Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (Episode 3)


Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur
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Episode 3:

Parineeta and Uttra were making arrangements for Swara and her son for tomorrow. Sujata gets a bag ready and is waiting for RP.

“JiJi, where is Sanskaar Ke Papa? I can’t wait to meet my grandson.” Sujata says sounding eager.

DP comes down and looks around.

“Where is Ram?!” DP says in an angry tone.

“Yahi toh… Even I’m thinking where he is. Uttra, Zara phone kar.” Sujata says.

“What happened Ji? You look angry?” AP asks.

RP then enters and DP turns around, Laksh also comes and is struggling to walk. AP, Parineeta, Sujata and Uttra are stunned.

“Laksh.” AP worriedly says and walks up to him.

DP angrily glares at RP.

“Why did you bail him out?!” DP asks.

“Bhaisa, we should learn to forget and forgive, yeh bechara jail mein kaise? I mean no one from our family has ever stayed the night over so it would be embarrassing.” RP says.

“He should get punished as he was wrong, you can’t over look it!” DP angrily says.

AP gets teary eyes as she sees Laksh’s wounds.

Parineeta comes with a first aid box ad hands it to AP. AP takes it.

“Bhaisa, why was Laksh in jail?” Sujata asks.

“For drinking and driving.” DP says angrily.

All look on and Adarsh walks in, he is shocked to see Laksh’s state.

“What’s happened to Laksh? Is he okay?” Adarsh thinks.

DP sighs and glares at RP, RP looks down.

“Adarsh, come with me, I need to talk to you.” DP says and walks up.

Adarsh nods okay and follows DP. AP manages to take Laksh to his room with the help of RP, Parineeta, Sujata and Uttra.

It was evening, Abhay and Jai were dropped home by the driver.

“Ragini!” Jai shouts.

“Jai, come here, I need to tell you something.” Leela says.

Jai walks there and Leela whispers something and Jai looks on.

“Kya keh rahi Ho Maa, Ragini doesn’t want to come to Kolkata with us? Don’t worry, I will convince her.” Jai said.

Leela smiles and Jai goes up. Abhay gets changed and sits down on the bed and starts doing his homework. Ragini walks inside.

“Arey Wah, Abhay, you’re doing your homework?” Ragini asks and keeps his snack next to him.

“Haa, I thought that the earlier I do it, the less I would worry and won’t get grounded.” Abhay says.

“Hmm, smart.” Ragini says.

Abhay smiles.

“Ragini!” Jai shouts.

“Lo, the trouble makers coming.” Abhay says.

Ragini smiles and turns around, Jai enters.

“Ragini, what am I hearing? You don’t want to join us for the holiday?” Jai asks.

Ragini nods no.

“Why? I’m the Malik you have to obey me.” Jai says proudly.

“What are you talking about?” Abhay says.

“I’m talking about Holiday, Maa is planning to take us to a holiday to Kolkata but Ragini is not agreeing. Please Na Ragini… Agree.” Jai says and makes an innocent face.

“Sorry Jai, I can’t.” Ragini says.

“Please Ragini.” Jai says.

“Ha Ragini, please agree.” Abhay says.

“Please…” Both Abhay and Jai repay again and again.

Their voices are getting louder and Ragini closes her ears.

“Achcha teek hai, don’t talk to me.” Jai says and leaves.

Ragini looks on.

“Jai…” Ragini says and follows him.
Ragini’s Pov:
Kolkata? Are they serious? If they chose any other place then I wouldn’t have said no but Kolkata? Why does everyone always chose that place? Well after all it’s beautiful but still. Now Jai is also upset at me but I know he wouldn’t be able to for long. I entered his room and saw him upset which made me melt down. I don’t know why Jai always wins.

I walked in front of him and bent down. He looked away but I cupped his face and pecked him on the cheek. But he rubbed his cheek and jerked me.

“Sorry Jai… Are you going to stay upset at your Ragini?” I asked.

