Swaragini- Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (Episode 10) Ladai Swaragini Ki (Mahaepisode 3)


Episode 10 (PART 3):

The episode starts with the family getting tired and all head to their rooms. Jai and Abhay get a separate room. Ragini and Swara feel happy as the family is happy and that all the evil has gone away.

Sanskaar and Swara enter their room.

“I’m glad that the problems are solved.” Sanskaar says.

Swara happily nods yes.

“Now our family has become safe and protected.” Swara says and hugs Sanskaar. Sanskaar hugs her back.

“Hmm… I haven’t seen Ayaan lately… Maa doesn’t even give us time with him. So I was wondering if we have another baby.” Sanskaar says in a teasing tone.

Swara blushes and playfully hits Sanskaar on the shoulder while Sanskaar laughs.

“Ayaan is too small.” Swara says and turns around.

Sanskaar holds her hand and stops her.

“Haa toh? Maa is there for him Na? Anyways if Ayaan gets another baby brother and sister then where’s the problem?” Sanskaar asks.

Swara smiles and says “This will cause trouble between Ayaan and the new baby.”

“How?” Sanskaar asks.

“If the new baby comes then he or she will get more attention and Ayaan will feel left out. Anyways you are willing to give your attention to the new baby.” Swara says.

“But our love for Ayaan will not decrease.” Sanskaar says and pulls Swara towards him.

Swara and Sanskaar share an eye lock. Swara then cups Sanskaar’s face and pecks him on the cheek.

“That’s enough for today.” Swara says while blushing and runs out.

Sanskaar smiles and regrets not catching her.

Ragini smiles and takes her jewellery off. She looks at the papers. Laksh comes from behind and also looks at the papers.

“Finally, I got the custody of Jai and Abhay… I also fulfilled Leela’s promise.” Ragini happily says.

“Hmm…” Laksh says.

Ragini then puts the papers in the drawer and locks it. Laksh rests his chin on Ragini’s shoulder. Ragini is surprised.

“I’m tired.” Laksh says sounding sleepy.

“Haa, then go to sleep.” Ragini says.

“But I can’t.” Laksh sighs sadly and pouts.

“Why?” Ragini asks.

“Because I haven’t seen Mrit’s face… And this tension wouldn’t let me sleep.” Laksh pouts.

Ragini chuckles.

“You’re finding it funny?” Laksh says sounding like a child.

“Haa, you’re grown up and still behave like a child…” Ragini says.

“You probably don’t want me to act mature yet.” Laksh hints.

Ragini realises and let’s out a little smile.

“Nope, definitely not.” Ragini says and turns to him as he had lifted his chin.

Laksh looks at her and she avoids eye contact. She walks away to the bed and fixes her side. Ragini also starts humming ‘Samjhawaan’ while fixing the bed.

Ragini turns around and finds Laksh missing. She then gets changed into a light saree and comes out. Laksh is still not in the room. Ragini then lied down and eventually fell asleep.

Swara finishes from the kitchen and walks up. She then feels someone pull her. She gets shocked to see that person.

“Sanskaar!” Swara says.

“You scared me!” Swara adds as she releases a sigh.

“That’s not fair Swara.” Sanskaar says.

“What’s not fair?” Swara asks confusingly.

“Only one peck?” Sanskaar asks.

“Haa… What’s wrong in that?” Swara asks.

“That isn’t fair… It should’ve been a kiss.” Sanskaar innocently says.

Swara palms his head.

“Offo.” Swara says.

“People Palm their own head and you’re palming mine?” Sanskaar confusingly asks.

“You won’t understand.” Swara says and was about to leave when Sanskaar pulls her towards him.

“You will only be allowed to go if you give me a kiss.” Sanskaar says.

“Yaha? In front of Bade Papas room?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar nods yes.

“And if Bade Papa comes out toh?” Swara asks.

“Toh Kya? Biwi Ho Tum meri… I married you rightfully.” Sanskaar says.

“Haa but not here and especially in front of Bade Papas room!” Swara worriedly says.

“We have our own room.” Sanskaar says.

“Sanskaar… Kya Tum bhi Bachchon jase Zid kar rahe Ho!” Swara says.

“Well Dil toh Bachcha hai Ji…” Sanskaar says.

“How about I feed you instead?” Swara says and teases.

“I’m not that small.” Sanskaar says.

“But thode seconds Pehle Dil toh Bachcha tha Na?” Swara asks.

