Swaragini- Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (Episode 7)


Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur

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Episode 7:

The episode starts in the hospital, Parineeta is taken inside. The family are worried and are sad. Just then Sanskaar gets a call and stands aside to attend it. He gets shocked and looks at DP.

“Okay.” Sanskaar says and disconnects the call.

He looks at DP while DP looks on sadly yet with pride.

After a while the Doctor comes out.

“You have to be very careful with her… Thank god it wasn’t too complicated today but you have to keep her away from shocks. It’s harmful for her and her child.” The Doctor worriedly says.

“Sorry Doctor, we will be careful next time.” Sujata says.

The doctor nods okay and leaves, AP cries and Swara feels bad.

Scene shifts to Laksh, Laksh comes to MM and sees the house empty. He stops Ramdeen.

“Kaka, where is everyone?” Laksh asks.

“They took Parineeta Malkin to the hospital.” Ramdeen asks.

Laksh is surprised.

“Why? What happened?” Laksh asked.

Ramdeen tells Laksh everything and Laksh is shocked. He then rushes to the hospital.

Ragini, Jai and Abhay are in a room, Ragini is calming them and is thinking.

Laksh offers Ragini to come around his house for a while. Ragini rejects the offer.

“Don’t worry Laksh, we will be okay and if I need anything then I will call you.” Ragini says.

“But…” Laksh says but doesn’t get to complete his sentence.

Ragini takes Jai and Abhay to the neighbours house as she allowed them to.

End of Flashback.

“Was Laksh actually worried? He didn’t marry Swara…” Ragini thinks.

Rakesh then enters the room and shuts the door. Ragini gets shocked.

“Tum?!” Ragini says.

“Sshhh.” Rakesh says.

Ragini looks on with tears.

“You’re an animal! Whatever you did with Leela and Rajbeer, you will never be forgiven!” Ragini angrily says.

“Oh, so you found out?” Rakesh says.

Ragini give him the dirty looks with anger.

“Come outside and I’ll tell you, let these children sleep.” Rakesh says.

Ragini angrily looks at him and stands up, she then walks outside in the hall with him. Jai opens his eyes and so does Abhay, both look at each other and stand up, they peek out and hear as the door is half shut.

“Ragini Ji, it’s just one thing, I want to marry you.” Rakesh tells.

“never!” Ragini says.

Rakesh laughs and Ragini looks on.

“I knew you were going to say this Ms Ragini… But don’t forget that I’m Jai and Abhay’s Chachu.” Rakesh tells.

“And?” Ragini asks.

“Now… After the child’s mother or father, the child goes to the family member and there’s only me, so I can get their custody and not let you anywhere near them.” Rakesh evilly tells.

Ragini, Jai and Abhay is shocked.

“Why are you making it so difficult Ragini Ji…? It’s simple, if you marry me then there will be no custody and even if there will then it will directly come to me and you.” Rakesh nicely get evilly tells.

Ragini looks on.

“Ragini Ji, think and decide carefully ha? If the custody is with me then I can do whatever I want.” Rakesh warns and Ragini understands.

Rakesh leaves by saying he would give Ragini 10 hours to decide. Ragini breaks down and cries. Jai looks at Abhay and says.

“I will never let Ragini marry that Rakshas!” Jai whispers.

“Same, that man will never get Ragini! We need to do something.” Abhay says.

Jai and Abhay nod and start thinking.

“Time Kya hua hai?” Jai asks.

“13:45pm.” Abhay tells.

“So he wants to marry Ragini at 23… 11:45pm?” Jai asks.

Both Abhay and Jai look on.

Laksh reaches the hospital and sees the family. Swara is standing with Sanskaar.

“Don’t worry Sanskaar, nothing will happen to Bhabhi or her child.” Swara assures.

Sanskaar keeps his hand on top of his and looks at her, he then nods okay. Swara gives him a faint smile.

After dinner, Sanskaar had took Swara back to the room. Swara realises that Sanskaar loves her a lot but was still confused.

“Sanskaar.” Swara says and stops Sanskaar.

Sanskaar turns around to Swara. Swara then runs and hugs him. He is stunned but hugs her back and closes his eyes while she closes her eyes and rests her head on his chest. Sanskaar smiles also.