He didn’t reply. I guess the only way is to say yes, but I don’t want to.

“I’m upset at you Ragini, go away.” Jai says.

“Sorry Na…” I said and held my ears.

Jai doesn’t look at her.

“What about our movie?” Ragini asks.

“Plan cancelled!” Jai shouts.

I fake pouted but still he didn’t look at me.

“Okay fine baba, I’m ready to come to Kolkata with you.” I said hoping he would look at me.

And yes, he did, with a smily face. His happiness could clearly be visible on his face and eyes. He hugged me and said “Yay Ragini. Thank you. Love you.”

I smiled but I guess I have to go Kolkata now.

End of Pov…

Sanskaar is shown standing with his son in his arms, Swara is smiling while looking at them two.
Swara’s Pov:
It’s so good to see Sanskaar and Chotu happy… I don’t know how to describe this feeling but it’s an awesome one. I don’t know what I would’ve done without Sanskaar. He supported me in everything.

I can’t believe I fell for him during the search of Ragini. I guess I was attracted to Laksh but my heart chose Sanskaar, my heart was happy with Sanskaar.

I didn’t expect to be Mrs Sanskaar Maheshwari. He also accepted my love and that was a great feeling. He’s truly a great guy and that’s why I love him. He’s different from others and he stands out.

“Swara, look he’s smiling.” Sanskaar said and brought Chotu closer.

Oh my gosh, he actually smiled. Aww my Chotu.

“He’s cute like me.” I said to tease him.

“Haa.” He agreed and I was surprised.

I’m thanking God that my marriage with Laksh didn’t happen that day. But I’m still missing Ragini. I feel incomplete without her.

I placed my head on Sanskaar’s shoulder and looks at Chotu. Sanskaar was smiling. Chotu, he’s an amazing feeling.

End of Pov…
The family were packing, Ragini was also. She helped Abhay and packed Jai’s stuff.

“Yes, can’t wait to go Kolkata.” Jai excitedly says.

Ragini and Leela smile. Rajbeer comes.

“Shall we leave?” Rajbeer asks.

“Have all of you finished packing?” Leela asks.

Ragini, Jai, Abhay and Rakesh nod yes.

“Then we can surely leave.” Leela says to Rajbeer.

Rajbeer nods okay and they head out.

After a while, they reach Mumbai airport and sit down. Ragini is thinking.

“What happened Ragini? Are you okay?” Leela asks.

Ragini looks at her and nods yes.

“Are you sure?” Leela asks.

Ragini then looks down and says “Kolkata is my birth city.”

Leela then understands why she was denying to go to Kolkata.

“Don’t worry Ragini, by running away and not facing, you’re not going to achieve anything. You have to face it.” Leela tells.

Ragini then thinks about Leela’s words and nods okay. Their flight was announced.

“Lo, our flight is announced and all ways remember, running away isn’t the solution.” Leela says and stands up.

Ragini nods okay and stands up, they then board the plane and after 20 minuets. The plane takes off, Jai and Abhay were sitting next to Ragini while Rajbeer, Rakesh and Leela were sitting together.

Morning, Kolkata:
Laksh opens his eyes and looks around.

“Am I actually home?” Laksh asks himself.

He sits up and AP walks in.

“I’m definitely home.” Laksh says to himself.

“Laksh, are you okay?” A worried AP asks.

Laksh nods yes and touches his head. AP forwards Haldi wala dood.

“This will help.” AP says.

Laksh takes it and starts drinking it.

“It tastes bad.” Laksh says after drinking all of it.

“It has Haldi in it.” AP says.

“The thing that you put before your wedding? Like on your face and that?” Laksh asks.

AP nods yes and Laksh makes a puking face.

“But it’s made with milk.” AP says.

“I’m feeling better, so holiday from work?” Laksh asks.

AP nods yes and Laksh smiles.

