Swaragini- Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (Episode 8) Ladai Swaragini Ki (Mahaepisode)


Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur

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Episode 8 (Mahaepisode):

The episode starts with Jai thinking and running. The pandit starts reading the mantras. Tears fall out of Raginis eyes.

“I have never loved no one but Laksh… I still love him. Laksh…” Ragini thinks tears roll down continuously.

Laksh while talking to Sanskaar feels someone called his name. He feels uneasy and stops talking.

“Laksh…?” Sanskaar says.

Laksh doesn’t listen.

“Laksh?” Swara says.

Laksh doesn’t respond.

“Laksh!” DP says and grabs Laksh’s attention.

“Sorry, we need to think of a plan…” Laksh says.

Abhay is shown running and he reaches the Mandir and is talking on the phone.

“Yes, come at the Mandir, the big and famo…famous one.” Abhay says while breathing heavily.

He then disconnects the call and looks on.

On the other hand, Jai is continuing running. He then reaches the temple and sees Abhay walk up and waits down.

Abhay sees Ragini and Rakesh taking pehres. Abhay is shocked.

“Stop!” Abhay shouts.

Ragini, Rakesh and the pandit stop look there. Ragini and Rakesh are shocked.

Jai is on the bottom of the stairs thinking.

“I promised Maa and Papa, I won’t let that Rakshas marry Ragini!” Jai says to himself and runs up.

Ragini and Rakesh get surprised to see Jai, Jai glares at Ragini.

“Ragini! I’m not ever talking to you if you marry him!” Jai shouts.

Rakesh gets annoyed and angry.

“Just shut up!” Rakesh shouts.

“You’re not marrying him Ragini! Tumhe meri Kasam!” Jai says.

Ragini and Abhay get shocked. Rakesh gets angry and takes Raginis hand and forcefully takes pehres with her but Jai runs frees Raginis hand and pushes Rakesh and due to that he loses his balance and falls down.

Rakesh is angry and huffs. He stands up and was about to slap Jai when Ragini holds his hand.

“Don’t you dare!” Ragini angrily says.

Rakesh pushes Ragini and she was about to fall when someone grabs her. Ragini looks on at that someone. Abhay and Jai smile.

While running, Raginis phone starts ringing. Jai had it at that time. He picks it up.

“Hello?” Jai says sounding worried.

“Hello, Jai?” A familiar voice says.

“Please help us… We really need you.” Jai stops and says.

“What happened?” The familiar voice asks.

Jai tells that person everything and how Rakesh is forcing Ragini to marry him. Abhay catches up.

“It’s a mandir… Opposite…” Jai says and looks around.

He hands the phone to Abhay and goes a little closer. Jai then signals and shouts it to Abhay.

Abhay runs and tells the person about the Mandir and disconnects the call. Jai reaches there and sees Abhay walking up. He also rushes up after thinking.

End of Flashback.

Rakesh is shocked to see that person. He makes Ragini stand and looks at Rakesh.

“Laksh?” Ragini thinks.

That person is revealed to be Laksh.

“Why are you here?!” Rakesh angrily says.

“A marriage will happen but not yours! Theirs!” Jai angrily yet happily shouts.

RagLak and Rakesh are shocked.

“Never!” Rakesh says.

“You won’t be able to do anything.” Abhay angrily says.

Jai makes Ragini and Abhay makes Laksh sit down. Both RagLak look at each other.

“This is the real bride and groom.” Jai says to the pandit.

Rakesh fumes and Pandit starts reading the mantras. Jai pushes Rakesh and he falls. Abhay and Jai then sit on top of him.

“Where did Laksh go?” Swara thinks.

Sanskaar then walks up to her.

“Swara…” Sanskaar says after placing his hand on her shoulder.

She turns to him and hugs him, he hugs her back.

“What’s happening Sanskaar? Our family was happy but now… I feel like someone jinxed it.” Swara sadly complains.

