Swaragini- Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (Episode 6)


Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur

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Episode 6:

The episode starts with Laksh coming out of his room dressed in a black blazer with white shit and black trousers. He fixes his hair and heads out. heads out.On the way out, he meets Parineeta.

“Devar Ji…” Parineeta says.

Laksh stops and turns to her.

“Can you please do me a favour?” Parineeta asks

“Hmm.” Laksh says and nods okay.

“Adarsh Ji hasn’t came back home from last night, I tried calling him but he won’t pick up, can you please call him?” Parineeta requests.

Laksh takes his phone up and dials Adarsh’s number, he the presses the call button and Adarsh answers it.

“Bhai, where are you?” Laksh asks.

“Okay, I’ll tell her.” Laksh says after a pause and disconnects the call.

Laksh looks at Parineeta and says “He said he had to go to Singapore for an emergency and he didn’t want to disturb you so he didn’t tell you but he left a message for you.”

Parineeta nods okay and smiles while Laksh leaves.

Sanskaar takes a dish out from the fridge and starts eating it, Swara smiles while looking at him eat like a child.

It was morning, Sanskaar had woken up and found Swara sleeping on the bed in her night gown. He slowly gets up and sees that the blanket is away from Swara.

“I’m sorry Swara… But I can never stop loving you.” Sanskaar says.

Sanskaar’s Flashback:
It had been 2 weeks since that incident, Sanskaar decided to speak to DP as he wanted betterment for his child. So he decided to talk to DP and the whole family, including Laksh.

“Bade Papa… M…me and Swara love each other.” Sanskaar admits.

All are shocked, including Laksh.

“We didn’t want to tell because…” Sanskaar says and looks at Laksh.

DP thinks about it and looks at Sujata and RP, they nod okay and the family agree, Laksh smiles and is happy for his brother. All agree.

And that’s how the wedding happened.

End of Sanskaar’s Flashback.

Sanskaar then headed inside the bathroom as Swara opens her eyes. She seemed to hear his words and looks on.

End of Flashback.

Swara smiles and thinks “I wouldn’t have forgave you if you didn’t say you love me that day.

Ragini and Abhay are sitting in the park.

“Why didn’t Jai come?” Abhay asks.

“I don’t know, for the first time he stayed without me.” Ragini says.

“I heard him saying something.” Abhay says.

Ragini looks at him and Abhay looks at her.

“Last night, he was talking to Chachu. I was walking past and I heard.” Abhay says in a serious tone.

Flashback as Abhay starts telling…
Abhay stopped as he heard Jai shouting.

“No! Ragini can’t be yours.” Jai shouts.

“Why? I mean you let that man dance with Ragini then why not me?” Rakesh shouts.

“Listen! It’s true that I love Ragini but I’m not too possessive… It’s not like I’m getting married to her! She is mine but she belongs to someone else, I’m keeping her safe for the right guy and you’re not that right guy!” Jai shouts.

Rakesh fumes and storms out, Abhay looks on.

End of Flashback.

“He must’ve got tried.” Ragini says.

Abhay agrees and nods yes, just then Laksh comes there, Abhay stands up and leaves and Ragini looks on.

“You?” Ragini asks.

“Abhay called me here to talk to you.” Laksh says.

“Abhay?” Ragini asks.

Laksh nods yes.

“Why?” Ragini asks.

“Not too sure.” Laksh says.

Ragini tries to walk past but Laksh stops her by standing in front of her.

“Ragini… Why did you leave?” Laksh asks.

Ragini doesn’t look up at him but thinks.

“There was nothing left… Nothing.” Ragini finally says and looks up.

Laksh looks at her.

“What do you mean there was nothing left? There was something that you had left.” Laksh says.

Ragini looks at him confusingly.

“You had left your…” Laksh gets interrupted by Raginis phone call.

Ragini picks the call up and is shocked.

“Jai… Don’t worry, I’m coming.” Ragini worriedly says.

