Swaragini a journey to love episode 12

Swaragini a journey to love episode 12
Recap ap asks ragini to forgive lakshya and marry him

Dp: yes Annapurna I agree with u we never nw when we will get called up today u hav had a heart attack maybe tommorow I might have one aswell
Rp: bhaisa plz
Sujata: what the hell is he saying he gives everyone else a heart attack and he is saying he might hav one that’s never gonna happen cuz he has a Motty chamri( fat skin) in her head
Rp: sujata chup kar
Sujata: ji what did I say I hope he didn’t hear me whatever I said about bhaisa but it is true
Lakshya: ok but first Ask ragini
Ragini: I dnt knw wat to say if u want to nw my decision then u will hav to ask my parents
Lakshya: and my condition is that we will hav a small wedding and not a grand wedding cuz ragini is not in that state to run around and I dnt want anything to happen to my child
Dp: I will call Shekhar and godidia Saab nw

Sanksaar calls swara but she doesn’t answer sanksaar then goes to meet swara
Swara was in the office working on the Mehta and sons project and sanksaar enters swara gets angry seeing him she is about to leave but sanksaar hold her from the arm and stops her
Swara: leave me u betrayer
Sanskaar: betrayer
Swara: yes a betrayer after wat ur brother has done to my sister u never nw u were probably trapping me in ur love aswell
Sanskaar: just because my brother has done a crime does is mean I am equally involved aswell
Swara: yes
Sanksaar: so ur tying to say that badi ma is also involved cuz she Is lucky’s mother and bade papa is aswell
Swara: wen did I say that
Sanksaar: well technically u r trying to
Swara: sanskaar I dnt wanna argue with u cuz all I want is that my ragini Should be happy
Sanskaar: I will help u with that and swara I wanted to say something to u
Swara: wat
Sanksaar: that I ever since I saw u my heart skipped a beat i started to listen to romantic songs I started to listen to my heart instead of bade papa all I wanted to say swara that I love u I love u a lot more than my life and all I want u to do is accept my love and trust me and my love
Swara is shocked to hear sanksaar revelations and is speechless
Swara: I I dnt knw wat to say
Sanskaar: swara do u love me
Swara: I I
Sanskaar: yes or no
Swara: yes
Sanksaar: I knw it swara and I love u to
Swara: but I’m scared sanksaar I mean whatever happened to ragini I dnt want it to happen to me
Sanskaar:it won’t dw do u trust me
Swara: more than myself
Sanskaar: then dw wen it’s the right time we will talk to our parents
Swara: ok by the way I love u
Sanskaar: and by the way I love u 2

Dp explains everything to Shekhar and asks for ragini’s hand for lakshya
Dp: well we should have done that before wen we found out about ragini expecting but since Annapurna has decided to and since she is not well we would like to only do the marriage as soon as possible
Shekhar: I understand dp ji but I need to ask ragini first ragini do u accept this proposal
Ragini: baba whatever u say and decide
Dp: then I think it is a yes congratulations Shekhar ji and thank u ragini beta I will Always be indebted to u
Ragini: plz uncle
Dp: if u call Annapurna maa then u hav to call me papa
Ragini: ji papa ji
Shekhar:lakshya nw u hav to take good care of my daughter and make sure she doesn’t feel lonely I am handing over her responsibility to u lakshya
Lakshya: yes uncle dw i will make sure that I stand up to ur expectations and that I will take good care of ragini
Dp: today my sister is comming so tonmrorow we can hav the wedding
Shekhar: then that’s done the wedding will be done tommorow

Precap buaji’s entry and wedding preperations

I hope u have enjoyed it and that u r satisfied with both raglak scenes and swasan scenes and plz keep giving suggestions and plz keep commenting and if ur finding it boring plz say in the comments and wat u want to see more of

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