“Dil hai, toh what will you feed my heart?” Sanskaar asks.

Sanskaar then leans in.

“Bade Papa.” Swara says and Sanskaar immediately moves back.

He looks around and doesn’t see DP.

“Hmm, bade Papa se Nahi darte? What was this then? Well today I’m sleeping with Uttra.” Swara teases and leaves.

Sanskaar pouts and walks away.

The sun shines on Ragini’s face, she gets disturbed and moves her head and turns to the other side. She then feels someone’s arm around her waist and someone breathing close to her. She slowly opens her eyes and sees Laksh sleeping near her with his arm around her waist. It seemed like he was hugging her from behind when she was asleep. She is stunned but smiles while looking at him sleep.

“He’s looks so innocent while he’s sleeping… He left all that space and slept here? Why?” Ragini thinks.

Ragini kept admiring Laksh.

“If it was up to me then I would’ve kissed him by now. Well, he’s asleep so he wouldn’t know. Shall I?” Raginj thinks and asks herself.

She then leans in and pecks his cheek. Ragini then blushes and sits up, she was about to leave when Laksh grabs her arms and she falls onto his chest shockingly. Laksh still has his eyes closed.

“Agar Kiss karna hi tha then you could’ve kissed somewhere else, I wouldn’t have minded.” Laksh says with his eyes closed.

Ragini is feeling embarrassed and bites her tongue.

“You were awake?” Ragini asks.

“Yeah, when you moved, that’s when I woke up.” Laksh says with his eyes still closed.

Ragini makes a regretting yet embarrassed face.

“It’s not too late… You can kiss me somewhere else too… I won’t mind.” Laksh teases.

“Laksh!” Ragini says and hides her face in his chest.

Ragini then let’s out a 3 second laugh and Laksh smiles with his eyes closed and hugs her.

After a while, RagLak get changed and come down. SwaSan are ready and walk up to them.

“Mom and Badi Maa told us to go to the Mandir to take blessings.” Swara says.

Laksh is looking at AP continuously and suspiciously.

“Laksh…” Sanskaar says.

“Haa.” Laksh says and looks at him.

“Are you even listening?” Swara asks.

“Haa.” Laksh says.

“Shall we go then?” Swara asks.

Laksh and Ragini nod yes.

They leave in separate cars.

After taking the blessing in Mandir, RagLak and SwaSan leave.

“Maa’s behaving weird nowadays… I mean she never used to watch dance shows but now she is…? Like what’s happening?” Laksh says and looks at Ragini.

“You’re overthinking.” Ragini says.

“No but…” Laksh says but gets interrupted.

“Barish…” Ragini happily says as it starts raining.

“Oh no.” Laksh sadly says.

“Why are you sad? You should be happy…” Ragini says.

“I don’t like Barish.” Laksh says.

“How can you not?” Ragini asks.

Laksh stops the car and Ragini smiles.

“Sanskaar, stop the car please.” Swara says.

Sanskaar stops the car and looks at Swara.

Swara comes out and spreads her hand and starts spinning. Sanskaar also comes out.

Ragini enjoys and Laksh forcefully had to come out. All 4 get drenched.

A song starts playing.
(Dekho Na from Fanaa)

After the song finishes, RagLak and SwaSan reach MM. They rush to their rooms to get changed.

Sanskaar locks the door as Swara is drying her hair. Sanskaar then hugs her from behind and Swara shivers. He then starts kissing her neck. Then Sanskaar takes Swara to the bed and they consummate.

Ragini is drying her hair Laksh is too and is humming the tune to Dekho Na.

Ragini struggles to open her blouse. Laksh sees her struggling and goes to help her. He opens her blouse strings. She thanks him and was about to leave when he pulls her closer to him. Laksh then pecks her cheek which makes Ragini close her eyes.

“Kiss returned.” Laksh whispers.

Ragini shivers as she feels Laksh’s hot breath near her neck, Laksh then holds her waist and pulls her closer to him. She opens her eyes and rests her hand on his chest. Both share an eye-lock. Ragini moves back and was about to go when Laksh holds her hand.

“Ragini…” Laksh says softly.

Ragini looks on.

“Ragini, can you pass my towel…” Laksh says.

Ragini looks at him confusingly.

“Please.” Laksh begs with his puppy eyes.

Ragini picks the towel up and gives it to Laksh. Laksh takes it and goes to the bathroom.

