Swaragini- Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (Episode 9) Ladai Swaragini Ki (Mahaepisode 2)


Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur

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Episode 9 (Mahaepisode… Part 2):

The episode starts with Swara entering Parineeta’s room. She sees Parineeta lying down and sleeping. Swara sits on the black leather couch and looks at her.

“Ragini is back… I feel like half of me has returned… I can’t wait till our family has all the happiness returned… I hope they find Adarsh Bhaiyya.” Swara thinks.

Ragini opens the wardrobe and only sees Laksh’s clothes. She searches and finds a Salwar. She picks it up and looks on.

“This…?” Ragini thinks.


Ragini is shown trying separate Salwar’s, she stops in a yellow plain pashmina fabric one.

Just then Laksh comes inside while having a lollipop in his mouth. He stands behind Ragini and looks at her through the mirror. She also looks at him through the mirror and looks on.

“Laksh?” Ragini says and turns.

“This Salwar suits you.” Laksh says and takes the lollipop out.

“Want some?” Laksh asks and forwards the lollipop.

Ragini nods no.

“I think this is too much.” Ragini says and picks up another one and heads inside the washroom.

After two minuets, she comes out wearing a purple Anarkali suit. Laksh is mesmerised. Ragini then places the yellow plain pashmina Salwar down.

“It’s not too good.” Ragini says and leaves.

Laksh pick it up and looks on.

End of flashback.

“This is the same Salwar that I took off because Laksh said it looked good.” Ragini thinks.

She then takes the leggings and duppatta and goes to the washroom. After a while she comes out in white leggings and yellow Salwar with White duppatta and her hair opened. She puts her jewellery and Lengha on the sofa and walks out.

Swara had fallen asleep on the couch, she gets disturbed by a phone call. She picks the phone up and attends the call.

“Hello?” Swara says and widens her eyes open.

After a while, Swara stands up with shock.

“Kya? Are you…” Swara says but stops as she turns to Parineeta.

Swara walks outside and continues talking.

“Are you telling the truth Sanskaar?” Swara asks.

“Haa Swara.” Sanskaar’s voice tells.

Swara is worried and the phone disconnects.

“Who can do that?” Swara thinks.

Ragini reaches the kitchen, she opens the fridge and takes out the water bottle. Ragini then shuts the fridge. She was about to leave but stops as she hears a sound. She hears a sound of water dripping and turns around shockingly. Just then she feels a hand around her mouth, she feel the hand pressing her mouth and he’s scared.

The other hand grabs her arm and pulls her outwards. Ragini slaps the hand and scratches the arm with her nails. The hand lets go of her mouth and arm.

“Laksh!” Ragini worriedly shouts.

Ragini is breathing heavily and is sweating. She leans against the wall having fear in her eyes and on her face. She glances around with fear. Someone in black mask stands on her side and is looking at her but she doesn’t see. Ragini then feels someone breathing on her shoulder and runs from there, she runs while looking back and bumps into someone.

She was about to scream when she sees that person is Laksh.

“Ragini? Are you okay?” Laksh asks.

Ragini then hugs Laksh tightly and breaths. She also calms herself down by closing her eyes. Laksh hugs her back by placing his hand on her head and the other on her back. He senses that Ragini is scared.

“Ragini, what happened? Are you okay?” Laksh asks.

Ragini breaks the hug and nods yes while looking down.

“You’re lying. Tell me.” Laksh asks.

“V…vo kitchen… Som…someones t..there.” A frightened Ragini says.

“Someone?” Laksh asks and gulps.

Just then they hear something fall in the kitchen. Ragini and Laksh rush there. Laksh turns the lights on and sees the window opened. Ragini also looks on worriedly.

“K…kaun hai?” Laksh asks while walking forward.

He looks out and doesn’t see anything. Ragini feels someone walk past and turns around. She looks on.

While closing the window, Laksh accidentally turns on the grinder. Ragini hears and turns around.

“Water dripping… Grinder? Machine… This is what Swara was saying.” Ragini thinks.

“Laksh… Did you find Adarsh Bhaiyya?” Ragini asks.

“Yes, Bhai and Papa took him to the hospital.” Laksh says and walks there.

“Where did you find him?” Ragini asks.

“In Khanna constructions, tomorrow Papa is going to file a case.” Laksh says.

“But…” Ragini says and stops.

“But what?” Laksh asks.

“Say if it’s not even them?” Ragini says.

“To be honest… I don’t even know, we need to wait till Sanskaar and Papa get back.” Laksh says.

Ragini nods okay, Laksh switch the lights off and walks upstairs with Ragini.

Morning, Hospital:
Parineeta wakes up and finds Swara besides her smiling.

“Swara…” Parineeta says but tries to sit up but Swara stops her.