“Don’t worry Swara… We will bring Adarsh Bhaiyya back.” Sanskaar says.

“But why would someone want to kidnap Adarsh Bhaiyya? What has he ever done to anyone?” Swara says and thinks.

“Their target was Bade Papa… Because Bade Papa was going to that meeting but Adarsh Bhaiyya went instead.” Sanskaar tells.

Swara breaks the hug and looks at him, Sanskaar nods yes and then Swara looks at DP and looks on.

Laksh and Ragini are shown taking pehres, Rakesh tries his best to get up but Jai and Abahy keep on hitting him while sitting on his back.

“You will regret this!” Rakesh angrily shouts.

“Haa haa, do whatever you want but you won’t be able to obtain Ragini!” Abhay says.

“Not even in the next lifetimes, I will pray that a Rakshas like you isn’t even born!” Jai says.

Rakesh fumes. Abhay then hugs a folder and Jai wonders what is inside it and why Abhay is hugging it. The pehres then finish. RagLak sit down. Laksh looks at Ragini and fills her Maang with Sindoor and puts the Mangalsutra around her neck. Jai and Abhay release a breath of relief and smile. The marriage happens and the pandit declares them as husband and wife.

A tune plays while RagLak have an eye-lock.

Jai and Abhay stand up and Rakesh manages to stand up too.

“You didn’t do the right thing? You watch Ragini! I will not leave you!” Rakesh warns.

Laksh stands in front of Ragini, shielding her while Rakesh is giving her the evils. Jai and Abhay stand besides Laksh. Rakesh angrily leaves and phones someone. Laksh turns around and Abhay and Jai hug him. He also hugs them back.

After a while, Laksh brings Ragini, Jai and Abhay to MM. He takes them upstairs and Ragini thinks why the house is empty. Laksh opens his room door and directs them inside. Jai and Abhay sit down on the bed.

“Parineeta Bhabhi has fallen ill so they took her to the hospital.” Laksh says.

Ragini gets worried.

“Is she okay now? What happened?” Ragini asks.

“I’ll tell you later but for now I have to go to the hospital.” Laksh says.

Ragini turns around and sees Jai and Abhay sitting down. She turns back around and nods okay. Laksh takes his varmala off and hands it to Ragini and leaves. Shuts the door and the window. She sits besides Abhay and Jai and smiles.

“You look more happier Ragini…” Jai says.

Ragini confusingly looks at him.

“He’s right, you look more happy after you married Laksh.” Abhay tells.

Ragini looks on and realises.

“You love him Na? And is the the same prince that you keep on telling us about?” Jai asks.

Ragini nods no innocently.

“He is… Isn’t he?” Jai teases.

Ragini smiles and nods no.

“He is…” Abhay says.

Abhay and Jai tease Ragini while she blushes and tells them to stop.

“You finally got your love.” Abhay teases.

“And your Prince Charming.” Jai teases.

Laksh reaches the hospital.

“Bhai… How is Bhabhi?” Laksh asks Sanskaar.

“She’s feeling better but they have to keep he under observation for a day.” Sanskaar tells.

“Are everyone going to say here?” Laksh asks.

“I told the rest to come home but their not listening.” Swara says.

“Hmm, let me try.” Laksh says.

“Like they will listen to him!” DP says to himself.

Laksh walks up to AP and Sujata, he then calls Uttra and RP and they have a talk. Sujata and AP are stunned.

“Ke keh raha hai Tu chore?!” Sujata shockingly says.

Swara, Sanskaar and DP get confused.

“Chachi Ji, listen to the full thing.” Laksh says and starts talking.

DP walks there to listen but Laksh stops talking.

“Okay, but I’ll go home with Ji and Uttra.” Sujata says.

Laksh nods okay.

“I’ll stay with Parineeta.” AP says.

“Badi Maa… Don’t worry, I’ll stay with Bhabhi.” Swara says.