After a while, Laksh comes out in his towel. He sees Ragini trying to tie her blouse strings. He goes there and picks her up in his arms.

“Laksh…” Ragini confusingly and worried he says

Laksh places her on the bed and makes her lie down.

“Ragini, take rest.” Laksh says.

He was about to leave when Ragibi holds his hand and pulls him to stop him but he looses his balance and falls on top of her. Their faces are touching but not their lips.

“Hmm, Ragini, what’s your intentions?” Laksh asks in a jokey tone.

Ragini changes her expressions to a serious look.

“Aah, you’re changing my intentions too…” Laksh says.

Ragini pecks his lips which shocks him but he kisses her, she responds to that kiss.

Then both consummate their marriage.

After a while, Swara is shown resting her head on Sanskaar’s arms and both are covered in blanket. Sanskaar is sleeping while Swara smiles.

Ragini is shown sleeping and Laksh is shown sleeping besides her with his arm around her waist and both are covered in a blanket.

Ragini and Swara are glowing and are shy. Jai sees Ragini and starts teasing her. Ragini asks him to be quiet shyly. Uttra and Parineeta tease Swara.

Laksh comes down and sits near AP, he also watches the dance show AP’s watching.

“Maa, who’s your favourite dancer?” Laksh asks.

“MJM…” AP says.

“MJM? Chalo, I’ll see how good he is too.” Laksh says and has his eyes glued to the TV.

Swaragini happily look at the family.

They smile at each other.
“Raghav?” Ragini says searching for Raghav.

Just then a small, cute 1 year old baby crawls out. Ragini smiles and picks him up. She hugs him.

“Raghav, my baby… Where were you?” Ragini asks.

Just then Laksh comes out with nappy and wipes.

“He’s not listening to me.” Laksh sadly moans.

“Raghav…” Ragini says and looks at him.

“Jai!” 1 year old Raghav utters.

RagLak look on and are shocked.

“Hmm, so you’ll rather say Jai than Mamma and Papa?” Laksh says.

Ragini smiles and pecks Raghav on the cheek.

“Hai… How lucky is Raghav… I wish I used to get pecked like this…” Laksh says.

Ragini picks Raghav up and takes the clean nappy from Lakshs hands.

“Indeed Raghav is lucky and cute.” Ragini says.

“And I’m not?” Laksh says.

Ragini smiles and leaves.

Ragini Changes Raghavs nappy and talks to him. Just then Swara comes inside with a baby girl who looks around 6 months.

“Offo, this Ayaan is troubling me too much. Like father like son.” Swara sighs and keeps her daughter down.

“Sanaira is just like you.” Ragini says.

“But she’s Papa Ki Princess.” Swara says.

“Aditya?” Swaragini hear Pari shout.

A two year old Adi rushes in and falls down. Pari picks him up and places him on the bed.

“Aditya, be a good boy and listen to your Mamma… Eat this please” Parineeta says.

“Nai! Yuck e!” Aditya says.

“Bhabhi, Bachche will always be Bachche, tell him koi Kahani while feeding.” Swara says.

Pari nods okay and starts telling a story while feeding Aditya. Sanskaar comes inside with Ayaan and places him on the bed.

“Nai Baba Nai!” Sanskaar sighs and leaves.

“Look… He says he loves us but jab responsibility uthane Ke baat aaye and he’s running?” Swara with fake anger says.

Laksh is shown thinking, suddenly something strikes his mind.

“Wait, mum still watched dance shows… MJM won 2 awards last time… Maa never misses his performance and after his performance, she doesn’t watch it until the score are declared. She always gets happy as MJM comes first. MJM… OMG. MritunJay Maheshwari!” Laksh thinks and guesses.

Laksh goes to AP and confronts her about and she tells him. Laksh then shows and tells everyone who Mrityunjay is and how he looks like.

After a while, all the family are sitting down on the dining table and are talking.

Swaragini smile seeing their family, Jai and Abhay talk and eat. All are laughing and cracking jokes.

“I wish our family stays like this.” Swara says.

“Khilte hue and happy.” Ragini says.

Swaragini hold hands and the title plays.

Jai – Shivansh Kotia
Abhay – Gautam Ahuja

Mrityunjay/Mrit/MJM – Shantanu Maheswari ?
Thank you for supporting me… It means a lot. Thank you for reading and giving positive feed back. ?

Keep Smiling, Take Care and Stay blessed. Love you all ?

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