Swaragini-Jodey rishto ke dhage (Part 4)

Hii frnds.I m sasha..im really happy 4 ur responce.. ur comments motivates me…They re like my energy drinks…thanks a lot
frnds……lets start 4th part


Swara not replied me yet about friendship.Dont know why she doesnt want any frnd.shes always away frm peoples..but why? In childhood swara was bubbly,naughty,full of life N here swara was compleatly diffirent…..

I was seating under tree in collage campus.Its about 2 weeks i was in kolkatta.but till now i cant make swara my frnd.I was losing hope day by day.Swara doesnt have any frnd in clg.She doesnt like to make frnds.why? when i think this my mind started to connent this with our past..”Beacouse of u Ragini,swara doesnt make any frnd,Beacause of u she is away frm her dad coz dad chose u over swara” my head start to tell me.
But my heart warn me-“Dont think bad ragini dont lose ur hope”
In this race of Heart & Head,Heart always wins over head..I came out my Thoughts n find some1 is seat beside me.Yes Laksh was there…
Laksh understand that i was sad.n as usual he started to telling me Jokes,One after one.when i smiled compleatly he stops n said-“Chear up! Ragu,dont be sad..ok!..i noded.
He always try to make me smile whenever i was sad.Really frnds r really important in our life.I still remembar When shona n sumi ma left the house
Papa becomes buisness partner with maheswaries.I met laksh in party i was 11 at that time..Naughty laksh was fighting with boys.The boys complint about laksh to Durga prasad uncle.I was also there so uncle ask me.I saw laksh He was looking afraid.so i said-“Uncle laksh didnt do anything wrong”laksh was amused.
later laksh comes n said “Thank u”
From then we beacame frnd.
In That party I got other frnd also.
I remembar How “He “gave me chocolates,How “He”always trying to make me laugh…n How was That accident took place…my world shattered that time….whenever I remembar this Deep layer of sorrow came on my heart.I really miss him..every1 forget him but i never forget him…Because He lives in my heart.His name written on my every heart beat..Beacause of him i live today..I came out of my thought when laksh said-“RAGINI..OPS RADHIKA,SEE UR ROOMMATE IS LOOKING AT US”
Swara was looking at us,I waved my hand to her even laksh waved his hand.But without responce she went in clg.

Swaras POV.

I wasnt give reply to Radhika.Her words-“Come on swara,we should be frnds”Come in mind.But i never beacome frnd with any1 .I never have courage to beacome frnd with any1 after Raginis incidence…I was very close to my dad when i was small.Dad always supports me,play with me..I miss him till I understood why we seprated..Then i Hate him..HE chose Ragini over me n leave me n my mom alone all his fault.I hate shekhar gadodia n his Daughter” Ragini gadodia”
But this Radhika seems diffirent.my heart told me “Come on be frnd with her”.n my head said-“If u wanted to go again that First trust then betrayal phase then do frndship with her”.And in the race of heart & head.Head always wins.I preffered to live alone rather beacome frnd with any1…Even ma n dida always told me that live like other girls..have some frnds……
I always smile whenever i was in home.ButThat was a fake smile Lot of pain hidden behind it.Even ma gives fake smile.She thought i’ll not recognised that but i know everything.I wish If Ragini never came in our life then life will be diffirent,better than this.If Dad Never betray mom…
live all this swara! …Dont think about that…I want to meet Ragini In my life I wanted to tell her beacause of her How mom &me suffer…Beacouse of her what i lost.
The day she entered in house frm that day mom dad was fighting…Shes the reason behind that fighting always..Shes the big enemy of my life

Hey frnds..hows this plz tell me
What do u think Swara beacome frnd with Radhika(Ragini) or not..
What do u Ragini have some past?
Yes she have.I’ll revel it soon.
till then bye..tc

Credit to: Sasha

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  1. Nice…hope swaragini soon be together

  2. Tanu

    swara shuld befriend ragini n plz bring sanskar also na plz swasan ka tadka b plz

  3. if shekhar didn’t choose ragini then ragini will be on the road alone! ragini don’t have anyone thats why he choose her but swara has her mother and dida! she is not alone! thats why he din’t choose her but that doesn’t mean he don’t love swara infact he love swara more then ragini! i am exited to know ragini’s past! i think the guy is sanskar who is in her heart!

  4. feeling bad for ragini, with out her mistake all are blaming her, raglak friendship bond is unique

  5. Purvi

    Awesome…… Continue soon…..

  6. please make this ragsan ff

  7. Loved ragini..i hope she wil make every thing fine..

  8. Cutiie

    Reveal pair

  9. Cutiie

    Plz send previous part links

  10. Awesome

  11. No ragsan please yaar I can’t tolerate this do whatever in story make anyone bad or good I don’t care but pleas no ragsan

  12. Divyanshri

    hope to see swaragini bonding…… It was Shekhar’s mistake….. cz he betray sumi….. no fault of cute Ragini……. but swara is also innocent na she has seem so much in this small age….. so her heart has become like stone…. but still see is nice….. hope u dnt make love triangle. I reallyy hate triangles In love as well as in maths too…… whenever there is love the third person will be hurt….. dnt do this…… if u want u can make raglan n swalak ……anyways awsome…. ????

  13. Soujanya


  14. Azure

    beautiful…did sanky die in this one or something? trying to save ragini?

  15. Akshata

    love the way you described their pov, who was that boy? may be sanskar.

  16. Megha123

    Awsm & ha make swaragini frnds

  17. yashasvi ( yashu )

    nice but their’s no fault of aour rag n i knw swara was small but she should understand that she has her mom with her n wt abt rags, if shekhar chosed swara n sumi then where would rags have gone, she neither have a mother and nor she would b having her father, but i think that swaragini will meet soon, and sasha epi was wwesome n plzz dnt make luv triangle

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