AP thinks and then nods okay, DPs wondering what Laksh must’ve told them that they agreed.

“Badi Maa, I’ll stay with Swara and Bhabhi.” Sanskaar says.

AP nods okay.

“Papa, Chachu… You all rest at home. Bhai and Swara are here to take care of Bhabhi.” Laksh says.

RP nods okay, Laksh walks up to SwaSan while DP, AP, RP, Sujata and Uttra leave.

“How did they suddenly agree?”
Swara asks confusingly.

“You’ll only find out if you go home… But take care and if you need anything then do call me. We need to find Adarsh Bhaiyya.” Laksh says.

Swara and Sanskaar nod yes and think. Laksh then leaves.

Sujata and AP rush in.

“Hay… Laksh got married to Ragini, where were we JiJi?” Sujata says and looks around.

DP hears while walking inside with RP and looks on.

“Lagta hai she’s in the room.” AP says.

Sujata nods yes and runs up but stop as she sees Ragini standing on top of the stairs in a bridal attire.

“There she is…” Sujata says and walks up near her. She grabs her hand and pushes her out of the house but before she could fall, Laksh catches her and she falls into his chest. Laksh looks at Sujata confusingly.

“She’s not allowed in this house without the ghar Pravesh rasam!” Sujata tells.

AP brings the Aarti and starts doing it. Uttra brings the Kalash and Sujata brings a plate with red colour in it and places it on the floor.

The ghar Pravesh Rasam happens and RagLak enter the house. All bless Ragini and Ragini smiles. AP hugs her. Laksh gives a faint smile.

The maid walks up to Sujata with Ayaan and hands it to her.

“Thank o.” Sujata says.

“Thank you Chachi…” Laksh says.

“Haa, wahi…” Sujata says.

After a while RagLak are in another room as Abhay and Jai slept in Laksh’s room. Ragini sits down and Laksh sits besides her. There’s a silence in between them.

“Thank you.” Ragini finally utters and breaks the silence.

“Thank you?” Laksh asks.

“Thank you for bringing me, Jai and Abhay here but sorry for Jai forcing you to marry me.” Ragini says with her head down.

“Thank you and Sorry at the same time?” Laksh asks.

“He still hasn’t changed… Likes to joke in even serious situations.” Ragini thinks.

Ragini stands up and so does Laksh, she was about to leave when Laksh holds her hand. Ragini looks up. Laksh then pulls Ragini towards him and she turns and places her hand on Laksh’s chest. Both share and eye lock.

“I missed you a lot Ragini… Where did you go?” Laksh whispers.

Ragini does respond and Laksh leans near her ear.

“You were my best friend… The first female friend that had understood me and accepted me for who I was.” Laksh whispers.

Ragini then hugs Laksh tight and he hugs her back.

Swara is shown sitting down outside the room on a chair, Sanskaar brings coffee and hands it to Swara. Swara smiles at him. Sanskaar then gets a call.

“It’s an unknown number.” Sanskaar says and sits besides Swara.

“Pick it up and put it on speaker.” Swara says.

Sanskaar nods okay and attends the call and puts it on speaker.

“Hello?” Sanskaar says.

“Oho… Your brother Laksh had his phone off and your Bade Papa did too… What’s happening? Got scared?!” A man in raspy voice says.

“Why have you called?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara listens carefully.

“Hmm… You forgot that I have your brother Adarsh?” The man says.

“What do you want?!” Sanskaar asks.

“Hmm… Now you came to the point.” The man says.

Swara is listening carefully.

“I want… The 10 crore deal that you have cracked!” The man says.

Sanskaar gets shocked.

“That’s impossible, it’s against the board!” Sanskaar says.

“I guess it’s important than your brother… Don’t worry, this time his corpse will actually come at your door step.” The man says.

SwaSan are shocked.

“No! But I’ll talk to Bade Papa and Laksh… And call me back tomorrow at 8.” Sanskaar says.

