Swaragini a journey to love episode 16


Swaragini a journey to love episode 16
Recap ragini tells lakshya about armaan and buaji’s entry

Buaji: Durga
Dp: yes jiji
Buaji: u r getting youngest chora married and leaving the eldest one
Dp: but jiji adarsh is already married to parineeta and they r in London
Buaji:I’m not talking about adarsh
Dp: then who r u talking about
Just then ap comes in and says
Ap: sanksaar
Buaji: yes
Dp: but jiji
Buaji: no par war sanskaar is older then lakshya so i think he should get married first or they can get married together
Dp: but jiji how is it possible and that so to soon I mean lakshya is getting married tommorow
Buaji: tommorow wat he is ur only child left to get married and u r saying u want a dull wedding
Ap: sorry jiji but lakshya isn’t our last child to get married we hav 2 other children left sanksaar and uttara they r also our children out responsibility
Buaji: anyways I will tell my son Ansh to cum tommorow directly then and also my nanands children r comming aswell so is that ok
Ap: of course jiji this is also ur house 2 u can decide also
Dp thinks about sanksaar marriage and ap understands wat he is thinking
Ap: ji I knw wat u r thinking and for sanksaar we dnt have to search anywhere let’s luk for a bride inside that we already knw
Dp: who Annapurna I dnt understand wat u r saying
Ap: ji I meant ragini’s sister swara
Both sisters can become our daughter in laws and ragini would also feel more safe and comfortable
Dp: yes Annapurna I agree with u I will talk to Shekhar nw

Dp calls Shekhar
Shekhar: hello dp
Dp: Shekhar I want u to cum to my house with ur family and bring swara and ragini
Shekhar: is there any problem dp
Dp: no it’s just I hav something I need to talk to u about its urgent
Shekhar: ok dw we wil be there
Swara opens the door and sanksaar sweats as he has kavita’s pic
Swara: hey
Sanskaar: uu uhh hi
Swara: wat happened sanskaar
Sanksaar: nothing I was just doing some office related work just then dp calls sanksaar
Sanksaar: yes bade papa
Dp: sanskaar I hav something important to tell u
Sanksaar: ji bade papa
Dp: we hav luked for a rishta for u and we want u to marry on the same day as lakshya
Sanskaar is shocked and swara is sighing him as to wat happened
Sanskaar: bade papa well
Dp: I knw ur shocked but this is for ur benefit also ur buwaji has suggested this idea
Sanskaar: bade papa how can I
Dp: u can Sanskaar do u not wanna now the girls name
Sanskaar: wat m I gonna do to knw her name
Dp: still all I can tell u is that u knw the girl and she is related to ragini
Sanksaar: who bade papa I’m confused
Dp: Shekhar’s elder daughter swara
Sanksaar is shocked and overwhelmed with happiness at the same time
Dp: sanksaar do u hav any problem with this alliance do I consider a yes from u aswell
Sanskaar: ji bade papa it’s a yes from me
Dp: thank u beta I will tell Shekhar ur decision and he hangs up
Sanskaar can not get the smile of his face and swara luks on confusingly
Swara: sanskaar wat happened why r u smiling too much is there a good news
Sanskaar: yes a vey gud news infact it’s the most happiest news I hav recieved today
Swara: why wat happened
Sanskaar: in a happy tone m getting married
Swara is shocked

Swara: wat ur getting married and ur happy I hate u sanksaar u cheater u lier u betrayer
Sanskaar: swara my jaan at least today spare me say if I tell my would be wife about u then imagine wat will she do to u
Swara: forget her nw watch wat I do to her I will scratch her face her hair
Sanskaar: wat the how will I play with her hair
Swara:play with her hair sanskaar u r impossible nw I will definitely not spare her
Sanskaar: swara r u being serious r u gonna scratch ur self won’t it hurt
Swara: I dnt care if it hurts wait a minitue hang on me wat do u mean
Sanksaar: jaan wat I mean is that I m gonna marry u miss swara godidia do u wanna marry me
Swara: r u being serious
Sanskaar: yes that’s why I was happy all though if u want me to marry someone else I dnt mind
Swara hits sanskaar teasingly and annoyingly
Swara: sanskaar dnt u ever say that again cuz ur mine and m urs
Sanskaar: ok my jaan never ever but never say never say and he laughs but swara ur baba is gonna talk to u today about it at mm and u need to act shocked but in the end say yes otherwise
Swara: otherwise wat
Sanksaar: otherwise u will see me becoming someone else’s
Swara: ok dw HWP
Sanskaar: HWP
Swara: yh hone walle patidev
Sanksaar: oo nw I get it

Ragini goes to office and says to the receptionist that she wants to rejoin her job the receptionist ask her to go to sirs office and she does but the sir is none other than lakshya
Ragini gets shocked to see lakshya
Lakshya: hi ragini I am ur new boss well basically wen u left my office and joined this office I didn’t really care but nw it’s to do with my children FB is shown
Ragini leaves the office and joins Mehta and sons office. FB ends
so listen to this ur working hours r 10-6 and u will get regular fruit salads and juices and ect
Ragini: but my working hours r 8:30 -6:30
Lakshya: I’m ur boss so I decide wen u work or not
Ragini: hang on a minitue how r u my boss
Lakshya: I hav brought this company so I’m ur new boss after saying that lakshya leaves
At 10:30 ragini gets her fruit salad but she doesn’t eat it lakshya comes in and comfronts her
Lakshya: why didn’t u eat the fruit salad listen ragini this care and all is not for u it’s for my children I dnt even care about u the same old feelings I had before r still there for u nothing has changed but just that u got more attention and care which is only for my children, ragini if u were not expecting my Children then no one would hav even gave u any attention
Listening to all this ragini is hurt and leaves with teary eyes

Precap elders discussing about raglak and swasan’s marriage
Thank u

Credit to: Akira

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