Swaragini a journey to love episode 18


Swaragini a journey to love episode 18
Recap buwaji and DPs funny moments and raglak sad moments

Everyone is getting ready for the mehndi ceremony and they r all waiting for Sanlak

In lakshya’s room
Lakshya was standing infront the mirror wearing a gold sherwani with green patterns and beeds and combing his hair and then playing with it after that he again sets his hair and picks up his lynx and starts spraying just then dp enters and gets shocked to see lakshya getting ready like a girl and starts shouting at him
Dp: lakshya wat is this how long do u take to get ready even I dnt take that much time
Lakshya: papa it’s not ur wedding its mine so today at least let me get ready properly
Dp: u will never reform

Sanksaars room
Sanskaar is sitting down on his bed wearing a gold and blue sherwani an luking at a photo with tears in his eyes
Sanksaar to the photo: u were my past and swara is my present and future I hope swara fulfils ur absence in my life and after losing u nw I dnt wanna lose swara I hope u forgive me and try to understand me just then rp comes
Rp: chora
Sanksaar: dad
Rp: I knw u r upset but this is life sanskaar we all hav to move on in life and face the reality
Sanksaar: I knw dad that’s why I’m getting married to swara this is my first step to moving in life
Rp: I’m proud of u sanskaar and so is bhaisa aswell u and bhaisa r two boats that r sailing together
Sanskaar: but bade papa
Rp: yes bhaisa as well cuz

Before rp could say anything else sujata came in
Sujata: sanskaars papa u r here to call sanskaar downstairs not to make him late
Rp: sujata tu bhi na
Sujata: cum on nw

Downstairs everyone is talking and then Gadodia family arrive with swaragini swara is wearing blue and purple lehnga
And ragini is wearing a gold a pink lehnga and her small baby bump is covered
Sanlak see swaragini and they both get mesmerised later all sit down and they start the mehndi and Functions

Lakshya is watching ragini getting her mehndi done and ragini doesn’t luk at lakshya and jerks him of cuz she is angry with him then the lady putting mehndi on asks ragini for her husbands name ragini is shocked and speechless just then lakshya speaks up
Lakshya: lakshya maheshwari but u can put the letter L
Mehndi lady: ok umm I hope u dnt mind me saying this but u guys luk cute as a couple
Lakshya: thanx did u hear that ragini
Ragini: yes but I think she is blind or maybe her eye sight is a bit weak so that’s why she finds us a cute couple she says that Near his ear quitely

Sanksaar is admiring swara’s mehndi and is trying to find his name In her mehndi
Swara:sanskaar give up now u hav been luking since ages
Sanskaar: don’t underestimate the power of maheshwari men
Swara: oo really power of meheshwari men an she starts laughing and sanskaar gets close To her and she says
Swara: bade papa umm
Sanskaar quickly moves from swara and says
Sanskaar: bade papa were, sorry bade papa I was just getting that glass which was near swara and he says that all in a haste and doesn’t even realise that dp isn’t there then He luks and sees now one there
And luks at swara who is laughing her head off
Sanskaar: SWARA
Swara: I just saw the power of the maheshwari men

Some girls come and they come close to lakshya and find him attractive and start talking to him wen he is with ragini, and ragini is getting angry lakshya sees ragini’s face which is literally turning red he then smiles and thinks to torment ragini more so even he starts flirting with the girls
Lakshya: I love the colour of your saree
Girl1: thanx
Lakshya: by the way wats ur name
Girl1: Samaria
Lakshya: wow wat a name I love that name
Samaria : and I love u
Ragini gets shocked wen she hears the girl expressing her love to lakshya and interrupts their conversation
Ragini: umm do u knw whose mehndi it is today
Samaria: yes lakshya maheshwari’s
Ragini: yes and do u knw who lakshya maheshwari is
Samiara: probably someone around and anyways why r u asking me
Ragini: well Einstein lakshya maheshwari is none other than the guy u were talking to and the one sitting with me
Samaria gets shocked and luks at lakshya with the shocked luk

Dp is sitting on the sofa with buwaji and is talking with Shekhar and lakshya comes there and asks buwaji about Ansh
Lakshya: buwaji were is Ansh
Buwaji: lakshya he will be comming soon an after hearing this dp gets the shock of his life

Precap ansh’s terrific entry and girls dancing with dp on the song tu issaq mera

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Credit to: Akira

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