“Bhabhi… Take rest, Bhaiyya found out and he’s coming today.” Swara says and puts the table away from here.

Parineeta is shocked and confused.

“Adarsh Ji?” Parineeta asks.

Swara nods yes with a smile.

“But…” Parineeta says and gets interrupted by Swara.

“Bhabhi, we’re glad you’re alright… You just fainted all of a sudden so we rushed you to the hospital.” Swara says and looks at her.

Parineeta starts thinking.

“Was all of that my misconception?” Parineeta thinks.

Just then Adarsh walks inside and smiles at Parineeta. Parineeta smiles at Adarsh. Adarsh walks up to her.

“Adarsh Ji… How was your journey and are you alright?” Parineeta worriedly yet happily asks.

Swara smiles and walks out. She sees Sanskaar and hugs him.

“We won Swara…” Sanskaar says.

“Not yet… Not until I help Ragini.” Swara says.

“I?” Sanskaar asks.

“We…” Swara smiles.

Ragini, Laksh, Jai and Abhay get ready for court. Ragini is wearing the Saree she wore after her 2nd wedding with Laksh. Abhay takes the folder and all head out.

After a while, Swara, Parineeta, Adarsh and Sanskaar come inside.
AP smiles at Parineeta and Adarsh. She does their Aarti and makes them come inside. Swara stops Uttra.

“Uttra… Where’s Ragini?” Swara asks.

“Ragini Bhabhi is gone with Bhai to the court.” Uttra says.

“Court?” Swara asks

Uttra nods yes and leaves while Swara looks on.

(Warning: Not too good in court cases and all… ?)

Ragini, Laksh, Jai and Abhay reach and sit down. Rakesh is shown sitting down on the bench next to theirs. All glare at him. The judge comes and asks them to proceed.

“My client, Mr Rakesh wants custody of his nephews but Ms… Sorry Mrs Ragini Maheshwari isn’t letting that happen…” Rakeshs lawyer says.

Ragini and Laksh look on.

“He’s a liar! He is the one who had killed my parents!” Jai shouts while standing up.

“Order order!” The judge says while banging on the table with his hammer.

Ragini makes Jai sit down.

“Well, we would like to hear from Mr Rakesh SuryaVanshi’s.” The judge orders

Rakesh stands in the box.

“I don’t know what Ragini said to them that they hate me so much…
I’m their real Chacha but they seem to hate me… Don’t I get right on my nephews? Aren’t they my children too?” Rakesh acts emotional.

Ragini was about to say something when Laksh grabs her hand and nods no.

“Children… Can you come up to the box.” The judge orders.

Abhay and Jai walk up while glaring at Rakesh.

“Tell us your opinion.” The judge asks.

Swara and Sanskaar reach inside and sit besides RagLak.

The judge continues asking the children questions. Ragini is losing so far while Rakesh smirks.

“Don’t worry Ragini… I’m here with you.” Swara says and places her hand on Raginis. Ragini puts her other hand on top and nods okay.

After a while, the judge gave a break. Outside on the benches were where everyone where sat.

“Think carefully Ragini… What do you remember? Are there any proofs against him?” Swara asks.

Ragini nods no and thinks. She then remembers the last night incident.

“Haa… Someone came in Maheshwari Mansion to kidnap me but I scratched their wrist and it must have scratch marks.” Ragini says.

“If it was Rakesh then… He must have them.” Swara says and Ragini nods yes.

“What about of him killing Leela and Rajbeer?” Swara asks.

Ragini nods no and Swara thinks of something.

After a while, Swara and Ragini are shown talking to the judge, at first the judge said no but later agreed end nodded okay. Swaragini smile and the break was over.

They all sat down, the judge called Swara up.

“Your honour, I was the witness of Rakesh killing, Jai and Abhays parents. Rajbeer and Leela!” Swara lies and glares at Rakesh.

Rakesh is stunned.

Swara starts telling how Rakesh had killed Raj and Leela. She tells them that Rakesh stabbed them 10 times with knifes.

“No! This is not true, she’s framing me!” Rakesh stand up and shouts.

“Order order! You will be given your chance Mr Suryavanshi!” The judge tells.

“He brutally abused them.” Swara says and fake tears fall out of her eyes.

“Impossible! I used a gun!” Rakesh shouts but realises and looks on.

Swara, Ragini, Sanskaar and Laksh smile. Jai and Abhay also go, Abhay then opens the folder and shows them the paper Leela had left. The judge signs it and puts the stomp on it. The police make Rakesh confess and arrest him.

The judge declares Rakesh as guilty and hands Jai and Abhays custody to Ragini. All get happy while Rakesh gets arrested.

Swara, Ragini, Laksh and Sanskaar come home with Jai and Abhay.
They tell that Raginj got the custody and all get happy.

After a while, Ragini takes Swara to the kitchen.

