Swaragini-Jodey rishto ke dhage (Part 5)

Hi frnds…im sasha,sorry for late,i was littile busy…lets start our part5


I visited my house yesterday..I met ma & Dida.I Gave strong smile to ma..ma also gives smile..But i know lots of pain hide behind that beautiful smile…
I never made frnds in my life,ma always want me to beacome frnd with Peoples…but i dont have courage to do so but i told ma about “Radhika mehera”
Ma told me she seems nice girl.Plss shona at least try to beacome frnd with her..
“Beta,Every frnd is not a cheater”
I noded to mas statement.
I come in hostel..N Think about what ma said to me…Yes ma all frnds r not cheaters.Radhika is nice girl..I’ll make her my 2nd frnd aftrr that ragini…I take deep breath..
“Ok.swara bose get ready..Today you have to make Frnd”I told myself..
My eyes searches Radhika..But shes not here..
Oh!! finally i Find her near swimming pool..I went there.she receive some call n went outside..
I stood near swimming pool…
Seeing that pool one of my childhood memory flashesh on my mind..
FB shows
(Littile swara does swimming n ragini sat outside the pool)
Ragini-Wow shona..u swim like fish.
Swara-Ragu!This is not difficult come in water i’ll teach u how to swim
Ragini(Scared)-No shona..plzz im really scared
shona-Ragini u always scared of something.Yesterday u scared of lizard n now u scared of deep water
(Swara laugh. ragini makes puppy face) FB ends..

After that memory a cute smile plays on swaras red lips which makes her more beautiful without her notice.

Swaras POV
why im remembaring that girl..beacause of her my life destroyed…
Im really frustrated now..So to realese stress i jump in pool..n started swimming.. n suddenly i heard some sounds…Omg!! Radhika is in water n shes drowning…I help her to stand in water …n then we get out of water.she seems sick..
Are u ok?? i ask her.
She nod possitively….
If u dont know swimming then y u jump in water?I scolded her

“I think u were drowning..so to save u so..she stopped after saying this.

What a girl she is.she risked her life to save me!! I thought in mind

Radhika..Can we have coffee togather?
she said yes…We went to canteen she takes her sip of coffee
Radhika,”Frinds”?? saying this i extended my hand..

Raginis POV..

I saw swara in pool…For a second I thought shes drawnning n I forgot she knows swimming…Without thinking Too much i jump in pool.as i dont wanna Lose shona.shes the part of my heart..But it was too difficult,I tried to go to swaras direction..but water leval was very high in pool…Water enters in my mouth..I dont know the swimming.Suddenly I felt some1 holding my hand..oh!! shes shona..thank god shes alright…Suddenly i remembar swara knows swimming…I started to scold myself..swara save me,we came to canteen…Im drinking my cofee…Then shona ask me”Frnds??
with her right hand extended with big cute smile on her lips….I saw smile on her face 1st time she looks more pretty with that smile..
I too smile n said-“Frnds”

Credit to: Sasha

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