“Don’t dream about taking a holiday, you’re working still!” DP says and comes in.

“Maa…” Laksh says and makes a face.

DP glares at him.

“Maa, he’s still angry on me for breaking my alliance with Swara. He doesn’t care if we’re happy or not, it’s always about him!” Laksh complains.

“You ruined my respect and Sanskaar saved it!” DP says.

“Oh wait, he doesn’t know that Swara and Sanskaar fell in love… Oh well…” Laksh thinks.

“What happened? Bolti band?” DP says.

“No, Maa, look Papa is bullying me.” Laksh says acting annoyed.

DP looks on and AP looks at DP.

“Get ready for work or I’ll cut your salary.” DP says.

“You don’t even pay me.” Laksh says.

DP glares at him and leaves while Laksh sighs.

“He’s always mean to me, I thought he changed after I became nice but he’s still the same! He’s angry because I didn’t marry Swara and troubled him a lot by saying I love Swara.” Laksh says to AP.

“But somewhere in between he’s right. I mean you did so much drama because you loved Swara, then when he accepted, you backed off and didn’t marry her?” AP says.

“She backed out too. It’s not only me.” Laksh says.

“JiJi, Swara is coming. Sanskaar called.” Sujata excitedly says.

Laksh then remembers Swara had a baby and palms his forehead.

“Now she’s not going to spare me.” Laksh says.

AP smiles and picks the glass up. She then walks out with Sujata.

Laksh lies back and looks on.

After a while, Swara was discharged and brought MM. Sujata rushed and held her grandson.

“Mhara Pauta…” Sujata happily says.

DP gives Laksh the two second look as Laksh walks down and looks away. AP does Swara and Sanskaar’s Aarti and welcomes them inside. Sujata is pampering her grandson. She doesn’t let Uttra touch him.

“Maa, this is not fair. I’m also related to him so why can’t I touch him?” Uttra complains and pouts.

“Haa but you aren’t letting me see him properly. You’re already crowded.” Sujata says.

Swara and Sanskaar smile, AP and Parineeta smile too. Parineeta the touches her stomach.

Yes, Parineeta is pregnant. Uttra walks up to Parineeta.

“Bhabhi, how many months left? Mujhse intezaar Nahi Ho raha, Maa isn’t letting me touch…” Uttra whispers but stops as she thinks.

“What’s his name?” Uttra asks load.

“Naam? Well we will have his naamkaran in 3 hours.” Sujata says.

“4 months left.” Parineeta whispers.

“4 months is too long…” Uttra whispers back.

Parineeta smiles and Adarsh enters. Adarsh walks up to Parineeta and asks her if she’s ready. She nods yes.

“What happened?” AP asks.

“Maa, Parineeta has an appointment at the doctors clinic.” Adarsh tells.

“Ohh.” AP says.

“I’ll be back.” Adarsh says.

AP nods and Parineeta and Adarsh head out.

Laksh heads out before DP could stop him. DP looks on angrily.

“Useless.” DP sighs.

3 hours Later:
The Naamkaran arrangements had been done. Sanskaar, Swara and Chotu are sitting down. Sujata is happy.

“Laksh still hasn’t returned?” AP thinks.

The Pandit starts the ritual.

Swara is smiling, she then sees Chotu and Sanskaar.

The wedding day:
Swara stopped the wedding, she then went inside her room and started crying. Laksh also left from the wedding venue. Sanskaar went to talk to Swara. He reaches outside her room and knocks.

“I don’t want to talk to anyone.” Swara manages to say while her voice is cracking.

“It’s me… Sanskaar.” Sanskaar says.

“Darwaaza is opened.” Swara says.

Sanskaar pushes the door open and comes in. He sees her on the floor near her bed. He shuts the door and sits besides her.

“I can’t believe this much has happened… Ragini left… Marriage got cancelled and I don’t know what else is coming.” Swara cries.

“By crying, you won’t get any solution to your problem.” Sanskaar says and looks at her.

