Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (Episode 2)


Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur
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Episode 2:

A room is shown, it is messy and a person is lying down with the blanket covering the face and body. The blanket colour is blue and the room colour is cream.

“Abhay?” A new voice is heard and a woman is revealed.

“Hmm, Hamara Abhay kaha hai?” The woman says and looks around.

“I’m not a child anymore.” Abhay says and sits up.

The blanket falls off his face and his face is revealed.

“Achcha, hamara Abhay grew up?” The woman says.

“Yes, your Abhay is 13 years old now.” Abhay says and smiles.

“Malkin, Malik is calling you.” A maid rushes in.

The woman turns around and is revealed to be Ragini. Ragini then smiles at the maid.

“Rani, Malik or Bade Malik?” Ragini asks.

“Malik.” Rani says.

Ragini sighs and says “I already gave your Malik his clothes, now what does he want? Chalo…”

Ragini walks forward.

“But what about me?” Abhay asks.

“Lo, ek vo and ek yeh.” Ragini says and shakes her head.

“Your clothes are over there.” Ragini turns and says to Abhay.

Abhay sees his school clothes on the couch and smiles.

“Malkin, Malik seems to love you.” Rani, the maid says.

Ragini blushes and walks out with her.

“I love him too.” Ragini says and blushes.

Rani smiles and nudges Ragini. Ragini increases her speed and Rani stops.

“I wish Malik and Malkin’s Jodi stays Salaamat.” Rani says and chuckles.

Ragini enters the room and sees the clothe mess on the floor. She looks around and doesn’t see anyone. Just then she feels someone hug her from behind and looks on.

“Jai? What are you doing? Koi aa jayega aur Hume dekh lega.” Ragini worriedly says.

“So what? They should know that I love you.” The person who hugged Ragini from behind says in his sweet voice.

Ragini smiles and turns around. She then bends down and pecks his cheeks.

“I love you Jai.” Ragini says.

“I love you too Ragini.” A cute 10 year old Jai says.

Ragini smiles and he pecks her forehead.

“Jai, you have to go to school.” Ragini says.

“No, I’m the Malik and I decide what will happen. I’m not going and I’m going to spend time with you.” Jai orders.

Ragini smiles at his innocence.

“But what if your Papa asks?” Ragini says.

“Don’t worry my Anarkali, he won’t say anything. He will listen to his Salim.” Jai say and acts.

“Are you sure?” Ragini asks while looking at him.

Jai then looks at her.

“Ragini, please make him agree. He’s always been jealous of me and you… But don’t worry, when I finish school, me and you can elope.” Jai says.

Ragini laughs and smiles at his cuteness.

“You can’t elope with my sister.” Abhay’s voice is heard.

They see Abhay at the entrance in his school uniform, he looks down and looks on.

“Your sister is soon going to be Mrs Jai Suryavanshi.” Jai says and sticks his tongue out at Abhay.

“Eww no, you can’t be my brother and brother-in-law at the same time, do one thing, ask your Rakesh Bhaiyya to marry My sister.” Abhay says.

Ragini’s smile disappears and she looks on.

“Nahi!!!!” Jai shouts.

Abhay closes his ears with his finger and Ragini moves a little back.

“Kabhi bhi Nahi!!! Ragini is mine and I will never let her marry someone else!! Especially that Chimpu Rakesh!”Jai shouts.

Jai and Abhay glare at each other. Ragini pecks Jai’s cheeks.

“Ragini, you wait for me, I’ll be back after school and we can go to watch a movie.” Jai says.

Ragini nods okay.

“If you miss me them call me, I will come.” Jai says.

Ragini nods okay again innocently.

Jai then goes inside the washroom to get changed.

Abhay and Ragini then laugh.

“He’s crazy.” Abhay says.

“Don’t call my Jai crazy… My Jai is awesome.” Ragini says.

Abhay then smiles.

“Thank you for accepting me and Jai.” Abhay says.

Ragini faint smiles and walks up to him.

“Thank you for accepting me.” Ragini says and hugs Abhay.

Jai gasps and they look at him, Ragini breaks the hug while Jai is glaring at them.

“What? Now can’t I even hug my sister?” Abhay asks.

“Fine.” Jai says and rolls his eyes.

Jai then comes forward and says “How can you two hug without me?” And hugs Ragini.

“Tujhe kaun Bhool sakta hai?” Abhay sighs.

The trio share a hug and Jai smiles.

Kolkata, Police Station:
A man is shown talking to the inspector.