Laksh looks on, Ragini disconnects the phone and shouts for Abhay. Abhay comes there while rushing.

“What happened?” Abhay asks.

“Jai…” Ragini says with tears in her eyes.

Laksh and Abhay get worried.

“What happened Ragini?” Laksh asks.

“Laksh, Jai… Jai called me and he sounded scared, he told me to come immediately.” Ragini says in a worried tone.

“Don’t worry, we will reach there.” Laksh assures.

Ragini nods okay and the trio rush.

Swara comes out of the Kitchen and serves the food. DP, AP, Sujata, RP and Uttra are sitting down. Sanskaar also joins them.

“Sanskaar, didn’t you have to go to a meeting today?” DP asks.

“Vo Bade Papa, the meeting got cancelled.” Sanskaar tells.

DP then nods okay, Swara finishes serving the food.

“PapaJi! Papaji!” They hear Parineeta shout.

DP turns around and all look there, they see Parineeta running down the stairs. AP stands up and walks there.

“Parineeta, calm down.” AP says and holds her.

“Maa…” Parineeta says and cries.

“What happened?” DP asks as he walks there with the family behind him.

“Papaji, Adarsh… Adarsh Ji…” Parineeta cries.

“What happened to him?” AP asks.

“A…Adarsh Ji went to Sin…Singapore for a meeting… A…and he was coming back today but…” Parineeta manages to say and cries.

“But what Bhabhi?” Uttra asks.

“In the news…” Parineeta cries.

DP signals Uttra and she nods yes, Uttra turns the news on. After a while all the family get shocked hearing. “The flight that departures from Singapore to Kolkata had been hijacked and exploded.”

“Adarsh might not be in this flight.” Sujata says.

“Nahi Chachi Ji, Adarsh Ji said that he’s going to Come back today in the same flight.” Parineeta says and shows the letter.

AP takes the letter and starts reading it and is shocked.

Abhay, Laksh and Ragini reach the apartment, Ragini rings the bell and knocks on the door. Jai opens it and hugs Ragini looking frightened.

“Ragini… Maa and Papa.” Jai cries.

Abhay walks in and is shocked, he is stunned.
Laksh also walks in and looks on.
Ragini comes inside with Jai behind her and she also is stunned.

“Maa! Papa!” Abhay shouts and goes near them but the policeman stops him.

Ragini covers her mouth with her hand and starts crying.

Leela and Rajbeer and lying on the floor covered with pool of blood, the ward boys cover them and take them. Ragini hugs Jai and Abhay and cries with them, Laksh walks up to them and confronts them. Ragini hugs Laksh and cries while Abhay cries on Raginis left shoulder and Jai hugs Ragini by the waist and cries.

Sanskaar phones the airlines and the news was true, Adarsh did board that plane. He disconnected the call and walked there, Swara walks up to him.

“Sanskaar… What happened?” Swara asks.

“A…Adarsh Bhaiyya boarded the plain…” Sanskaar manages to say.

AP and Parineeta cry, Swara also gets teary eyes, Sujata consoles AP while Uttra is with Parineeta. Swara looks at them with tears rolling down.

Sanskaar holds Swaras hand and she looks at him.

Swara had opened her eyes as she heard Sanskaar.

“Does he really love me?” Swara asks herself and stands up.

Sanskaar comes out while wiping his face, Swara feels uneasy and falls back, but Sanskaar catches her and makes her sit down.

“Swara… Are you feeling okay?” Sanskaar worriedly asks.

He then sees a glass and a jug of water and walks there. Swara looks on but touches her forehead. Sanskaar comes back with a glass of water and gives it to Swara. Swara drinks it and looks at him.

“Careful Swara… If you need anything then you should ask me… Don’t trouble yourself or our baby” Sanskaar worriedly says and holds Swaras hand.

Swara nods okay and Sanskaar helps her stand up.

“I think you’re hungry, you wait here I’ll get you some food.” Sanskaar says.

“No…I’m okay.” Swara says.

“I don’t think you’re okay… You need to take care of yourself and our child.” Sanskaar says.