She also looks at him and they share an eye lock. 20 seconds later, that eye lock was broken by Swara.

“You’re a nice and brave girl Swara… As far as I know, Swara wouldn’t cry… She would fight back… And you should get married to Laksh… You two were waiting for this day from 3 months…” Sanskaar says.

“I know, but I don’t know ki why I don’t want to… My heart isn’t agreeing and I listen to my heart.” Swara says and wipes her tears.

Sanskaar looks at her emotionally.

“I guess it’s because Ragini isn’t here.” Sanskaar says.

Swara thinks and then nods yes.

“So we can search for Ragini…” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks at him.

“We can start the Mission ‘Looking for Ragini’ Haa?” Sanskaar says.

Swara nods okay. Sanskaar then signals Swara to wipe her tears and Swara does. A faint smile appears on her face.

End Of Flashback….

“If you had not come into the room that day Sanskaar… Then I wouldn’t have known what true love is and never had found out that you were my true love.” Swara thinks with a smile on her face while looking at Sanskaar.

Scene shifts to the airport, the flight lands and Ragini, Jai, Abhay, Rajbeer, Leela and Rakesh come out.

“Bhai, where will we be staying?” Rakesh asks.

“I took an apartment that’s on rent, so we will be living in an apartment.” Rajbeer says.

Ragini is looking around and is refreshing her moments in Kolkata.

A car comes and they sit inside and leave.

“Wow, Kolkata looks amazing.” Jai says.

Ragini smiles.

“It’s so good, I mean it’s better than what I thought.” Abhay says.

Leela and Rajbeer smile, Rakesh turns and looks at Ragini.

“What do you think Ms Ragini?” Rakesh asks.

“I think it’s beautiful.” Ragini says with a fake smile that was obvious.

“I can’t believe I’m here, in Kolkata,
My Kolkata…” Ragini thinks and looks out.

“Ragini, I’ll make you roam around the whole Kolkata.” Jai says.

Ragini smiles and nods okay.

“I don’t trust you… Ragini, you take me out.” Abhay says.

Ragini smiles and nods okay.

“No, I’m taking Ragini out and you’re not invited.” Jai says and glares at Abhay.

“Jai… Can’t we take Abhay?” Ragini asks.

“This Jai… He doesn’t give me chance to talk to Ms Ragini.” Rakesh thinks.

Jai nods no.

“Well I’m coming.” Abhay says.

“No you’re not, Maa needs you to help her so you stay here and help her!” Jai says.

After a while, the Taxi reaches the apartment. Rajbeer pays the taxi man and all head inside with their luggage.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful.” Leela says.

Ragini, Rajbeer and Rakesh nod yes.

“Ragini, I’ll buy you one that’s bigger than this one.” Jai says while looking around.

“Haa?” Ragini asks.

Leela and Rajbeer smile.

“Haa.” Jai says.

“But you have to wait for 20 years.” Abhay says.

All laugh and Jai looks on, Ragini chuckles.

“No, just 10 years.” Jai says.

“Hmm, I’ll wait.” Ragini says.

Jai smiles at her.

The name ceremony finishes and Laksh enters. Swara glares at him.

“Oh fish, I missed the naming ceremony, now Swara isn’t going to spare me.” Laksh thinks and gulps looking at Swara.

Sanskaar makes the you’re dead gesture. The guest leave and Laksh walks down.

“I was coming… But… Haa, my tire got punctured.” Laksh lies.

Swara continues giving him the death glares.

“Sachi…” Laksh lies.

“Laksh! Your lie isn’t going to help!” Swara angrily says.

Laksh makes a face and scratches his hair.

“You missed your nephews name ceremony. That’s bad!” Swara says with a neutral look.

“I was coming but I went to buy gifts for the baby.” Laksh says.

“He has a name.” Swara says with a serious face.

“Name…” Laksh says and nods.

