Swaragini a jouney to love episode 21


A journey to love chapter 21
Recap swasan and raglaks marriage
Next morning in mm
Swasan’s room
Swara is sleeping in sanskaars arms and the ray of light falls on her due to which she wakes up she luks at the time
Swara: oh fish I’m late breakfast starts at 9:00 and it’s 8
She gets up and runs to the bathroom and freshens up she is wearing a gold and blue saree with a gold border aswell swara goes towards sanskaar
Swara: sanskaar wake up plz
Sanskaar: no
Swara: sanksaar
Sanskaar: first give me a morning kiss
Swara: no sanskaar wake up
Sanskaar moves swara closer to him and they r lost in each other eyes
Suddenly sujata knocks on the door
Sujata: aare chora hav u woken up yet and wat about ur newly wedded wife
Sanksaar gets frustrated and swara laughs
Sanskaar: yes mom I’m awake and so is mrs sanskaar maheshwari
Sujata: ok hurry up and come down before bhaisa gets angry
Sanskaar: GOD mom bhi na
Swara laughs
Raglaks room
Ragini comes out of the bathroom wearing a pink anarkali suit and sits infront of the mirror and gets ready
Sujata knocks on the door
Sujata: lakshya chora I knw ur still asleep but at least wake up today otherwise even in ur dreams bhaisa will haunt u
Ragini luks at lakshya who is still asleep and quickly wakes up and shouts sorry papa
He then luks aroun and sees ragini and shakes his head ragini laughs at this act if his lakshya smiles luking at ragini laugh
Ragini gets up to go but laksh stops her
Laksh: ragini I’m sorry yaar I’m trying to rectify my mistake and even if u think I’m not trust me I am and 1 more thing to begin a relationship friendship comes first I’m extending my hand to a new relationship friendship ragini laksh maheshwari will u accept my friendship
Ragini: laksh I need time to think
Laksh: sure I dnt mind but I want the answer soon
Ragini leaves and laksh smiles
Dining table
Dp and everyone r sitting down waiting for laksh and Ansh
Both of the come down
Ansh: gud morning mama ji
Dp glares at Ansh and laksh
Dp In his head: the morning was gud so far until I saw ur manhoos face
Ansh: mama ji wat is this the breakfast isn’t running away that u r stuffing URSELF
Dp: Ansh
Ansh: mama ji it’s easy to eat and hard to make Innit mami ji
Laksh: shut up Ansh do u even knw wat u r saying breakfast is so easy to make u can make it in seconds
Ragini: oh really why dnt u try making breakfast for a whole joint family
Laksh gets shocked and chokes whilst dp gets happy from the inside and says in his head: finally there is someone to compete with this useless idiot
Ansh: mama ji dnt get to happy even u r gonna cook and so r all the men in this house
Rp: even me
Ansh: chote mama ji ur not a man ur a woman right so how r u gonna cook
Sujata: chore
Ansh: obviously chote mama ji u aswell
Swara luks at sanskaar and sticks her tongue out leaving sanskaar speechless
Rp: dnt worry Ansh women’s job is so easy we will be able to do it in seconds
Suajat: ji u r saying that nw but watch wen u hav to do it then u will realise how hard it is
Dp: enough even I agree with ram
Ap: sorry ji but I agree with sujata
Swara: and if u guys find it so easy then why don’t u do it for 3 days
Ansh: yes why not and forget 3 days we will do it for 1 weak
All the men get shocked and laksh chokes again whilst dp is having difficulties swallowing the bite he has just had and sanksaar coughs rp just let’s out a fake smile the women laugh luking at their husbands condition
All the men give a evil luk to Ansh
Ansh: wat don’t stare at me we will do it together as a team
Ragini whispers to laksh
Ragini: laksh eat as much as u can as u r gonna need a lot of energy
Laksh luks at ragini whilst she laughs
Laksh: anyways ragini hav u thought about my friendship proposal
Ragini nods in yes and laksh shouts yes
Dp and all hear him
Dp: wat happened laksh u r excited to do the housework
Laksh: no papa
Ansh: poor guy I think he’s gone in a truama as he has to do the housework

Precap all the men doing the housework including dp and the women relaxing

I hope u like it and the next few episodes will show that the women r not useless and that they dnt sit around all day and do nothing they take care of everyone plz support me if u agree
Thank u for liking ??
Ansh- vatsal Seth

Credit to: Akira

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