“It would’ve been so easy for him to accept that this child isn’t ours, but… He accepted and is taking care of us.” Swara thinks.

Sanskaar helps Swara to the closet but goes to the balcony to attend a call.

Later in the evening, Sanskaar had came back early from work. He went to the room and saw Swara sleeping.

“Congrats.” AP whispers from behind.

Sanskaar turns and sees Sujata and AP with Parineeta and Uttra.

“Hmm, Bhai? What is this? You knew and didn’t tell us that Bhabhi…” Uttra says but is stopped by Parineeta.

“We found out that Swara is pregnant, thanks to Laksh.” Sujata says.

Sanskaar looks on.

“Nahi Samjhe? Swara fainted, then Laksh took her to the Doctors and then told us that she’s pregnant.” Parineeta tells.

“Swara also told us about how and when and what had happened.” AP says.

“It’s good you accepted her and your child.” Sujata says.

Sanskaar nods yes, they leave and he enters the room and smiles seeing Swara. He closes the door and gets changed and sits besides Swara and eventually falls asleep besides her.

After a while Uttra knocks on the door to call them for dinner.

“Bhai! Bhabhi! Khana lag Gaya hai!” Uttra shouts while knocking.

Swara opens her eyes, she then sees Sanskaar besides her and looks on. Sanskaar also opens his eyes and finds Swara looking at him. Both share an eyelock.

Uttra continues knocking and disturbs their eye lock. Sanskaar opens the door and says okay to Uttra, he sees Swara stood up and helps her by taking her down for dinner.

End of Flashback.

Parineeta faints and all get shocked and rush her to the hospital.

Scene shifts to RagLakAbhJai.
The bodies were taken to the post mortem. Laksh takes them out and they sit on the bench outside. Jai cries.

“It was Chachu who killed Maa Papa!” Jai cries.

Ragini and Abhay get shocked while Laksh looks on.

Jai starts telling.

Jai had stayed at home and was playing on his iPad, he heard Rajbeer, Leela and Rakesh arguing. Jai then stood up and peeked out from the door.

“Nahi! You can’t.” Rajbeer says.

“Why? I want Ragini and I’ll make her mine!” Rakesh shouts.

“But she doesn’t love you! We can’t get you two married!” Leela says.

“I will marry her!” Rakesh angrily says.

“Not when we are here!” Rajbeer and Leela say in Union.

They kept arguing over Ragini. Rakesh got angry and took a gun out. Leela, Rajbeer and Jai are shocked.

“I will make Ragini mine and for that even if I need to remove you from the way I would!” Rakesh shouts.

He then shoots 3 bullets on Rajbeers chest while two bullets on Leela’s. Jai is shocked and covers his mouth. Rajbeer then runs from there while Rajbeer and Leela breath their last. Jai runs to them.

“Mamma, Papa!” Jai cries.

Leela smiles at him through pain.

“Beta… S…s…tay w…with R…Ragini… A…and Always… Protect her!” Leela says while breathing heavily.

“P…promise us Jai! That… Y…you w…won’t l…let R…Rakesh a…marry R…Ragini.” Rajbeer manages to say.

“Promise Maa! Promise Papa! But don’t leave me… Please!” Jai cries.

Leela touches Jai’s face but breathes her last and closes her eyes, Rajbeer also closes his eyes and these two are no more.

Jai cries and calls Ragini and after Ragini he calls the Police.

End of Flashback.

RagLak and Abhay are shook.

“He’s not my Chachu anymore! I hate that man! I hate him! He’s the worst man on life? He took my Mamma Papa away from him! I hate him!” Jai shouts.

Ragini then hugs Jai while he continues crying.

Episode Ends on Raginis face and Swaras.

Precap: Uch Neech…
Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Gaurav Khanna.

Leela Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Shefali Sharma

Rakesh Suryavanshi – Rohit Bhardwaj

Jai Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Shivansh Kotia.

Abhay Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Gautam Ahuja.
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