“Please release him inspector, he made a mistake and won’t repeat it.” The man says.

“I’m sorry Mr Maheshwari, he has broken the law, he had been drinking and driving.” The inspector says.

“I agree he did but can you pardon it? I promise he won’t repeat it.” The man says.

“Nahi Sanskaar! He broke the law so he should get punished.” A new voice is heard.

The man and inspector look at the door and see DP standing there, the man is revealed to be Sanskaar.

“But Bade Papa…” Sanskaar says but gets cut in between.

“Inspector Saab, make sure he gets punished.” DP says.

The inspector nods okay while Sanskaar is upset.

“Now let’s leave.” DP says.

Sanskaar turns around.

“Don’t worry about me, I’ll be alright.” The man who got arrested says and is revealed to be Laksh.

Laksh is shown behind the bars with bruised face and on the floor leaning against the wall.

“What about Swara?” Sanskaar asks.

“Tu hai Na, she won’t miss me.” Laksh says.

“But she said she wants you to be with her to support her during her delivery.” Sanskaar says.

“Tell her I will come soon and you’re there Na? I trust you.” Laksh says.

“Sanskaar! You’re wasting your time! Let him rot!” DP says strictly.

Sanskaar then looks at DP.
Laksh’s POV:
It’s good that Bhai left, I lied to him and he would’ve figured out I did. I couldn’t even look at Bhai. The stars seem big and shiny. Oh wait, that’s the Sun. It’s been a year since Ragini’s gone and I miss her for some reason. I miss her innocence, her scolding me at everything, her caring for me, her saving me and everything. That night me and Swara couldn’t get married. I didn’t have the strength to. I couldn’t find her at the train station, I looked for her in every train box but there was no sign of her. I shouted her name but found no response.

I even went to the bus station like a mad guy that seemed like he ran out of the mental asylum but in the grooms attire. I felt stupid but at that time, all that was in my mind was Ragini Ragini and only Ragini.

I needed to find her, I even got every flights checked but no sign of Ragini Gadodia. No one seemed to care about Ragini expect for Me, Swara and Sanskaar.

I then remembered the wedding day.

SwaLak stand up for the pehres but Laksh doesn’t feel like he’s doing the right thing. So doesn’t Swara, Swara stops this marriage.

“I can’t get married to Laksh.” Swara says.

All are shocked, they ask her but she tells them that she doesn’t feel good and she wants Ragini.

After a lot of convincing, Swara didn’t agree and they gave up.

“I don’t know why but my heart isn’t agreeing with this marriage.” Swara says and ends the topic.

After a while Laksh went to the train station and everywhere to look for Ragini but couldn’t find her. Swara and Sanskaar then helped him.


But I never imagined that during the search for Ragini, Swara and Sanskaar fell for each other. They were scared to tell me for some reason. I actually found out and acted heart broken.

Their faces tho, that was worth watching. I guess they didn’t know that I really didn’t mind Swara marrying Sanskaar because… I don’t know. I guess my Love for Swara was as a friend because when the family agreed on Swara and Sanskaars marriage, I was the happiest person. All of them thought I went crazy, especially Papa, he thought I needed help. I really didn’t know why I didn’t mind.

But now, I am hurt and broken inside the prison for over drinking and driving. They hit me and it hurts. Still does. I can’t even move.

Where are you Ragini!!

End of Pov…
Laksh sighs and closes his eyes.

Scene shifts to Mumbai and in a mansion.
Ragini’s Pov:
Why do I feel like someone’s calling me? Who could miss me so much? Is it Swara? It must be because no one else misses me. I’m trying hard to forget Laksh but why? Why is he still with me? I feel his breath with every breath I take… Why is this? Laksh isn’t mine! I keep on explaining myself. Laksh is taken and he isn’t mine!

I walked inside as I dropped Jai and Abhay to school, I then bumped into a man. Ugh, him again. I hate him so much.

“Ms Ragini… How are you?” The man said with his fake but I know evil smile.

I faked a smile and replied “I’m okay Mr Rakesh.”

Yes, Rakesh who keeps on wondering around me. Doesn’t he get it that I hate him. How can Abhay even say that I will marry this jerk. I’ll rather be happy with Jai.

“Ragini, come eat breakfast.” Jai and Abhays mother, Leela said.

Thank god she came to save me, otherwise this Rakesh would’ve ate me alive. I hate the way he looks at he. But I also know he’s lusting for me.

I gave him the glares and walked down, he was watching me walk but I knew where his eyes are glued! On my hip… Ugh!

