Swaragini-Jodey rishto ke dhage (Part 3)

Hellooo frnds..im very happy 4 ur responce .lets start

Raginis pov

Next morning.

When i wake up,i saw its 7:30 am.its only half hour remaining then clg will be start.swara already left.I freshn up myself.i wore blue jeans with Purple top.i keep my hair open.I reach in my class.
Laksh were already present there.I smiled at him,he smile back..
He was taking to girls..it seems he makes lot of gfs here…
I saw swara.she was seating on front bench.all alone.she was reading book away frm all groups in classroom…I went to swara n ask
“Swara,Can i seat here”??
Swara was reading book,n says
“Sorry,Radhika,no one can seat here”she said this in calm tune without looking up from book.

A deep layer of sadness held my heart “Its ok swara” i said n seat on second bench.

Lecture start…I noticed that,swara was lost in herself in book even in breaks also.she never mix up with any1.even she never talks with any1.she behave like a robot.she jst comes to clg,always her head in tge book….whenever she comes in hostel room she is either busy on laptop/mobile or books.if i talk to her she only answar in yes or no with no intrest..one week passed like this.
I enter in room n see swara is seating on chair..i give smile to her.she gives littile smile.i was amused from that.As usual now she took her book but now i ask-“Swara,come on We should be frnds”
she look at me with expressionless face n walk out of the room.
I was shock due to strange behaviour of swara..


Radhika mehera,my new roommate want to beacome frnd with me.but she didnt know my lifes history.
when i was small.I lived with my mom &”Dad.I live luxurious life.Shekhar Gadodia was my father.I am the only child of my mom dad.I dont have any frnd till im 10.When i was 10 Dad brought gift for me,infact i would say the worst gift of my life “RAGINI”.Dad brought ragini in gadodia house.she was also 10 at at that time.
Dad jst told me-“Shona,look i brought new frnd for you ‘Ragini’
Ragini the girl with bright face &innocent eyes.Dad gives my hand in raginis hand.when ragini enters in house mom look at her n rush upstair.may be mom was crying.papa also goes to mom….i was playing with ragini.I heard some noices may be mom dad was fighting..i was wondering why they’re fight like kids..soon i was beacome very close to ragini.i share my dressess,toys even fev chocolates with her.she was my best frnd..she called my dad-“papa” im confused why shes calling papa to my dad.Me n ragini shared the same room but one day mom took me in her room.mom always try to keep away me frm ragini.i didnt understand anything.

One day mom came downstair with bag n hold my hand…she seems really sad.as asual i was playing with ragini,mom hold my hand n said-“Lets go shona”..I stand up n start asking question to mom.

Dad also come frm office i ran to him n said-“Dad,I dont want to go”
Dad cares my face n said-“Shona,u have to go with ur mom.soon i.will come to receive u”…I noded sadly.I waved my hand to ragini.when i was seat in car i saw papa was standing,holding raginis hand.

We came to didas house.at that time dida was living in mumbai.mom hug dida.n crying alot.I didnt able to understand anything…

One day,i told dida that i wanted to go to meet ragini

I cant understand the meaning of step sister.n secondly ragini is janki auntys daughter.janki aunty is moms best frnd.she was visiting gadodia house daily but she never told us that she have daughter too.
I listned that she died in car accident.n second day of that news dad bring ragini to gadodia house.
But where is raginis dad?
Several questions arises in my mind…Mom cries in every night.she hardly smiles sometime

After few days we shifted to kolkatta.I waited for dad many days but he never came.I get my all answars of questions…..

“My dad marries to janki aunty n betry my mom.How can dad do this with mom.& How can Janki Aunty Do this,shes the best frnd of mom since school days.mom was sharing everything with her…
From this the biggest &Bitter truth of life i dont have belife in friend/Friendship…
Huh!!! my First friend ‘Ragini’..I hate her a lot..shes the Daughter of shekhar and Janki.When she enter in my life I was happy i thought i got my best frnd.but i was wrong shes the biggest enemy of me..she snatch everything frm me…she snatch my dad frm me….
I hate her most.&I hate Shekhar Gadodia who betray my mom.
Beacause of that i never beacome frnd with any1…beacause all frnd r cheater they snatch everything frm you..

Frnds hows it??
What do u think swara is write or wrong?
Stay tuned..bye

Credit to: Sasha

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  1. Purvi

    Awesome….. Continue soon…..

    1. Thanks Purvi

  2. she is correct in her pov, but ragini is really nice character she want to unite them

    1. Thanks lovely.i agree with u.

  3. She is right no one can bear this much cheating though ragini is not at fault but her father is. Her father choosed ragini over Swara he left her. What one can expect

    1. Thanks Riya….i totally agree with U

  4. Soujanya


    1. Thanks soujanya

  5. Tanu

    swara is right in her opinion …plZ bring sanskar also n make it swasan plz

    1. Thanks Tanu

  6. Oh no so my guess s half true ah…but seriously ragini hve no fault in it…swara shuld understand tis…

    1. Thanks s priya….soon swara will understand this

  7. Sindhura

    Whats wrong ragini did here

    1. Thanks sindhura.Ragini is not at fault here.shes write in her place also swara is write in her place..

  8. Heart touching episode in some part I am feeling it’s my story the difference is that I dnt have any step sis but my mom’s childhood best friend whom I loved like anything become my step mom n destroyed our life…. I have seen fights from my childhood so I can feel the pain …..she is right at her point but Ragini is not at fault but that Shekhar is…. I hate this type of man….. if they love someone else why they destroyed one extra life…….. I dnt have any respect for this type of man not for my father Too…. Ya I agree he do lots of works to give us a secure life but not the peace of mind which a child need….. I never got that……..

    sorry I got a bit sent by reading this….. u r awesome carry on?????

    1. Thanks smiley…Thanks 4 sharing ur views & ur story..i also hate man like shekhar who betray others…stay tuned dear!!

  9. its awesome.

    1. Thanks masthi

  10. Deeksha

    gud one dear……………

    1. TY Deeksha

  11. From swara’s pov , she’s right because at age of 10 she lost her father n seen her mom sad too
    But ragini doesn’t have any fault
    So as a child even swara was told u never mention ragini name n she isn’t good etc
    I like ragini character
    I’m sure she’ll understand swara n then both of them will unite their parents too

    1. TY sonya..i totally agree with u..our ragini is strong she will make everything ok

  12. Awesome, somewhere she’s right but it’s not Raginis fault

    1. TY crazygirl

  13. Itz realy nice…ragini is such a nice character..just loved her.hope she will make every thing ok..ragini rockz

    1. Ty Neha

  14. Nice….hope everything fine soon….may be janki & shekar have reason behind it…….childhood friend never cheated them

    1. Ty kanak..ur write childhood frnd never cheat each other..stay tuned

  15. Akshata

    really nice. swara is right somewhere but not completely, because ragini is not at fault.
    hope swara understand ragini’s pov also.

  16. Aahna

    Ya she is right at her place..

  17. SPP

    Awesome Heart touching one
    From Swara’s pov it is right
    Waiting for the next one……….

  18. Piya

    According to swara side.. her pov is correct but ragini is such a darling..

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