“Actually, why don’t you tell me his name? And no one will tell him, not even you Sanskaar.” Swara warns.

All nod okay and so does Sanskaar.

“Guess Laksh… What can your nephews name be?” Swara asks and raises one of her eyebrow.

“Name? What could his name be…?” Laksh thinks and looks at Swara.

“Who named him?” Laksh asks.

“Swara.” All say in a union.

Laksh makes the ‘Oh’ face and nods okay.

“What can be something close to Swara… Ragini?” Laksh thinks.

He then looks at Swara and then Chotu.

“Could his name be Raghav? Wait no.” Laksh thinks.

Swara and Ragini are in their bedroom in the Badi before marriage. Laksh had to stay the night and he walks past but stops to hear their conversation.

“Swara… If you have babies then what would you name them?” Ragini says.

“Babies?” Swara says and shuts the book she was reading.

“Haa, like if you have a boy then what would you name him and if you have a girl then what would you name her?” Ragini asks.

“Where did you get this question from?” Swara asks looking confused.

Laksh also gives the ‘what the hell?’ Look.

“Just, I was wondering.” Ragini asks.

“Okay, if I have a girl then I would be her Swara Jr.” Swara jokes and laughs.

Ragini looks at her, Laksh also giggles.

“Swara, I’m serious.” Ragini says.

“Okay Baba, if I have a daughter, then maybe Sanskriti and if I have a son then… Um…” Swara says and thinks.

“Boy?” Ragini asks.

“I don’t know.” Swara says.

“I know what to name him, if you ever have a son, then I’m going to name him Ayaan. That’s a cute and nice name.” Ragini says.

“Ayaan? That’s also a nice name… Ek kaam karna, you can name him.” Swara says and smiles.

“I will, but make sure Daadima doesn’t name him, or else it would be something like Chandargupt, Achirna… ” Ragini says.

Swara looks at her and gives the ‘No!’ Look and both start laughing.

Laksh runs from there and laughs loud.

End of Flashback.

Laksh looks at Swara and smiles.

“Chora, hurry up, we don’t have all day.” Sujata says.

“Chandragupta.” Laksh says.

Swara looks on and so do all of them.

Laksh sees their reaction and laughs, Swara remembers Ragini saying this.

“Joking, it’s Ayaan.” Laksh says.

All look on.

“No, it’s not.” Swara lies.

“It is, I’m sure it’s Ayaan.” Laksh says.

“You cheated, you were listening Na?” Swara asks.

Laksh nods yes with a smile.

“But no, it’s not only Ayaan.” Swara says.

“Achcha sorry, Ayaan Sanskaar Maheshwari.” Laksh says.

Swara then nods yes and all clap expect from DP.

Jai and Abhay get changed and come down to eat.

“Maa, can I go out?” Jai asks.

“Alone?” Leela asks.

“No Maa, with Ragini.” Jai says.

“Of course.” Rajbeer says while coming out.

Leela nods yes.

“Thank you Maa, thank you Papa.” Jai happily says.

“Ragini, see they said yes.” Jai says as he sees Ragini coming out from the kitchen.

Ragini looks at him.

“Haa sun Liya.” Ragini says and puts a dish down.

“But how can they go alone Bhai? I’ll go with them.” Rakesh says while sitting down.

Ragini looks on.

“Nahi, Abhay will go.” Leela says.

Abhay smiles and Jai gets disappointed.

“But Bhai…” Rakesh says but gets interrupted.

“You don’t need to take trouble Rakesh, anyways we have to talk about the deal.” Rajbeer says.

Rakesh also gets disappointed.

“Nahi Maa, why does Bhai have to come?” Jai asks.

“If Abhay isn’t allowed then Ragini isn’t.” Leela says.

Jai pouts and agrees while Abhay gives the victory smile.

“So beta, be back before 6pm because we have to attend an party.” Leela says.

Ragini nods okay and heads out with Abhay and Jai.

