Swaragini a journey to love episode 10

Swaragini a journey to love episode 10
Recap armaan saves ragini from slipping

Ragini gets up and luks at armaan then lakshya comes and start comforting ragini
Lakshya: ragini u ok na nothing happened to u rite and wat about my child
Ragini: I dnt need to tell u even if anything has happened or not and anyways I hav already told u that this baby Is mine and not urs lakshya
Armaan: calm down madhubala stop overacting lakshya rite that’s ur name
Lakshya: yh but u can call me lucky and he does that by pulling his collar up
Armaan: ok then lucky I hav some advice for u why r u getting involved in this girl problem and chakhar one thing u should always remember one thing never run after a girl a bus or a train cuz they come back after 20 mins locally both lucky and armaan hi five and laugh whilst ragini luks on shocked and jerks them away
Lucky: where were u mate I needed this entertainment since ages otherwise my papa he is entertainment ka Dushman (enemy of the entertainment) more like entertainment mein kebab ki hadi ( a bone in the kebab)
Armaan: u r so funny man seriously
Lucky: obviously that’s why I’m lucky
Dp calls lakshya

Armaan : luks like ur hitler papa is calling u I think he has a long life
Lakshya: oo plz dnt say that
Armaan: wat do u mean
Lakshya: I mean it’s just that he will keep interfering in my happiness and entertainment I think he has come in this world to never let me be happy anyways bro what were we saying
Ragini comes back erm who ever u r ur mom is calling u
Armaan: it’s not who ever u r it’s armaan
Ragini: wat
Armaan: not wat it’s armaan

Anyways my nirupa Roy is calling me so catch u later guys
Sumi: dnt knw who jinxed my daughters happiness
Suchitra: sumi why r u getting tensed dw u knw my armaan he will
Sort out everything dw
Armaan comes

Armaan: nirupa Roy u called
Suchitra: yes I need to u to make ragini tell all the happenings to u so that she feels lighter and I knw u can do it
Armaan: dw my 2 nirupa roys I will make sure I do it anyways were is she
Ragini is going to the kitchen and armaan follows her
Armaan: hey let’s start afresh my name is armaan
Ragini: excuse me
Armaan: ok fine let’s cut short we both r dealing with the same problem ur boyfriend or the love of ur life has ditched u and my love of my life has ditched me 2 but there is one difference
Ragini: wat
Armaan: that ur pregnant
Ragini: how do u knw that
Armaan: well when u fell then lucky asked about his child so I expect that ur expecting his child am I right
Ragini: yes
Armaan: ragini I want to feel lighter and I want u to feel lighter aswell so to do that we r gonna have to reveal our pasts r u willing to open up about ur past
Ragini thinks for a while and then finally says yes
Armaan tells his story

Armaan is swinging a girl around and that girl Is Tanya sharma they both go to eat ice cream and go on a ride and armaan drops her home armaan comes home and he is shown to be a very rich man then the nxt day he goes to meet his girlfriend and he sees her with some man and they both are talking saying that they hav trapped armaan now once I get married to him I will make sure that the the whole malik property and money is ours then we will run away Armaan gets shocked to hear this and he goes inside and comfronts his girlfriend and then breaks up with her FB ends
Armaan has tears in his eyes and ragini gives him a tissue
Armaan: nw is ur turn
Ragini tells armaan everything how lakshya trapped her in his fake love and fake promised her that they will get married and then with that fake marriage promise he consummated with her and then after a couple of days he started ingnoring her and nw she found out that she was expecting
Lakshya comes and sees armaan and ragini together talking and he kinda feels jealous armaan walks up to lakshya and says
Armaan: from nw on u can’t meet ragini or talk to her or see her I dnt wan to see u anywhere near her
Lakshya: why
Armaan: I knw wat u hav done to her
Lakshya: and who r u to tell me
Armaan: her fiancé
Lakshya is shocked
Ragini: armaan
Armaan turns around to ragini’s nd winks and says yes
Lakshya is shocked and leaves from there

4 months leap
Lakshya’s room
Lakshya is sitting in his room and he has completely changed in these 4 Months cuz he hasn’t seen ragini for 4 moths and he hasn’t felt his child yet cuz lakshya has been away from ragini he has started to miss her and maybe just maybe he has started to develop feelings for ragini
Ragini’s room
Ragini is shown infront of the mirror with a bit of a baby bump which is really small but is still visible and she is talking to her child saying that today she has to meet the doctor and she is nervous as she is alone and has no one to be there with her cuz she doesn’t wanna disturb anyone and that today she will be able to see her baby through a scan

Precap lakshya’s confession to ragini and she is shocked

Plz plz plz comment and plz give suggestions and ragini didn’t get pregnant in a day the story was forwarded to a couple of says meaning 2 Weaks and yh if u dnt understand plz read the last episode

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