: I had told everyone clearly that be ready by 9:00am and the time is 8:55 and he is still asleep he is so shameless
Ap: ji plz leave it he is still a kid
Sujata:plz don’t mind jiji but he is not a kid anymore even uttara is younger than lakshya still she wakes up on time
Ram: be quite sujata
Sujata: bhaisa if it was sanskaar or adarsh then he would have Been punished by nw
Dp shouts lakshya becuz he has waited to long and there is only 1 min left to 9
Lakshay in his room hears his dad screaming his name so quickly gets up and gets ready and comes down whilst comming down he sees dp who is very angry
LakshYa: good morning ma
Sujata: for u is bad morning luk at bhaisa
Lashkya: sorry papa
Dp: i need to call my friend Shekhar
Ap: ji is he sharmista ji’s husband
Dp: yh lakshya and sanskaar go and get the cars out
Sanksaar: yes bade papa come on lucky
Shekhar gets a call and dp informs him to come with his daughters swaragini
Outside mm
Sanskaar is taking his car out and and his car accidentally pushes a girl over sanksaar gets out the car to see who it is the girl is swara she gets up and starts having a go at sanskaar sanksaar tries to apologise but swara doesn’t give him the chance to say sorry
Laskhya is talking on the phone and ragini is holding some files wen suddenly lakshya bumps into her accidently and all the files fall in the floor ragini then gets angry and starts cursing lakshya
Lakshya: hello excuse me it was not my fault cuz do u knw why
Ragini : wat
Lakshya: I will tell u it’s not my fault cuz lucky never does any mistakes becuz he’s just 2 perfect
Ragini: in ur dreams

Precap ragini and swara enter the cabin of lakshya and sanksaar and r shocked to knw that they r their nw bosses.

Sorry guys if it’s too long but I wanted the pairs to meet in the second epi and don’t forget to comment I will be waiting thank u. ??? and plz tell me wat u want to see more of

Credit to: Akira

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