Rajbeer and Leela smile and Rakesh is angry and disappointed.

“It’s the Maheshwari deal, the one you’re doing.” Rajbeer says.

“Hmm.” Rakesh says.

“Raj, I was thinking to get Jai and Ragini married.” Leela jokes.

Rakesh stars choking and Rajbeer understands.

“Haa Kyu Nahi… Rakesh, are you okay?” Rajbeer asks and jokes.

Rakesh nods yes and leaves, Leela and Rajbeer start laughing.
Ragini’s Pov:
It feels good to be back to Kolkata, there are a lot of memories that are connected with Kolkata. People were right, Kolkata never loses its beauty. I really missed my Kolkata.

“Ragini, take me to the bridge.” Abhay says.

“No! I’m taking Ragini out so I will decide. You just came as kebab mein haddi!” Jai says.

“Hahaha, funny Na? It must be for you because no one laughed!” Abhay says.

“Don’t even get me started…” Jai says.

“Jai, Abhay… What happened? You two always argue. At least not for today.” I said to stop them.

They seems to stop but Jai was looking adorable.

“So Jai, where do you want to take me?” I asked.

“I want to take you to the bridge.” Jai said.

Abhay looked at Jai but Jai ignores him.

“It’s the other way round. Ragini is taking me and Jai out.” I heard Abhay says.

But Jai did the good thing by ignoring Abhay, my baby, he grew up and is so sensible. I love him so much.

After a while, we reached the bridge of Kolkata, it still looked beautiful. Abhay was lost in its beauty. Like I was, I caught Jai staring at the ice cream and smirked.

“Jai, I want to eat ice cream.” I said.

“You wait here, I’ll get it for you… Anyways what flavour?” Jai asks.

“You claim you love her but don’t even know what flavour she likes.” Abhay says.

“I know what she likes, I asked you!” Jai says.

“I would like Vanilla.” Abhay says with a serious face.

“Okay, so 1 butterscotch, 1 Vanilla and 1 Mint…” Jai says.

I nodded yes and so did Abhay. Jai then somehow had money in his pockets and took them out. I was surprised to see that he has 100rs.

“Where did you get the money from?” Abhay asks.

“Check your pocket.” Jai says and walks to the ice cream man.

Abhay searches his pockets but couldn’t find his money and glares at Jai who was heading towards there. I managed to stop my laugh.

“Ragini, make sure he pays me back.” Abhay said to me.

I nodded.

“And if he doesn’t then I’m kidnapping you.” Abhay says.

I smiled and nodded okay. I was keeping an eye out for Jai.

End of Ragini’s pov…
There was some fight going on, Ragini and Abhay get distracted and look there. Ragini then ignores them and turns back around only to see Jai missing.

“Abhay, Jai.” Ragini says worriedly.

Abhay turns around and finds Jai missing too.

“I’m here.” Jai’s voice is heard.

Ragini and Abhay turn to the side and see Jai holding the ice creams.
Ragini releases a breath of sigh and bends down. Abhay takes his Vanilla ice cream. Ragini bends down and pecks his forehead.

“Where did you go Jai? I got worried.” Ragini says.

“Ragini, your Jai is awesome.” Jai says.

Ragini smiles and wipes her tears. She then takes her butterscotch and they start eating.

Maheshwari Mansion is getting decorated.

“Can you decorate the entrance please.” Swara asks the servant.

The servant nods okay and goes there.

“Are the preparation done?” AP says while coming out.

“Well they’re pretty much done.” Swara says.

“Okay, now you go get dress and tell Sujata to be ready too.” AP says.

“Badi Maa, Maa is not letting me play with Ayaan.” Uttra pouts and comes down.

Swara and AP laugh.

“I guess Sujata won’t leave Ayaan alone for a second.” AP says.

Swara nods yes.

