Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur (Episode 1)


Swaragini – Jodein Rishton Ke Sur

This story would start from when Ragini pushed Swara in the river… So maybe 6th 7th and 10th August 2015…

Episode 1:

The story opens up at the Baari, Laksh is shown waiting for Swara along with the other family members. Ragini is shown secretly smirking but feeling guilty.

“Where is Swara?” Laksh thinks.

“Did I do the right thing by trying to harm Swara?” Ragini thinks.

“Ragini!!” We hear a woman shout.

All look up and see Dida, she had come out from Coma, Ragini is stunned.

“Maa?” Shomi says and walks there.

Dida comes down and looks at Ragini, Dida then walks past Shomi and stands in front of Ragini.

“All of this is done by Ragini!” Dida angrily shouts.

All are stunned.

“Ey Bengalan! What are you trying to say?!” Daadi’s voice is heard as she stands besides Ragini and gets prepared to defend her.

“Ragini kidnapped Swara!” Dida shouts.

All are shocked and Ragini looks on.

“Maa?” Shomi asks and walks near her.

“I’m telling the truth Shumi… Ragini wanted to break Laksh and Swara’s marriage!” Dida tells.

Laksh looks at Ragini who has developed tears in her eyes, she then looks at him. Laksh then looks at Dida.

“Bengalan! Why are you trying to blame my granddaughter?! It’s not my fault your granddaughter Swara is spoilt!” Daadi defends Ragini.

“I’m telling the truth!” Dida says.

Shomi looks at Ragini.

“My Ragini can never do this.” Shekhar says and stands besides Ragini.

“Haa Maa, Ragini can never do this.” Shomi defends Ragini.

“Haa Dida, Ragini can never do this.” Laksh defends.

Ragini sees everyone defending her and starts crying, she then runs up and all look on.

Scene shifts to the hospital, Swara wakes up in a shock and looks around. She then remembers Ragini pushing her in to the water while they were walking on the bridge. Sanskaar comes inside with the doctor.

Swara sees Sanskaar and looks on.

“Doctor, please try to understand, I need to take her… It’s important for me to…” Sanskaar says.

“But her condition…” The doctor says.

“You don’t know what can happen if Swara doesn’t reach the Mandap on time.” Sanskaar says

The doctor nods yes and Sanskaar thanks him, he then lifts Swara and walks out with her, Swara looks at him.

He then makes Swara sit in the car and sits on his seat and starts driving. Swara is just looking at him.

Ragini locks herself in the room and starts crying, she also shuts the window.

“Laado, open the door..” Daadi shouts while knocking.

“Ragini!” Shekhar shouts and knocks on the window.

Ragini sits besides her bed and starts crying.

“So many people trust me and I…” Ragini cries and feels guilty.

“Why are you doing this?” Swara asks.

Sanskaar thinks and looks at her.

“I want to repent and help.” Sanskaar says innocently.

“But why?” Swara asks.

“Because I know how it feels when you get separated from someone you love so much.” Sanskaar says and looks forward.

“And it hurts more when you find out that someone you love so much tries to harm you.” Swara says and gets teary eyes.

“Whatever Ragini did was wrong… But I guess it’s my fault.” Sanskaar says.

Swara looks at him.

“It was me who forced her and manipulated her into doing all this.” Sanskaar says with a guilt.

“But she could’ve told me… I need to ask her where I went wrong and why she hates me…” Swara says

“She did this to gain Laksh, but he… He doesn’t value her feelings…” Sanskaar defends Ragini.

Swara looks at him and tears fall out of her eyes.

“If you want to blame someone then blame me… I was wrong to play with Ragini’s feelings and misuse her…” Sanskaar says and feels guilty.

Just then Sanskaar’s phone starts ringing and Ragini’s name flashes. Sanskaar picks it up and puts it on speaker.

“Haa Ragini…?” Sanskaar asks.

“I’m sorry Sanskaar… I… I let you take the blame alone… D..did you find Swara? I… I feel like a bad s…sister.” Ragini cries.

