Swaragini-Jodey rishto ke dhage (Part 1)

Helloooo frnds im sasha…sorry for the late i know many of you forgot my ff so i have summery of last 3 episodes plz read…

Our story starts with beautiful life of sumi shekhar..they r very happy with each other n they have 10 yrs old daughter swara..shes the piece of their hearts..everything was parfect but one secret changes thwir life drastically..secret of shekhar…shekhar is married to janki(who is best frnd of sumi) n they also have 10yrs old daughter ragini..sumi is in hell shock when she knows it.janki met with accident n dies.shekhar takes ragini to gadodia house..swara doesnt knows anything so she beacome friend with ragini..sumi tries to keep swara away from ragini but all in vain so sumi ask shekhar to choose ragini/sumi,swara.shekhar is heartbroken n choose ragini..sumi takes divource & left with swara..here our story takes leap of 10yrs
where ragini beacomes mature n loves her dad she want to reunite shekhar with sumi..n she knows sumi is in kolkatta so she wants to go to kollatta but her family wanted to engage her to laksh maheshwari(best frnd of ragini frm childhood) so unwillingly laksh n ragini said yes to family..both families sent them happily to kolkatta…now lets start 4th episode..


Thank God dadi parmitted me to go to kolkatta..where sumi ma n swara lives.I dont know wheather i will recognised them or not beacouse i cannot saw them since 10 yrs..but now i have to reunite them with dad..i know how much dad miss them.
suddenly dadi comes to my room
Dadi-chori sab kuchh liya na
i just simply noded…dadi gives somes sweets n namkin to me.i can see tears in her eyes
i hug dadima
Dadi dont worry i will come back soon..i will call u everyday ok..now plz smile..my dadima doesnt look good with tears so smile plz..
dadima smiles a littile..
now its time to go..laksh already comes in hall
Ramu kaka takes my bag…
i reach in hall n hugs dad
dad wish me good luck
laksh n i seat in car..i wave my hand to my family…….
i take a deep breath to release my tention.
Laksh-Dont take tention ragu!!
Ragini-ha lucky
Laksh-Ragu whats the need of going kolkatta u know my all gfs are in mumbai i miss them so much..

oh lucky!! you start again you change gf every day now dont create drama..u can make new gfs in kolkatta also…then laksh smirk(happily)
laksh-as ur order mam!!!

but i have ask something to laksh
Rag-why did u said yes to mirrage.
laksh-Ragu if i will say no then dadi never sends u kolkatta ..n i know u really wants to go may be u have something imp in kolkatta na..when we will come back to mumbai we will tell our families that we are jst best friends ok??

OMG!!! when my duffer laksh beacome so mature..


Ragini-laksh im proud of u!! ur my beeeeeest friend
and we both smile

Finally we are few kilometers away from kolkatta…..laksh was countineously telling me about his gfs..but as usual im lost in thoughts
i remembar swara..the beautiful memories of childhood.how we play with each other..swara is my 1st friend but no now we are sisters
i have to find my sister..how she looks like…she must have big beautiful eyes like sumi ma..
suddenly our car is collide with scooty..the girl on the scooty fell down …laksh gets out of car n help that girl…i hope the girl is ok..laksh n the girl talk no i think they fight with each other means laksh is in cool mood but the girl is angry..now i have to control the situation so i come to them….
The girl is very angry n she gives me angry look….
wait!!! i noticed her eyes..Her eyes are big beautiful brownish at the middle…….may be shes my swara.my sister.
Laksh(calm tune)-You know who am i???
Girl(angry)-Look,i dont care who u are..but im swara.swara bose…

“SWARA”my heart freez for a moment to see my sister my 1st frnd in life infront of me……..
Swara countinewed fight with laksh.
i cant belive on my ears n eyes..i just wanted to hug my sister.


frnd hows it..what will happen next moment…how swara react about ragini n gadodia family….what laksh feel after meeting our tikhi mirchi swara gadodia? u will get ans of all que in nxt epi…n plzz comment let me know hows it…

Credit to: Sasha

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