I hope Jai and Abhay’s father, Rajbeer comes and gets that evil Rakshas away from me.

I sat down near Leela and she smiled at me. I’m glad Leela accepted me when I was wondering around on the streets of Mumbai.

As soon as I stepped out, I was lost, I didn’t know where to go. I bumped into Leela and she saw me disturbed. I told her about my problem and she decided to give me shelter, but I didn’t want to so she gave me a job. I had to work as Jai and Abhay’s nanny… It was so hard at first, Abhay was naughty and I treated him like a child because that’s how he was behaving.

But Jai, that cutie pie fell in love me, you know Love at first sight. He was so adorable and he accepted me first. My job was confirmed because of him as his Father also approved. But as the months passed, Abhay also accepted me.

I’m so happy right now but somethings missing.

End of Pov…
Rakesh and Rajbeer sat opposite Ragini and Leela. Ragini ignored Rakesh as he was looking at her.

“I hope you’re enjoying your job?” Rajbeer asked.

Ragini nods yes with a smile.

Rajbeer noticed Ragini was feeling uncomfortable with Rakesh looking at her.

“Ragini, you can go out for a bit. And don’t worry, we won’t cut out your salary.” Rajbeer says.

Ragini looks at him with a guilty face.

“I promised Jai that I will wait for him. He was going to take me out.” Ragini says.

Leela and Rajbeer laugh. Rakesh just smiles.

“Okay, but we are going Kolkata for a holiday, do you want to join us?.” Leela says and asks.

Ragini looks on.

“Kolkata?” Ragini asks.

Leela and Rajbeer nod yes.

“No, you all enjoy, I’ll be alright here.” Ragini says.

“Why don’t you join us?” Rajbeer asks.

“It’s your family holiday and I’m just going to ruin it.” Ragini says.

“Ms Ragini, what are you saying? You have been with us for a year and now have become our family member too.” Rakesh says.

“Yes, Rakesh is telling the truth.” Leela says.

“Please excuse me.” Ragini says and leaves.

“Only one person can only convince her.” Leela says.

“Jai.” Leela, Rajbeer and Rakesh say in a union.

Swara is shown lying down on the hospital bed. She had recently had her delivery. Sanskaar walks in and Swara opens her eyes. She then glares at Sanskaar. Sanskaar then sees his child and a smile appears on his face.

“Now you come?! You were meant to be here and outside the theatre 20 minuets ago!” Swara pouts.

“Sorry Baba, I got stuck in an important work.” Sanskaar says.

“Haa it’s important than me and our son Na? Anyways where’s Laksh?” Swara sighs.

Sanskaar smiles as he hears the word son.

“I had a son?” Sanskaar happily says.

“He’s my son too.” Swara says.

“Chotu Sanskaar.” Sanskaar says.

“No, he’s Chotu Swara, why does it always have to be Chotu and their father? This time he’s Chotu Swara.” Swara says.

Sanskaar chuckles and Swara looks away. Sanskaar then walks forward and near his son.
Sanskaar’s Pov:
My Son, he’s right in front of me, Swara is upset at me so she wouldn’t talk to me, so now how am I going to hold my son? Chotu Swara? Swara makes me laugh.

I looked at Swara but she looked away, I guess I won’t be able to hold my son until he’s 5 month. So unfair. But I also know how I can make it up to Swara. I smiles at sat besides her.

“Thank you.” I said to her.

She looked at me confusingly but later realised what I meant. I took her favourite chocolate bar out. She looked at it and I know she wanted it but she’s adamant. She doesn’t want to give up her anger easily. She looked away.

“I’m sorry… Actually Laksh got arrested.” I said.

She looked at me instantly.

“Why? What happened?” Swara asked.

I told her what he did and she was shocked.

“That’s why you didn’t come?” Swara asked.

I shook my head positively and she hugged me. I always feel good when she hugs me. She has that magic. I hugged her back and apologised. But our son, he broke our hug with his wincing. Swara and I smiled at his cuteness.

End of Pov…
Episode ends.

Precap: Jai manages to convince Ragini to come to Kolkata… RP bails Laksh out… DP angry at RP… Chotu Swara’s naamkaran…
Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Gaurav Khanna.

Leela Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Shefali Sharma

Rakesh Suryavanshi – Rohit Bhardwaj

Jai Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Shivansh Kotia.

Abhay Rajbeer Suryavanshi – Gautam Ahuja.
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I was requested 30 episodes…?
But I’ll see where the ending will fit…?

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