Swaragini-Jodey rishto ke dhage (Part 2)

Hiii frnd thanks 4 ur responce..im very happy lets start with Raginis POV


I cant belive my swara is infront of me.A layer of joy comes to my heart i wanna tell her that im ragini ur sister & ur 1st frnd…i wanna hug her.i wanted to share lots of things with her..so my feet walls in direction of swara but my heart stop me..my heart warn me.

“STOP RAGINI,What ur going to tell swara that ur Ragini.beacause of u Swaras mom dad seprated..beacouse of u swara seprated from her dad.Since u enter in their parfect life their life beacome hell..
will she forgive u.No never…
NAFRAT KARATI HOGI WOH TUMASE.so dont reveal ur identity so soon..
Tears r flowing from my eyes.but i wipe my tears..because i have to be strong.i have to reunite my shona with my dad…

HUH!! how helpless i am.i miss my shona very much in 10 yrs but now shes near to me but i cant hug her,talk to her…….
after few seconds Swalaks conversation finished.swara starts her scooty n goes

my heart screems-“dont go shona plz”…I saw her till she disappeared.
laksh start the car n we reached in our clg..before entering in collage i have to tell something to laksh

RAGINI-laksh….FROM now u have to call me “RADHIKA MEHERA”not ragini gadodia ha?

Laksh(confused)-BT Why?

Ragini-Laksh plss..I will tell u everything one day.

LAKSH-OK ragu..opps RADHIKA.

we get down frm car n collage will.start nxt morning so lucky goes to boys hostel.n i in girls hostel.

Mam shows me my room..

“Mam who is my room partner”??
“SWARA BOSE”Said mam

omg!! i jst wanted to jump.but suddenly i hear the girls talking about swara

GIRL1-ye to gai kyonki iski room partner swara jo hai
G2-Ha! swara is so rude.she never talk anyone & never beacome frnd with any1.

A deep layer of sorrow come on my heart..swara is rude? she never beacome frnd with any1.why?

Ignoring that girls.i entered in my room.swara was not there.im started to settel my dresses in cubbord..
Suddenly some1 opened the door.n shes swara.my shona.


“HI”she said with not intresting face
she took her book n goes out of room.

I FElt sad…”Dont worry,Its 1st day when u both meet with each other.
ur compleatly stranger for her.after some days she will talk to u”my heart consoles me.

Hi frnds hows it?
what is the reason of swaras rudeness??
will ragini able to find ?
will swara n ragini beacomes frnd again?
what do u think frnds?
stay tune till then byee

Credit to: Sasha

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  1. Dafsi

    Curious to know what is going to happen 🙂

    1. Ty dafsi

  2. Awesome yaar…loved it

    1. Ty fairy

  3. Superb.. I hope ragini n swara becomes frnds n clear all their misunderstandings

    1. TY ruhani..soon swaragini will be frnds

  4. nice ….

    1. TY cute girl

  5. Soujanya


    1. TY soujanya

  6. Deeksha

    gud one………….

    1. TY Diksha

    1. TY swasan

  7. Let me guess…swara don’t want to b frnd wit anyone except ragini since tey got separated …may b bcoz of tat she s rude to all..our poor ragini dono abt tat fact

    1. TY S priya..soon ragini will know the reason of rudeness of swara

  8. awesum epi
    feeling sad for rag
    hope they unite soon

    1. TY archi

  9. Purvi

    Awesome…… Continue soon…….

    1. TY Purvi

  10. Anjaly

    loved ur episode

    1. TY anjaly

  11. Awesome

    1. TY crazygirl

  12. Sonya

    interesting part
    wow ragini recognize swara n will be her roommate
    is swara not believe in friendship after ragini left her or wt ???
    is she aware about ragini being her half sister or not ?
    plz update soon dear

    1. TY sonya

  13. Azure

    this is nice….good to have you back

    1. TY azure

  14. awesome sasha ….. super duper hit he yrrrr

    1. Ty Yashswi

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