Swara hears her and melts down and tears fall out of her eyes.

“I can’t believe I got selfish!” Ragini regrets and cries.

Swara hears and tears flow down non stop.

Sanskaar looks at Swara.

“If anything happens to Swara then I would never be able to live… Without Swara… Ragini is incomplete…” Ragini cries.

Swara looks on emotionally.

Swaragini sad title track starts playing…

“Jeevan Yeh Suroon Se Sajati
Rishtey Yeh Suroon Se Banati”

Swara and Ragini are shown in tears.

“Bajti Hai Toh Pyar Ki Dhun
Ek Dhup Chanchal Hai Ek Chandani” Swara and Ragini think about their moments.

“I don’t think I’ll be able to face her.” Ragini cries.

“Phir Bhi Hai Ek Duje Ke Liye Bani
Dilon Mein Hai Pyar Bhara”

“Ragini…” Swara finally says.

“Suroon Se Sajji Hai Swara
Ragoon Se Rachi Hai Ragini”

“Swara?” Ragini happily says.

“Swaragini Swaragini..
Swaragini Swaragini..
Swaragini Swaragini..” The song ends.

“Swara, I’m really sorry.” Ragini says.

Swara wipes her tears.

“I will talk to you when I get back.” Swara says and disconnects the call and looks on outside.

Sanskaar increases his speed.

Ragini cries, all are scared as they think she’s going to do something wrong.

“Dekh Bengalan! Look what you did to my granddaughter!” Daadi angrily shouts.

“I only told the truth…” Dida says.

“Maa, I trust Ragini…” Shomi says.

Laksh is getting worried, he then starts thinking.

Ragini’s POV:
I’m such a selfish woman… I didn’t even value my sisters feelings and went against her… It’s better if I tell them the truth.

“Ragini!” I heard Laksh’s voice come out from the crowd outside.

How can I even think to destroy Laksh’s, my Laksh’s happiness… I’m so bad.

It’s better if I go far away from their lives, but after I accept my truth…

“Beta, break the door.” Annapurna Aunty said to Laksh.

It’s obvious Laksh said okay, I love him but my happiness is in his happiness.

I got the notepad and quickly started writing because I know I wouldn’t be able to face them.

****END OF POV****

After a while, Laksh and Shekhar both attempted to break the door open but both failed. They tried for the third time and the door broke open.

Swara and Sanskaar ran inside, they looked around and saw Dida sitting down and next to her is Shomi who is crying. Swara and Sanskaar look up and see people crowded around Swara’s room.

“Dida, Maa?” Swara and runs there while looking up.

“Shona..?” Dida happily says and stands up.

Shomi also stood up. Dida hugs Swara.

“Shona… Thank god you’re okay…” Dida cries.

All rush in the room after it had been opened. Daadi turns the lights on and all look around but don’t see Ragini, Shekar sees a rope hanging from outside the window and Laksh sees a letter.

He picks it up and reads it to himself.

‘I’m sorry… I want to accept something… Laksh, I helped Sanskaar in all this, I tried to harm my sister, I tried to separate you and Swara… I became a villain… I’m sorry, I couldn’t face you all but I want to say one thing… I’m going far away from all of you so that you could live your life peacefully… I won’t be able to face anyone, not even Swara after what I had done.
I will never for get you… And live your life with Swara peacefully…
From Ragini, who was once your friend.’

Laksh reads the letter and looks on, Swara comes in and all look at her, she sees Laksh and the letter, she takes it and reads it out loud.

Ragini left? What does she mean once was my friend? Isn’t she my friend anymore…? She did a lot of wrong deeds but why am I not getting much angry at her? I should be happy and am happy that Swara is back… Well I guess me and Swara are going to get married and live a happily ever after but Ragini… What about her?

Swara finished reading the letter, I saw everyone’s reaction and all are stunned and shocked, Daadi couldn’t believe the letter and didn’t want to accept it. Shekahr uncle was disappointed and apologised to Swara. Shomi Maa broke down as she came up and is now leaning against the door… Dida was right but she didn’t look happy, she also was upset.

