Swaragini a journey to love episode 13

Swaragini a journey to love episode 13
Recap lakshya and ragini’s marriage fixed

Ap and others r doing the preperations for the marraige
Dp comes there and sees ap
Dp: Annapurna
Ap: ji wat happened do u need anything
Dp: Annapurna u r not well so dnt do much work let lakshya do it lakshya gets shocked
Lakshya: papa it’s my wedding and I hav to do the work
Dp: so wat in our times we used to make preperations for our wedding
Rp: bhaisa and wen there was no arrangements for the pandit then the groom used to memorise the mantras and say them on the wedding day right bhaisa
Dp: yes and lakshya we r only asking u to help with the arrangements
Lakshya: papa that custom was probably followed in ur times which was 50-60 yrs ago not knw
Dp: lakshya
Lakshya: papa I dnt hav the energy I’m to tired
Dp:lakshya ragini is pregnant not u so I dnt get why u r tired it just shows how useless u r
Lakshya: papa u always want a chance to taunt me
Rp: lakshya if ur tired nw then wat r u gonna do wen ur child will ask u to become a horse or a donkey
Lakshya: wat wait hang on for that chacha u and papa r there
Dp gets angry and luks at lakshya
Dp: he is getting married and gonna become a dad but still he doesn’t hav any common sense

Sanksaar calls swara
Swara answers
Swara: hello who’s this
Sanksaar: it’s sanskaar
Swara: I dnt knw any sanksaar
Sanksaar gets shocked but later understands
Sanskaar: oo so could u plz kindly tell me hav u seen or heard about my ex girlfriend
Swara: wat ex girlfriend
Sanskaar: yes
Swara: wats her name
Sanskaar: swara Gadodia
Swara gets angry
Swara: listen sanskaar I was only joking ok but u I didn’t knw That u will cheat on me and ditch me
Sanksaar: wat
Swara: come on tell me ur nw girlfriends name
Sanskaar: I dnt hav a girlfriend
swara: then why did u call me ur ex girlfriend
Sanksaar: becuz I’m getting married
Swara: wat sanksaar I hate u I hate u I hate u
Sanksaar: calm down swara at Least ask me who I am gonna get married to
Swara: I dnt care
Sanksaar: why not ok fine I will tell u her name
Swara: I dnt wanna knw
Sanskaar: but i still wanna tell u her name is……………. S s s s swara Gadodia
Swara is literally speechless
Swara: sanskaar
Sanskaar: yes swara would u like to marry me
Swara: ummm let me think
Sanskaar: swara
Swara: ok fine my answer is yes yes mr sanskaar maheshwari
Sanskaar: ok my jaan I’m gonna have to hang up nw
Sanksaar: by my cute little teddy bear

Lakshya finds out that ragini has an appointment by asking ragini’s doctor
Doc: hello mr maheshwari I just called to remind u that ragini has a appointed today and that today she has a special scan
Lakshya: thank u soo much doc and dw we will be there on time
Lakshya then calls ragini an asks where she she is
Ragini: I’m at home and why hav u called me
Lakshya hangs up
Ragini goes to the hospital for her appointment and lakshya comes there
Ragini: wat r u doing here r u following me
Lakshya: no I’m not infact the doctor asked me to come cuz it is ur important Scan and I wanna be with my child in every step if his or hers life
Ragini: why
Lakshya: becuz I am the child’s dad and I hav full rights over the child
Ragini: whatever
Nurse comes and says
Nurse:miss ragini Gadodia
Lakshya: luks like it’s our turn
Nurse ask ragini who the guy is with her
Lakshya interrupts and says
Lakshya: I am her husband
Nurse: oo no wonder why u guys luk so gud together
Lakshya: thanks let’s go in nw
Raglak enter the gynaecologist’s cabin and she staright away takes ragini for the scan after a few minitues the gyna comes out with ragini and she gives a worried and suspense luk to Lakshya
Lakshya asks
Lakshaya: wat happens doc why r u worried
Doc: well me maheshwari It is smthing to worry about cuz I can’t hear just one heart beat
Raglak get shocked

Ragini: wat r u saying doctor my baby my baby I hope my baby is fine plz tell me doctor
Lakshya: ragini calm down and doctor plz tell us clearly
Gyna: I can’t hear one heart beat but 2
Raglak get shocked and happy
Lakshya: wat twins ragini did u hear wat the doctor just said
Ragini: yes
Lakshya: thank u soo much doc
Gyna: now ur gonna hav to take double care of her nw
Lakshya: definelty I will
Gyna: so ragini these medicines u hav to take regularly and mr maheshwari this is ur responsibility that ragini takes the medicines
Another nurse come and asks ragini
Nurse 2: ragini ji were is armaan sir ragini gets teary eyed

Precap were is armaan and what happened to him

Plz comment and plz give me more suggestions and I kinda started to like Ragsan more than raglak so if u would like to see ragsan instead of raglak and trust me guys I will add in a really interesting twist that will amaze u all if u want to see that then plz comment and say I will be waiting to read ur feedback
Thank u

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