“What happened Ragini?” Swara asks.

“Shh.” Ragini says and keeps her index on her lips.

She then signals Swara to hear. Swara concentrates and hears. She then gets shocked and surprised. Ragini goes up to the grinder and turns it on. Swara is even more shocked. Ragini then switches it off and Swara looks at her.

“Even I was surprised but I thought to confirm it with you.” Ragini says.

“It’s the exact same sound… So that means Sanskaar was right. It is somebody from our house… But who?” Swara says.

“But how can you be so sure?” Ragini asks.

“Because at that construction sight, the caller left a chain and that’s a Maheshwari chain that the men’s have.” Swara says.

“Bade Papa, Laksh and Sanskaar have the same one, so does Adarsh Bhaiyya.” Swara adds.

Ragini is surprised.

“But who would want to do that to their own kin? And why?” Ragini asks.

“Even I want to know.” Swara says giving suspicious looks.

“You stood by me… Now is my turn to stand by you… I will help you find out who it is.” Ragini promises by keeping her hand on Swaras.

Swara smiles at her then hugs her.

“I missed you a lot Ragini…” Swara says.

“I missed you too Swara…” Ragini says.

Both break the hug and Swaragini title starts playing.

After a while, Swara and Ragini look at the wrist of Maheshwari men as they have that on their wrists. Laksh, Sanskaar, DP, Adarsh and RP had it on. Swaragini then think who it could be.

AP then goes to the kitchen looking nervous. Swara and Ragini look at each other. They then follow to the kitchen and see AP talking on the phone and hide.

“No beta… I can’t today.” AP worriedly say.

After a pause, AP sighs sadly.

“I will try… I also went against Ji and let you in… But till how long?” AP worriedly asks.

“Okay, I’m coming. I’ll meet you near your childhood tree.” AP adds and disconnects the phone.

Swara and Ragini look at each other confusingly.

AP packs some food in a tiffin and hides it in her Saree Pallu. She then walks towards the door, Swara and Ragini then leave from the and AP heads out lying that she had to go to the Mandir.

Swara and Ragini follow AP secretly and hide behind the tree as AP stops. She worriedly looks around. Just then a man in black hoodie comes, his face isn’t visible due to the hoodie. He forwards his hand and Ragini notices the scratch marks. She remembers the night incident and signal Swara to look at his wrist.

Swara looks at it and is surprised.

“That’s why we didn’t see it on Rakeshs wrists.” Swara whispers.

Ragini nods yes and both look forward, AP lovingly looks at him and caresses his cheek.

“I’m sorry Beta…” AP apologises feeling guilty.

“You didn’t do anything… So you shouldn’t be apologising… It should be Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Adarsh Maheshwari who should be apologising!” The man says in a manly voice.

“You shouldn’t say like this beta… They’re you’re…” AP says but gets interrupted.

“No… They’re not and never will be related to me! I hate them! They’re not my family and never will be!” The man says.

Swaragini hear and look on.

“Mrit… They did it for your well being.” AP sadly says.

The man in the hoodie is so far revealed to be Mrit.

“If you’re siding them then don’t come to me! They left me and I don’t think I need you too!” Mrit says in an angry tone.

“No Mrit… For me, my five sons are equal…” AP says but Mrit leaves.

Swaragini are stunned and hide, they then walk away and AP walks away too.

“Mrit?” Ragini asks.

“Five sons equally?” Swara asks.

“Who’s Mrit?” Both Swaragini loudly asks.

After a while, Swara and Ragini reach home and go inside Swara’s room.

Sanskaar walks inside and Ragini stands.

“Sanskaar… We want to ask you something…” Swara says and stands up.

“Hmm. Ask.” Sanskaar says.

“Who is…” Swara says but stops and looks at Ragini.

Both look at Sanskaar while Laksh walks in.

“Who is Mrit?” Swaragini ask.

Sanskaar and Laksh get shocked. While Swaragini look at them hoping to get an answer.

“Where did you hear that from?” Sanskaar asks.

“We think that he must’ve kidnapped Adarsh Bhaiyya.” Swara tells.

Sanskaar and Laksh look on.

“He wouldn’t do that…” Sanskaar says.

“He would, you don’t know him as much as I know him. He’s a number one Kamina and would do that to take revenge.” Laksh says.

SwaSan and Ragini look at Laksh while Laksh looks at them.

“Mrit… Shortened for Mrityunjay… Is our brother.” Laksh discloses which shocks Swaragini. Sanskar nods yes.

“That bracelet must been his, I’m surprised he hasn’t sold it.” Sanskaar surprisingly says.

“6 years ago… When I was 15 and he was 14, an incident happened. Well Mrit was born a year after me.” Laksh tells.