DP is shown walking down and Laksh is walking from the other side. They stop and see each other. Laksh then walks but trips and pushes DP. DP then twirls and falls down over the railing but holds on. Laksh looks down at the his shoe lace and bends to tie it.

“L…Laksh!” DP struggles to shout.

Laksh ties his shoelace, Sanskaar comes and gets shocked.

“Bade Papa!” Sanskaar says and rushes there.

Laksh stands up and looks on.

“Bhaisa!!” RP shouts.

DP looks down and sees RP, Swara,
AP and Uttra come out and get shocked seeing DP. Parineeta also walks out with Adarsh and looks on.

“Papa!” Adarsh says and rushes up.
DP’s Pov:
Laksh! He did this on purpose, how can he think that I would die easily?! And now he’s just standing there waiting for me to fall!

“Bade papa, give me your hand.” Sanskaar said.

I glared at Laksh but I… I was too scared to let go… What if I fall? I would break a bone and Laksh, he, he would be happy. Adarsh then came up and stood beside Sanskaar.

Laksh, he still stood there, it’s like he froze. I slowly forwarded my hand and Sanskaar held it. Adarsh held my other hand and pulled me up. Sanskaar and Adarsh put all their strength in to pull me up and finally, I was safe and on the safer side.

“What happened Papa?” Adarsh asked me.

I was glaring at Laksh who just ran, he ran until he was out of my eye sight.

I huffed and told them that Laksh pushed me, they looked at me shockingly. I just ignored them and went to my room.

End of Pov…
It was 6pm, Ragini, Jai and Abhay had returned at 5:30pm. They were also ready for the party. Ragini was ready in a black blouse and golden saree that was given by Leela, she has opened hair and a earring. Rakesh is stunned and looks at her lustfully. Jai is ready in a suit and so is Abhay. Jai smiles at Ragini.

Ragini smiles at Jai, Leela and Raj are ready too, all then head out and Rajbeer makes Rakesh drive while Rakesh gets disappointed again. Abhay, Jai and Ragini sit in the back with Leela, Jai is on her lap and Rajbeer is in the front seat.

“You’re looking nice.” Leela says to Ragini.

Ragini thanks her.

“You’re looking beautiful today Ragini.” Jai compliments.

“Thank you but you look handsome.” Ragini returns the compliment.

Swara is shown sitting down in her room and looking at her wedding pictures. She smiles as she sees Sanskaar.

After Sanskaar talked to Swara, he had left as his family members called him. Swara was thinking about why she refused to marry Laksh. After a while, she had fallen asleep, leaning against the side of the bed.

After a while, Shomi walks inside. She sees Swara state and gets teary eyed. She walks up to her and sits besides her and caresses her hair.

“Shona… I don’t know what going on… Ragini left us all and Swara cancelled the wedding. When will happiness return in our life?” Shomi asks herself with tears flowing out.

Morning, the sun set up and the rays of the sun fell on Shomi and Swaras face which disturbed them. Swara opened her eyes and found her head on her mothers lap and sat up.

“Maa?” Swara thinks.

Shomi slowly opened her eyes and looked at Swara smiling. A faint smile appeared on Shomi’s face.

“Maa, I’ll get ready and I have to go out. And then I will search for Ragini with Sanskaar and maybe Laksh.” Swara says sounded less worried and more happy.

Shomi smiled and nodded okay. Swara stood up and got changed into her jumpsuit and headed out with her bag.

Swara is shown waiting in the park, Sanskaar comes there with Laksh and Swara walks up to them.

“Where are we going to go first? And what if Ragini isn’t there and where…” Swara says hurriedly.

“Relax Swara…” Sanskaar says.

“We will separate and search in ever section.” Laksh says.

Swara thinks and then nods okay.

After a while Laksh leaves to search, Swara and Sanskaar think where they should go.

“Where are you going Swara?” Sanskaar asks.

“I don’t know, where is the main common thing that a person uses to escape?.” Swara asks.

“Bus station or train station.” Sanskaar says.

