Swaragini a journey to love episode 11

Swaragini a journey to love episode 11
Recap armaans confession and 4 months leap
Everyone is having dinner and ap suddenly starts to feel some pain in her chest and she sits back lakshya sees ap and shouts MAA
Dp and all turn to see ap In pain and she is sweating sanksaar and lakshya lift her and take her upstairs dp ask rp to call the doctor
Dp: ram hurry up and call the doctor
Rp: ji bhaisa
The doctor comes and checks ap and tells the family that ap is suffering a heart attack ap points to lakshya and says that she Wants to talk to lakshya
Ap: la la lakshya
Lakshya: ji ma tell me
Ap: I dnt knw if if I will sur survive
Lakshya: no maa plz dnt say that
Dp: Annapurna
Ap: I want to see my grandchild and my daughter in law I want both of them to live with us in our house promise me lakshya that u will fulfil my wish
Lakshya: but mom
Suddenly ap starts breathing heavily and lakshya gets tensed and says
Lakshya: yes I promise maa I will bring ur daughter in law and ur grandchild to this house
Ap gets happy and her breathing comes back to Normal

Ragini is leaving the house and sumi cums
Sumi: ragini how cums u r alone
Ragini: ma dnt worry I will manage plus I hav to meet a friend today so dw
Sumi: ok beta take care
Ragini is walking on the streets and lakshya’s car comes infront on her she tries to go but lakshya comes out of the car and holds her arm
Ragini: lakshya let go of me
Lakshya: ragini at least listen to me
Ragini: I dnt want to
Lakshya: it’s to do with someone’s life and death
Ragini: yh sure
Lakshya: I’m telling the truth ragini my mom has suffered from a heart attack just nw and we dnt even nw If she will survive ragini gets shocked lakshya gets down on his knees and cries and ask ragini for forgiveness and cries brutally
Ragini: wat do u want lakshya
Lakshya: ragini all I want u to do is cum and live in mm plz for the sake of my mom
Ragini: cum to Gm

Raglak enter and sumi gets surprised to see lakshya ragini tells everything to sumi and asks sumi for help and advice and sumi says
Sumi: ragini beta I think u should go to mm for ap ji
Ragini agrees

Raglak enter and go to ap’s room ap sees raglak together and says she wants to talk to both lakshya and ragini
Ap: lakshya always take care of ragini and ragini plz forgive my lakshya he is not that bad and from the heart he is so gentle I knw that cuz I am his mom
Ragini: aunty plz take rest
Ap: not aunty but maa
Ragini: aunty aap
Ap: not aunty maa say maa
Ragini: maa
Ap: thank u soo much ragini nw I ask for one more favour I want u and lakshya to get married
Lakshya gets shocked but has no other choice but to agree
Lakshya says yes
Lakshya: but on one condition
Dp: nw what is the condition

Precap lakshya’s condition and dp is shocked

Plz plz keep giving suggestions and I will keep adding ur suggestions and plz keep commenting and try and guess what the condition is Good luck!!

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