“Cool…” The man says and disconnects the call.

Swara and Sanskaar worriedly look at each other.

Laksh and Ragini are sitting down and talking, Laksh is telling her about Adarsh. Ragini is stunned.

“The family think he’s dead but he’s actually kidnapped.” Laksh tells.

“But who would want to kidnap Adarsh Bhaiyya?” Ragini asks and thinks.

“I’m not sure who would want to… I think by now, Bhai must’ve found something out.” Laksh says.

Ragini then gets a message and is shocked to read it. Laksh sees her reaction.

“What happened?” Laksh asks.

“Rakesh…” Ragini worriedly says and stands up.

Laksh takes her phone and reads the message while Ragini rushes to Laksh’s room.

She opens the door and sees Abhay and Jai sleeping.
Laksh stands besides her.

“I will only be happy if Rakesh leaves from our lives forever.” Ragini tells.

“Don’t worry, we will never let Rakesh have the custody of Jai and Abhay.” Laksh assures.

“He called us tomorrow… To the court.” Ragini worriedly says.

“Don’t worry.” Laksh assures and keeps his hand on her shoulder.

Swara thinks about the phone call, she then remembers hearing a water dripping sound in the background, she also heard machines.

“Sanskaar… Is there any place in Kolkata which has water dripping and machines?” Swara asks.

“Water dripping and Machines?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara nods yes. Sanskaar thinks.

“Haa, the construction sights… Why?” Sanskaar says and asks.

“Sanskaar, do you remember while talking to the caller, we could hear sounds in the background and one of the machine turned on. But was turned off because someone kicked it.” Swara says.

Sanskaar tries to remember and looks on.

“So Adarsh Bhaiyya must be kept in one of the construction sights? Yes! No wonder the caller asked for the deal! It’s one of the business man… But who? And there are 3 construction sights in Kolkata right now…” Sanskaar says.

Swara and Sanskaar look at each other.

Sanskaar phones Laksh but his phone is turned off. Sanskaar then phones DP and DP picks up.

“Bade Papa…” Sanskaar says.

“Haa?” DP says.

“Bade Papa, I think Adarsh Bhaiyya is kept in one of the construction sights.” Sanskaar tells.

“What?” DP says.

“Laksh’s phones turned off, can you please tell him.” Sanskaar stands up and said.

“He’s too busy eating Shadiyaan.” DP sighs.

“Matlab?” Sanskaar asks.

“He recently, in fact few hours ago got married, that’s why you can’t contact him.” DP says.

“Married? To who?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara stands up and stands besides Sanskaar.

“He’s married to Ragini… That’s what he was telling the whole family.” DP tells.

Sanskaar is stunned.

“Okay Bade Papa… Do tell him to call me back… We need to find Adarsh Bhaiyya and there’s only 3 construction sights here.” Sanskaar says.

“Hmm… I’ll talk to him.” DP says.

Sanskaar says okay and disconnects the call. He then turns to Swara.

“Laksh is married? To who?” Swara asks.

“Ragini… Laksh married Ragini.” Sanskaar tells.

Swara is shocked.

“Ragini?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods yes and Swara looks on.

DP walks to Laksh’s room and sees him and Ragini standing outside the room.

“Laksh… I need to tell you something.” DP says.

Laksh turns around and so does Ragini, Ragini enters the room while Laksh moves to the side with DP.

“Sanskaar found out where Adarsh is…” DP tells.

“Are you serious? Don’t tell me you’re lying?” Laksh says.

“Sanskaar said to call him! But we need to hurry, I don’t have any time for you and your faltu nonsense!” DP strictly says.

“Achcha? Mine are nonsense? What are yours then? You start it first okay, don’t blame me! It’s not like yours are some Pravachan or all a song that listen and clap!” Laksh says.

DP glares at him and Laksh looks at him.