“I love you Sanskaar.” Swara confesses.

“I love you too.” Sanskaar confesses.

Swara and Sanskaar then hear claps and break the hug, they see Laksh clapping and look on.

“So you two were scared to confess because of me? Why? I wouldn’t have mind to be honest. I’m your friend Na Swara?” Laksh asks.

The trio then share a group hug.

“Once a friend then always a friend.” Swara says.

End of Flahsback.

AP sees Laksh and hugs him, he consoles her.

Screen splits on Lakshs and Raginis face.

After a while Laksh is shown sitting down on the chairs with AP. Swara and Sanskaar bring coffee for DP, RP, Sujata and AP. Swara gives coffee to DP and RP. Sanskaar gives it to Sujata but AP won’t take it.

“Maa… Drink it… Parineeta Bhabhi or Adarsh Bhaiyya wouldn’t like it if you had to trouble yourself because of them. They wouldn’t want to make you suffer.” Laksh tells and makes AP drink.

Laksh then looks at DP and Sanskaar and nods yes, they understand that he also knows. Swara gets confused.

Ragini wipes her tears and goes back to the room, she sees Jai and Abhay sleeping. She then thinks about Rakesh’s words and her moments spent with them. She sits beside both.

“I won’t let anything happen to both of you.” Ragini thinks.

A sad tune starts playing.

“I will never let you marry that Rakshas Ragini! Never, I even promised Maa and Papa! I think I know what I have to do!” Jai thinks with his eyes closed.

“There’s only one way left to use.” Abhay thinks with his eyes closed.

Ragini tries hard not to cry but ends up sobbing. Jai and Abhay open their eyes and sit up.

“What happened Ragini?” Jai asks.

Ragini nods no and wipes her tears.

“Tell us Ragini, what happened?” Abhay asks.

“Ragini, tell me or else I will never speak to you.” Jai tells.

“Rakesh.” Ragini cries.

“Rakshas?” Jai asks.

Ragini nods yes.

“Don’t worry, we heard everything he said to you.” Abhay discloses.

Ragini looks at Abhay and Jai and they nod yes.

“I will never let him marry you Ragini, never!” Jai tells.

“That’s the only way.” Ragini says and wipes her tears.

“No, there are more ways.” Abhay tells.

“Like what?” Ragini asks.

“Like… Talk to him and make him accept his crime from his own mouth.” Abhay tells.

“Not needed.” Jai says.

Ragini and Abhay look at Jai.

“Maa and Papa had placed a security Camera for me in the hall, I think it recorded the incident.” Jai says.

“Serious?” Abhay asks.

Jai nods yes.

“That’s great, then we can use that against him.” Abhay tells.

“Haa but don’t mention it to him… He’s gunna find out and then ruin it.” Jai tells.

Ragini and Abhay nod okay, just then a unknown call rings on Raginis phone, she picks it up and puts it on speaker.

“So Ragini Ji, what have you decided?” Rakesh asks.

“No! My answer is no.” Ragini tells.

“Hmm, teek hai, I got the custody papers ready and don’t assume that you would get their custody, you’re not even related to them.” Rakesh tells.

“Do whatever you want but you won’t be able to separate me from Jai and Abhay!” Ragini says.

“Itna confidence?!” Rakesh asks.

Jai was about to say something but Abhay keeps his hand on his mouth and nods no.

“You must’ve took their parents away from them but you will never take their Ragini away from them!” Ragini says.

“Hmm..” Rakesh says.

Just then the door bell rings.

“There, the papers must’ve came through.” Rakesh tells.

Ragini, Jai and Abhay get confused.

The lady comes inside and gives them the papers and leaves. Ragini gives Abhay her phone to hold and opens the papers, she reads them and is shocked.

“Hahaha, there… Read them Carefully Ragini Ji!” Rakesh tells.

“What new game is this?! If the custody doesn’t go to you then it can’t go to anyone? Then where would they stay?!” Ragini angrily yet worriedly says.

“Oh Haa, I forgot to tell you, I erased the camera from the hall… Sorry, no proof!” Rakesh tells and evilly laughs.

Jai, Abhay and Ragini get shocked.