6 Years Ago:
Laksh and Mrit were playing football. Mrit went on a break to have a fag, Adarsh caught him smoking and informed DP. DP was angry and had beaten Mrit with the belt and decided to send him away. Mrit rebelled as much as he can and found his ways to stay. One day it was a festival, the children were flying kites on MMs terrace. Mrit comes upstairs and lights up Laksh’s kite. Laksh flew it up and it exploded in the air which shook everyone. All the parent of their children took them home and started blaming DP. DP angrily looks at Mrit and Laksh.

“Who was it?!” DP angrily says.

“If you know already then why ask?” Mrit says.

DP gets his belt out and starts hitting Laksh. All look on. Sujata hugs Sanskaar and hides his face in his chest.

“Why are you hitting him for?” Mrit asks and chuckles.

“Because he didn’t stop you!” DP says and stops hitting Laksh.

Laksh cries and hugs AP.

Then, Adarsh was walking past until he saw Mrit selling drugs. Adarsh went to stop him but got caught instead. Adarsh started crying and told DP everything. DP asks the police to arrest him.

“You can’t without any proof and Bhaiyya, you’re a scary cat, you know that?!” Mrit says.

Laksh giggles.

“Look Papa, instead of apologising, he’s arguing.” Adarsh angrily says.

“Someone just sell him!” DP angrily sighs and leaves.

Adarsh and DP make a plan to get Mrit to confess but it all failed. Mrit sensed Adarsh in danger and accepted all his crimes. The police also arrested him, Mrit sees DP and Adarsh smirking and looks on. He understands it was their plan and plans to take revenge.

After he had got released, he never came MM as DP had kicked him out.

End of Flashback

“After that, Mrit never came back and we never seen him grown up.” Laksh says.

“But Badi Maa has, she keeps in contact with him.” Swara says.

Laksh and Sanskaar look on.

After a while, Laksh and Sanskaar keep an eye out for AP. AP then goes to the kitchen and sees no one inside. She then gets surprised to see Mrit, standing in the same black hoodie. Sanskaar, Laksh Ragini and Swara peek inside. Laksh goes inside and AP is surprised to see him.

“Mrit?” Laksh asks.

AP gets teary eyes, Adarsh also walks inside.

“Mir?” Adarsh says.

Mrit holds his hand in a fist, the family one by one come inside. Along with Swaragini and Sanskaar.

“Maa, tell them to leave, I do not wish to see any do them!” Mrit angrily says.

“Beta, they are your family.” AP says.

“Family?” Mrit asks while chuckling.

“Kaun si family?!! They never cared and are here for namesake and please, tell them not to do this dhong and act in front of me!” Mrit shouts.

“Mrit… At least show your Chachi your face.” Sujata requests.

“No! Why should I? Where were you at that time when I needed you? Didn’t you remember being a Chachi then?! I don’t need any of you!” Mrit says.

Sujata feels sad.

“You don’t actually know what happened that day… In fact we were saving you… Not framing… At that time it was better for you to go to jail rather than staying out. At least you would’ve been alive and you are.” Adarsh says.

“What you tryna say?” Mrit asks.

“Your boss had ordered to kill you for getting me arrested because the expensive and costly drugs were gone out of his hands. But me and Papa didn’t want you to die and that was the only solution so we made a plan.” Adarsh tells.

“Serious?” Mrit asks.

“Serious.” Adarsh says.

“Okay cool… You all can live happily… I won’t come to disturb you all again. I feel like a cameo villain.” Mrit says.

“But…” AP says but Mrit holds her hand.

“No mom… I don’t fit in… I’m different and live in the world I love… Not oppressed. I’ll be happier if I’m away but don’t worry, I’ll meet you once a week.” Mrit tells.

“Stay…” Laksh says.

“Can’t… Got work pending, I came here for revenge but I guess I have to board my train.” Mrit says.

“Mrit…” AP sadly says.

“Mom, I don’t belong here and I can’t… I’m different and have been brought up differently… I’m happy with my own life and if I miss you then I’ll come and lie in your lap. Like I always used to.” Mrit says.

AP then hugs him, he jumps outside the kitchen window without showing his face.

“His face…!” Laksh says.

“He will show next time…” AP says.

“He still does Ultay things! Once ulta, always ulta!” DP says to himself.

“Ajeeb hai.” Jai whispers to Abhay.

Abhay makes the I don’t know face.

“It reminds me of some of the movies. Where you’re grown that where you feel it. Something like that.” Jai whispers

Swaragini look at each other.

Episode ends.

Precap: Ding Dong… Happiness and Mrit’s face and identity revealed…. 2 Year Leap… PART 3.
Jai Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Shivansh Kotia.

Abhay Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Gautam Ahuja.
Do comment to tell me how you find this FF and what I need to improve on… ?

“Not proof read, sorry for any mistakes”

Keep smiling, take care and stay blessed ?

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