“You’re talking about mine? No one would even want to listen to yours! Forget clapping, they wouldn’t even look at you! Why would someone want to ruin their eye-sight for?” DP insults.

“Um… And I’m the one who’s taking it too far? Look, I don’t have anytime to argue. My brothers in danger!” Laksh says and snatches DPs phone off him.

DP looks on and changes that look to a death glare.

“Why are you looking at me like that? Khane ka iraada hai Kya?” Laksh says and dials Sanskaars number.

“Eat and you? I’ll rather stay hungry that even touching you!” DP insults.

Sanskaar picks up and Laksh starts talking to him. After talking, DP and Laksh head out.

Ragini is sitting on a couch and is looking at Jai and Abhay.

“Leela… I’m sorry… I feel like I can’t protect your children…” Ragini says.

Ragini looks up and see Leela, Ragini gets shocked and looks on.

“Leela?” Ragini shockingly says.

Leela sits besides her.

“What are you saying Ragini? Why can’t you protect my Jai and Abhay?” Leela asks.

“I feel like I will lose them…” Ragini says.

“How will you? This is the fear Rakesh is trying to create in you Ragini… After me… I know you would give my children a good up bringing, I trusted you and died while handing my Jai and Abhay to you” Leela says.

Ragini looks at her with teary eyes.

“Why did you leave Leela?” Ragini asks.

“I trust you and will always do… I know you will take care of my Jai and Abhay… But do make them remember me… Make them remember who their real Mom Dad are…” Leela says with a smile.

Ragini looks at her emotionally.

“Never give up Ragini… I have left something for you which will decide the future of Abhay and Jai… I’m hoping to see a strong Ragini who’s ready to fight.” Leela says and stands up.

“They trust you Ragini… Don’t break their or our trust… Fight that Rakesh and I’m proud of my Abhay and Jai… Jai fulfilled the promise he gave me and Rajbeer…” Leela says with a smile and glances at Jai and Abhay.

Leela then disappeared and Ragini looks on. All of a sudden Ragini opens her eyes in shock and sits up. She looks around and finds Abhay and Jai sleeping while she is sitting on the couch. She looks outside at the starts and moon with teary eyes.

Then she gets a call and attends it.

“Hello?” Ragini says.

“Ragini?” Swara says.

Ragini smiles faintly.

“Swara? How are you?” Ragini says.

“I’m fine Ragini, how are you?” Swara asks.

“I’m also good…” Ragini lies.

“You don’t sound like you’re fine.” Swara says.

“You don’t either.” Ragini says.

“Sanskaar told me you and Laksh got married…” Swara says.

“Haa… How’s Parineeta Bhabhi?” Ragini asks

“She’s feeling better, she just fainted due to stress.” Swara explains.

“Stress of losing Adarsh Bhaiyya?” Ragini asks.

“Hmm, but he’s…” Swara says but stops.

“Laksh told me…” Ragini says.

“Oh…” Swara says.

“Have you found anything out?” Ragini asks

“Not yet but… While the caller called… We heard sounds in the background. I heard water dripping and a sound of a machine.” Swara tells.

“Water dripping and machine?” Ragini asks.

“Hmm.” Swara says.

“Sanskaar, Laksh and Bade Papa are gone to the construction sight.” Swara says.

“I wish they find Adarah Bhaiyya soon.” Ragini wishes.

“I told you my problem but you find tell me yours…” Swara says.

“I’ll tell you after I meet you.” Ragini says.

“Okay…” Swara says.

“I’ll talk to you tomorrow then..?” Ragini says.

“Okay.” Swara says.

Both disconnect the call and Swaragini tune plays as both look on.

End of Episode.

Precap: Ragini walks down to the kitchen, she hears some sound and turns and feels a hand cover her mouth and press it from behind.

Rakesh Suryavanshi – Rohit Bhardwaj

Jai Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Shivansh Kotia.

Abhay Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Gautam Ahuja.
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