Swaragini a journey to love episode 1

Swargini a journey to love

Maheshwari mansion
The episode starts with 2 boys one who is working out and doing excersize and the other looking at pictures of girls
The boy doing excersize says
Lucky stop it yaar enough stop checking out girls if bade papa sees then ur dead
Lucky: sanskaar mere bhai learn to live ur life all u care about is family work and work and excersize which u r doing is becuz u want to stay fit not to impress girls so that u can become a role model for the company and follow papa’s footsteps
Sanskaar: ur rite lucky but this gives me happiness
Lucky: and looking at girls gives me happiness and I bet u bhai there is no one Born yet to change me cuz that is impossible
Sanskaar: I’m waiting for the day wen there is some angel who will come and change u
Lucky: and u 2 bhai u have to change as well well Bhai let’s forget all that luk at these girls
Durga prasad father of lakshya and uncle- bade papa of sanskaar is walking down the corridor with his brother ram prasad following behind him which is father of sanskaar and uncle of lakshya
As they are walking down the corridor lakshya is talking to sanskaar in their room and this times lakshya starts the conversation by saying
Lakshya: bhai look at this girl she is soo hot if u want bhai I can hook u up with her
Sanskaar: no thanks
Lakshya: but bhai she is damn hot I bet u if we ask papa he will also agree with me
sanskaar: leave it lucky wen u see bade papa u forget everything becuz u r so scared of him
Lakshya: no way bhai
Whilst walking dp stops outside lucky and sanskaars room and sees lakshya holding his phone with a picture of a girl wearing inappropriate clothing
DP shouts: lakshya
Lakshya and sanskaar get shocked to see dp
Lakshya : papa u
DP: laskhya wat r u doing
Lakshya : nothing papa I was saying to bhai that mom is so hot that is why papa got married to her rite papa I bet u papa everyone is jealous of u that how could u get such a beuatiful wife
Ram prasad and sanskaar start laughing whilst Durga prasad gives lakshya the evils
Dp: lakshya enough I have decided that u will join office and that from tommorow
Laskhya gets shocked and says papa
DP: wat I said is final be ready by 9:00am and we will all leave together and sanskaar we’re is the Mehta and sons file
Sanskaar: bade papa I have left the file in ur room on the table and I have studied it well
DP: good, lakshya learn something from sanskaar otherwise ppl will call u Nalayak( useless) and I won’t be able to show my face to anyone after that anyways let’s go ram
Rp: ji bhaisa
Lakshya is left with a shock thinking about his lifestyle and wat his dad just said to him

Precap 2 beautiful girls enter sanskaar and lakshyas cabin and they get shocked to see who it is

Sorry guys for any mistakes lol it is my first ff so plz support and guide me and I will hopefully take in mind ur comments and I will try my best to make sure that u r satisfied with my ff plz comment below I will be waiting for ur comments and silent readers plz comment becuz these commens r really important to me thank u ??

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