Laksh, Sanskaar and DP are standing outside the hospital.

“So you know?” DP asks.

Sanskaar and Laksh nod yes.

“Now what? We can’t tell anyone inside.” Sanskaar says.

“It will cause too much stress and it will be harmful for Parineeta Bhabhi.” Laksh says.

“We need to think about it.” DP says.

Laksh and Sanskaar nod yes and think.

Swara finds Sanskaar missing and searches for him, she then sees DP, Laksh and Sanskaar outside the hospital talking and looking tensed.

“Why are they worried? Is everything okay?” Swara thinks and looks on.

Phone call:

“So Ragini Ji, I’m giving you 2 hours to decide and our wedding can happen at 11pm.” Rakesh tells.

Rakesh then disconnects the call and Ragini starts reading the papers.

“He erased the camera proof.” Jai sadly says.

“Maybe he’s lying.” Abhay says.

“Go and check.” Jai tells.

Abhay nods yes and leaves, tears all out of Ragini’s eyes and she looks at Jai and finds Abhay missing.

Ragini then hugs Jai.

“Don’t worry Ragini, we won’t let anything bad happen to you.” Jai promises and hugs her back.

Abhay manages to enter the gates and finds the security department and hacks the system. He finds his house and clicks play. He gets shocked.

Laksh gets a phone call and goes to the side. He then talks and disconnects the call.

“Now it’s our turn to save our family.” Laksh says.

DP and Sanskaar nod yes, Swara comes out and Sanskaar sees her, she walks up to them.

“Bade Papa, Laksh… Is everything okay?” Swara asks.

“Swara….” Sanskaar sighs and nods yes to DP and Laksh.

They nod okay.

“Adarsh Bhaiyya is alive.” Sanskaar says.

Swara gets shocked and looks on confused.

“Kya?” Swara asks.

“This is true, Adarsh Bhaiyya is alive and has been kidnapped.” Laksh tells.

Swara looks at DP and DP nods yes. She is stunned.

Ragini breaks the hug and looks at Jai.

“Jai… There’s no other way.” Ragini tells while cupping his face.

“No Ragini, we will find another way.” Jai says.

“There’s no other way… He’s destroyed everything… Because of me! He will separate us and I can’t let that happen. I promised Leela to take care of you.” Ragini says.

“And I promised Maa that I will take care of you and I promised Papa that I won’t let you and Rakshas get married!” Jai tells.

“I’m sorry Jai.” Ragini says and stands up.

She then goes out and locks the door from the outside. Jai stands up and bangs on the door.

Ragini cries and so does Jai.

“I’m sorry Jai.” Ragini cries.

Tere Dil Ka, mere Dil se Rishta Purana hai… Sad tune plays…

“Ragini!” Jai bangs and cries.

Ragini phones Rakesh and tells him that she’s ready. Rakesh tells her to meet him at the temple. Jai hears and continues banging. Ragini disconnects the call and gets ready as Rakesh sent a wedding attire for her. She cries and starts walking.

Abhay comes to the house and looks around, he hears Jai and opens the door. Jai comes out and looks around.

“Ragini! She’s getting married to that Rakshes! I can’t let that happen!” Jai shouts.

“I’m going to the police…” Abhay says.

“They won’t arrest him and they’re gone to the Mandir near by.” Jai tells and runs out.

Abhay runs after him.

After a while, Ragini reaches the Mandir and sees Rakesh ready and sat down. Rakesh smiles at her while Ragini glares at him.

“Don’t assume you have won! You will get my body but you will never get my soul!” Ragini angrily says.

Rakesh stands up and glares at her, he then forcibly makes her sit in the Mandap while tears drop out of her eyes.

Jai is shown running down the roads and so is Abhay.

Episode ends on Jai, Abhay, Swara and Raginis faces.

Precap: The marriage takes place… Jai and Abhay shocked… Maha episode… How will Ragini bring out Rakesh’s truth and how will Swara help DP, Laksh and Sanskaar. Will Swaragini Unite and face the problems?
Rakesh Suryavanshi – Rohit Bhardwaj

Jai Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Shivansh Kotia.

Abhay Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Gautam Ahuja.
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