Maa, Papa, Adarsh Bhaiyya, Parineeta Bhabhi, Chacha, Chachi were all disappointed and upset. But where’s Sanskaar?

I glanced around and saw him leaving.

“Sanskaar!” I shouted

I knew Papa isn’t happy. Sanskaar stopped and turned around, I walked up to him.

“I’m sorry Laksh.” He uttered.

He obviously had to be, after all I gave the angry looks. But I was angry and now I feel like… I’m not sure.

“I realised and am very guilty for my doings, I want to repent.” Sanskaar said.

I couldn’t control and hugged him, I missed my elder brother, I missed him so much… I missed his supporting and scolding, I missed pranking him and bullying him. I missed teasing him. He also hugged me back but all that flashed in my head at that time was Papa’s angry and no offence ugly face. I don’t get why he doesn’t smile.
****END OF POV****

I thought Lucky was going to shout at me but he hugged me, that surprised me pretty much, he came out with a disappointed face so I thought he was angry and upset which he had to be. But I feel bad that Ragini left… I mean no one even bothered to search for her. It’s like they already forgot her. Swara and Shomi Aunty were only crying.

Bade Papa was giving me the death glares along with Papa, I couldn’t face Bade Papa and looked down, I broke the hug and looks down at Laksh.

“No Bhai, you don’t need to apologise.” Laksh had said.

The word Bhai was so strong that it melted me. I was dumb enough to show my emotional side, it doesn’t suit my personality you know…

All I could see that changed my expression was Bade Papa approaching but with a sword to slit my neck and I gulped.

****END OF POV****

DP was glaring at both Laksh and Sanskaar. Sanskaar looked down.

“We will talk about this in Maheshwari Mansion!” DP angrily says.

Sanskaar and Laksh nod okay.

“The time is running out.” Sujata tells.

AP nods and asks Parineeta to make Swara ready. Parineeta nods okay. All make the arrangements again.

Swara’s POV:
I was sitting in front of the mirror in my bedroom… But why am I not happy? Is it because my sister, my better half isn’t here? How can Ragini even think that I can never forgive her, of course I would… She’s my sister. I really miss her now. But why didn’t Baba, Laksh or anyone go to search for her? Have they forgotten Ragini existed? At least Sanskaar could’ve gone.

Parineeta Bhabhi had gotten me ready.

“Shall we go Devrani Ji?” Parineeta Bhabhi asked

I nodded yes with a faint smile and stood up. I guess Ragini’s gone, but I hope to see her soon.

I then walked out with Parineeta Bhabhi.

****END OF POV****

A woman is peeking as Swara was made sat on the Mandap, she is draped in the shawl and is at the Baari door. The woman is revealed to be Ragini.

I’m glad Swara and Laksh are moving on, it’s so good to see them together, it’s so good to see Laksh happy. I shouldn’t stay here for too long.

“Can the father do the Kanydaan.” The pandit said.

Papa then came forward for that ritual. I felt so guilty and I left from there before anyone could see me.

I managed to take the money from my piggy bank and pocket money and boarded a train, to an unknown city… I guess I’m going to Mumbai, I heard that city is the heart of India. Well, can’t wait to see how I will live my new life.

I smiled and lied back as the train started.

“Ragini!” I heard Laksh’s voice.

I opened my eyes and looked around, I couldn’t see Laksh and it’s obvious that it was my imagination. After all I love him and can never forget him.

I then lied back and closed my eyes and fell a sleep.

****END OF POV****

Episode ends on SwaRagSanLak’s faces.

Precap: 1 year leap…
Hello everyone, it’s me Halima… Actually I thought of this new idea so thought to write it before I forget it. I’m not sure how long this FF would be…

I tried writing in POV’s and I know I ruined it…?

But do drop down your opinions and what I need to improve on…

Warning: This FF might be an Irregular FF…?

Thank you ?

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