Swaragini a journey to love episode 15


Swaragini a journey to love episode 15
Recap swasan sweet moments and rp dp and sujata’s knock jhok

Everyone is eagerly waiting for raglak cuz they wanna no wt the gyna said then suddenly they see lakshya and behind him is ragini
Ap and sujata rush to ragini
Ap: ragini wat happened beta
Sujata: haa ragini tell us plz
Ragini:vo ma actually
Lakshya: ma I’ll tell u well it’s smthing worrying papa and chacha ji nw both of u r gonna do hard work
Dp:lakshya wat do u mean say it clearly wen u dnt knw how to say riddles then why do u attempt them
Rp: chore(boy) u need knowledge to say riddles Innit bhaisa
Lakshya: chachaji plz I was gonna tell u guys but nw I’m not
Sujata:no chore tell us bhaisa plz tell him
Dp: lakshya u better tell it urself or else I will make u tell us in another way
Lakshya: fine gyna said that ragini is expecting twins the whole maheshwari family get really happy and the ladies hug ragini and the men well only rp and adarsh hug lakshya dp just stands their with a very tiny smile which is not even noticeable
Dp: congratulations ragini beta and thank u for this happiness
Ragini: thank u papaji and congratulations to u 2 and no need to say thank u papaji
Lakshya: papa wat about me
Dp: gandi aulaad ki kabhi bhi baap ka. Asharvaad nahi milta
Lakshya fumes and leaves from their ap:ji plz at least not today ji I need to talk to u
Dp: yes Annapurna tell me
Ap was about to say but suddenly they hear some voice from the back
Voice: ram Durga were r u
Sujata gets shocked to see who is it
Sujata: yh Dekho ab doosri kebab ki hadi agayi
Rp gets elated seing the new person arrive and lakshya touches his ears whilst ap fixes her scarf( pallu)
Rp: ji ji u
Ji ji: yes it’s me ram ( I hav decided that buaji will be played by buaji from iss pyar ko kya naam doon so just imagine her)
Dp: ji ji plz come in
Jiji: were is the groom
Lakshya covers his ears and comes forward and ragini luks on confused
Lakshya: hey buaji’s whats up
Jiji: buaji ka bacha oo yh I hav heard that Durga u r gonna become a grandad
Dp: yes u hav heard right
Jiji: we’re is lakshya’s bride even I wanna see I didn’t cum all the way from Chandigarh just to see ur face Durga show me the nw Daughter in law
Rp: we will jiji first come in an relax have some tea coffee or a snack
Jiji: ram I hav already said no then no
Ap: ragini go and meet lakshya’s buaji
Ragini goes and bends down to seek blessings from buaji
Buaji blesses ragini and luks at her mysteriously
Jiji: I wanna go to my room
Ap: yes jiji let’s go come sujata let’s take jiji to her room
Lakshya meets ragini alone and asks about armaan ragini goes into FB and tells about armaan to lakshya

Ragini is walking to the ice cream vendor and she is gone to get ice cre for her and armaan and swara and a truck comes and is about to hit ragini wen armaan pushes her and he gets hurt but only a little bit armaan then goes on to confront ragini
Armaan: ragini can u not see wat if anthying happened to ur baby
Ragini: armaan
Armaan: wat armaan luk ragini I knw u still have feelings for lakshya and one more thing I’m going back to Australia and if u feel u need me then plz contact me bye ragini
Ragini: armaan
Armaan: I’m sorry ragini take care of ur self
Armaan walks away and leaves ragini teary eyed
FB ends

Ragini ges teary eyed
Ragini: armaan has done a big favour on us
Lakshya: yes ragini I dnt think we will be able to repay or not
Sanskaar is working wen suddenly somebody sends a pic of kavita to him he gets shocked just then swara comes inside and he starts sweating

Precap will buaji support ragini and wat is the mystery behind sanksaar and kavita to knw more keep reading. Swaragini a journey to love

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Sorry guys less swasan but will hopefully add swasan and plz comment thank u

Credit to: Akira

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