Swaragini a journey to love episode 17


Swaragini a jouney to love episode 17
Recap swasan funny moments and raglak sad moments
After ragini leaves lakshya is still angry and he pushes the files and they fall on the floor
Lakshya’s assistant: sir
Lakshya: shut up and get out

On the street
Ragini is walking on the street and is crying remisning lakshya shouting at her wen suddenly a car comes and is about to hit her wen suddenly she feels someone holding onto her and pushing her close to them and the person is none other than lakshaya
Lakshya: ragini wat is this ur lost in thoughts to that extent that u hav even forgotten that u r not alone u hav 2 more lives with u
Ragini: leave me lakshya
Lakshya: RAGINI ok fine ragini I’m sorry it’s just that I was angry I can’t bear u neglecting our children I’m sorry ragini I knw I shouldn’t have said that but I accidently did and I’m sorry for that
Ragini gets touched with lakshya’s concern and is about to forgive lakshya but then she remembers lakshyas confession of not loving her
Ragini: dnt forget lakshya even they r my children aswell infact I can even feel their presence and by the way lakshya wat r u doing here ur meant to be in office right
Lakshya: well I was until I didn’t get called for a meeting in a restaurant and then I saw u and that incident ur lucky I saved u otherwise anything could hav happened
Ragini: stop preaching me lakshya and after saying that she walks off
Lakshya gets shocked
And just stands there

Dp is waking down the stairs just then buwaji trips dp and he is about to fall but luckily he holds the railings on the staircase buwaji kinda laughs and comments on dp
Buwaji: Durga can’t u see properly were have u left ur eyes
Dp glares at buwaji and says
Dp: jiji
buwaji: wat jiji walk properly
Dp gets shocked
Shekhar and Gadodia family come
Dp welcomes them in
And they all sit down together and decide that swasan and raglak should get married together
Gadodia family then leave and all start preparing for the wedding then wen dp is sitting down buwaji comes and says
Buaji: Durga wat r u doin sitting here go and help with the preperations
Dp luks shocked and asks buwaji if she out of her mind
Buwaji glares at dp and says
Buwaji: Durga if u dnt listen to me then I will leave from here and think that I hav no value left in this house
Sujata: bhaisa jiji is only asking u to help with the preperations rather than do everything
Buwaji: that’s a excellent idea sujata why didn’t I think about it before
Dp luks at sujata
Sujata: bhaisa I dnt do anything don’t luk at me
Then helplessly dp does everything all the wedding preperations and suffers from a back ache later
Dp: ah ah
Buwaji: Durga ur crying in pain as if u r in labour
Sujata comes and says
Dp: do u think that bhaisa will be able to bear the pain if men had to give birth then I’m sure bhaisa would have been the first person to reject
Dp luks at sujata and gives her the evils
Dp: jiji I am being serious I hav a back ache and I’m going to my room to get rest Annapurna bring me some tea
Ap: yes ji u go I will just come
Buwaji: no Durga if u want tea u will make tea not me
Dp gets shocked and angry and thinks
Dp: she’s her to ruin my peace and happiness
Rp comes and buwaji rushes to rp and says
Buwaji: Durga u dnt feed my ram luk how skinny he has become and u loaded with all that fat inside u
Dp goes red on the face
Sujata: I’m telling u jiji luk at sanskaars papa’s state he has gone so weak guess wat jiji bhaisa makes ji do all the work and he himself sits down and just takes all the credit
Buwaji: Durga since the start u hav been Nalayak wat do I expect from u and lakshya then comes in and listens to everything buwaji has said and gets happy from inside and laddoo start bursting inside him die to the excitement he has

Precap lakshya flirts with some girls and Ragini gets proper jel

Thank u for liking and sorry for no swasan scenes hopefully will have some in the next episode

Credit to: Akira

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