“Hmmm and Laksh is gone to the Bus station Na?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods yes.

“Then let’s go to train station…” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods okay and both head to the train station.

End of Flashback.

Swara smiles and thinks “If you had not come to the train station with me Sanskaar, then I would never had been your Swara.” In her mind.

Episode ends on Ragini’s face and Swara’s face.

Precap: Ragini is shocked to see that the party is in MM, she hesitates to walk inside...
Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Gaurav Khanna.

Leela Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Shefali Sharma

Rakesh Suryavanshi – Rohit Bhardwaj

Jai Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Shivansh Kotia.

Abhay Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Gautam Ahuja.
Do comment to tell me how you found this FF and what I need to improve on… ?

I was requested 30 episodes…?
But I’ll see where the ending will fit…?

Keep smiling, take care and stay blessed ?

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  1. Silent_writer


    1. Thank you Silent_Writer…?

  2. Mica

    wow.. long update halima, ty soo very much..
    i love laksh-DP fight, i dunno, it sound funny to me..
    love swaragini bond in the chotu’s name…
    love to read swasan love story..
    waiting raglak moment also…

    1. Thank you Mica…??
      I’m glad you enjoyed it… ?

  3. Awesome yaar. Superb. Update soon

    1. Thank you Anjali…?

  4. Nice. Please take some scene of raglak

    1. Thank you Divya…?
      I will add some RagLak Scenes in the next episode…?

  5. Superbbbb amazng n fantastic episode dear??? swasan scenes were awesome!!!!!!waitng eagerly for raglak meetng……..loved ragini!!!swaragini scenes were too sweet!!!!keep rockng n stay blessed??

    1. Thank you Fairy…?
      I’m glad you like it… ?

  6. Waiting for raglak meeting.
    Next part soon .?

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting Ashnoor…?
      I’ll upload soon ?

  7. Ragz_teju


    1. Thank you Ragz_Teju…?

  8. Fats

    I just finished reading all the parts and I loved them all. Ragini’s bonding with Jai and Abhay is so adorable. Jai is such a flirt, but I like that about him. And Lol Laksh and DP’s fights are always so funny. They’re always so fun to read. SwaSan are really cute too. It’s sweet they got a baby boy and it’s sweeter how Swara named him remembering Ragini. Can’t wait for RagLak romance now. It will be so exciting to see everyone’s reactions after seeing Ragini, especially Laksh and Swara. Can’t wait for the next update ?

    1. Thank you Fats…?
      I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’ll upload soon…?

  9. Awesome episode and waiting for Raglak scenes

    1. Thank you Ammu…?

  10. Dharani

    awesome jai, abhay and ragini are just awesome

    1. Thank you Dharani…?

  11. Megha123

    Awsm ……

    1. Thank you Megha…?

    1. Thank you Jannatul…?

  12. Waiting for raglak meeting

    1. Thank you’re reading and commenting Lovely…?
      I don’t want to drag it much so pakka it’s in the next episode…??

  13. Awesome…..name suggestion was best
    Rag jai bond awesome

    1. Thank you SwaSan…?

  14. Hemalattha


    1. Thank you Hemalattha…?

    1. Thank you Arshaanya….?

  15. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    Di. .A new ff is popping in my mind Pls suggest a title fr it

    U rocks as always. ..
    It’s me your Shri. ..I logged out for a short span of time…pls

    1. Thank you Shri

  16. Xxxxx ( Shrinjal )

    Di..A new ff is popping up in my mind do Pls suggest a name fr it plss

    1. Thank you Shri…?

      Send me a message and I’ll say and I need to know the a little bit of the plot or decription.
      When I think of some then I’ll send then and tell you

  17. Akshata

    awesome, jai is such a sweetheart. waiting for raglak moments.

    1. Thank you Akshata…?

  18. Vyshu10

    nice….like swasanlak bonding. What happened in the railway station?

  19. Awesome

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