Swaragini jode riston ke sur SS Episode 4

Episode 3 : Episode 3
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Episode starts with Ragini entering the Gadodia Mansion.

@Gadodia Mansion

Ragini : Maa,Dida where is Di I am so excited to meet her.

Sharmistha : She is in her room go meet her & take these snacks as well she needs it now.

Dida : Ha Ragini give her & ask her to eat it strictly.

Sharmistha : No need Maa Sanskar is there he will take care of that.

Ragini leaves for Swasan Room.

@Swasan Room

Sanskar was giving strict instructions to Swara.

Sanskar : Swara from tommorrow you will not roam here & there in office.

Swara : But Sanskar what about the work ?

Sanskar : You will do all work in our Cabin & no ifs & buts or I will home arrest you.

Swara(irritated) : This is not fair Sanskar.

Sanskar : Everything is fair in Love & War.

Swara : Very Funny.

Sanskar : Also yo will eat your food on time.

Swara : Ok but I will eat whatever I want.

Sanskar : Done.

Ragini enters the room knocking the door.

Ragini : Conratulations Di & jiju.(Hugs both Sanskar & Swara)


Laksh has already tell everyone the good news everyone was happy but
were sad as Sanskar was angry at them so tey can’t congratulate them.

Laksh conratulated Swasan on Phone.

@ Ragini’s Room

Ragini was talking to Laksh.

Ragini : I am so happy Laksh.

Laksh : Me too Ragini.

Ragini : Ok now tell me the rest of the story.

Laksh : Ragini I can’t on phone.

Ragini(Pouty Face) : Please lets do a video call.

Laksh : Ok.

They got connected on Video Call.

Flashback starts.

Sanskar jerked Swati when she tried to kiss him.

Swati : Sanskar now wait & watch how I will make you marry me.

Saying this She teared her Top from shoulders,smudged her lipstick
, made some scratches on her hand & ran out of the room shouting.

Swati : Help me Please.

Swati ran in MM hall Sanskar ran behind her shocked.

Everyone gathered in the hall including Swati’s Father Rishi Sharma.

Rishi : What happened Swati ?

Swati(Crying) : Dad Sanskar tried to molest me.

Rishi : What the hell is this DurgaPrasad is are these your sons morals
wait let me call the police.

DP : Wait Rishi let me talk to Sanskar.

Sujata : Bhaisa Sanskar can’t do anything like this.

DP held his hand to stop Sujata.

DP slapped Sanskar.

Everyone was shocked.

DP : How can you do this Sanskar ?

Sanskar : BadePapa I didn’t do anything she is lying I told her that I love someone else
so she tried to kiss me forcefully & I jerked her that’s why she is doing this.

DP : I know Swati from her childhood she can’t lie about such a big thing.

Sanskar : But BadePapa she is lying.

DP : Bas Sanskar enough now I give you two options Marry Swati or leave this house.

Everyone was shocked.

Sujata : Bhai sa what are you saying how can he leave the house ?

DP : This is my last decision.

Sanskar(Crying) : Don’t do this BadePapa Please I didn’t do anything.

DP turned away.

Sanskar : Maa(AP) I didn’t do anything please ask BadePapa to change his decison.

She kept quiet.

Sanskar : Papa please ask BadePapa to change his decision I won’t be able
to live without you all.

He begged everyone but no one supported him except Sujata.(Laksh & Uttara were not there.)

DP : Sanskar whats your decision ?

Sanskar : I will not marry this girl at any cost.

DP : So you are ready to leave this house.

Sanskar : Yes I am ready to leave your so called house Mr DurgaPrasad Maheshwari.

Everyone was shocked. That day Sanskar left the MM & Lived in Gadodia Mansion where
Shekhar & Sharmistha accepted him.(Shekhar was alive at that time)

He married Swara after he estabilshed his company.Shekhar died after sometime
leaving his business(Departmental Store) in hands of Swara.

Flashback Ends.

Ragini was shocked.

Ragini : How can she do this with her bestfriends.

Laksh : She didn’t care about anyone Ragini she was a obsessive lover.

Ragini : But how did everyone know the truth ?

Laksh : We recieved a voice clip of Swati accepting her mistake.

Ragini : But who send that clip ?

Laksh : We don’t know.

Episode Ends here.

Precap : Party & MoodSwings.

I hope I am giving importance to both pairs. Please comment guys.

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    If sanskar hates them disown them then also he has the right…… When there is no trust no relation

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