Swaragini jode riston ke sur SS Episode 3


Here is Episode 3

Episode starts with Sanskar taking Swara in his arms.Sanskar rushed towards the car & put
Swara in Car & rushed towards hospital.


Sanskar(Crying) : Doctor please check my wife she fainted suddenly.

Doctor : Calmed down Mr.Mahewshwari I am checking her.

Doctor checked Swara.

Doctor : Mr.maheshwari did Mrs.Maheshwari Puked in these days.


Swasan Room

Swara came out of washroom & was looking pale.

Sanskar : What happened Swara ?

Swara : Nothing just vomiting.

Sanskar : Are you fine ? Come lets go to doctor.

Swara : No Sanskar I am fine just vomiting I am fine please don’t worry.

Sanskar : Are you sure Swara ?

Swara : Yes Sanskar.

Flashback Ends.

Sanskar : Yeah Doctor she did a few days back.

Doctor : Now I am confirm.

Sanskar(Tensed) : What happened to her Doctor ? She is fine na.

Doctor : Congratulations you are going to be a father Mr.Maheshwari .

Sanskar was overwhelmed hearing the news.

Sanskar : Is it true Doctor.

Doctor : Yeah Mr.Maheshwari it’s true.

Sanskar : ThankYou so much Doctor.

Doctor left Swara’s Room.

Sanskar carrases Swara’s hair. Swara got conscious after sometime.

Swara : What happened to me Sanskar ? Why am I here ?

Sanskar : Calm down Swara there is a good news for you.

Swara : What good news Sanskar ?

Sanskar came closer to her put her hands on her stomach.

Sanskar : We are going to become parents Swara.

Swara was very happy listening to this she was crying.

Sanskar : Why are you crying Swara ?

Swara : These are tears of happiness Sanskar I am very happy Sanskar.

Swasan leave for Gadodia Mansion after sometime.


Raglak were sitting On a table.

Ragini : Now tell me Laksh ?

Laksh : Ok.


Swara,Sanskar & Swati Sharma were bestfriends in college.The Maheshwari Family were not familiar with
Gadodia’s but they were business partners with Sharma’s so Sanskar & Swati were friends from Childhood.

Sanskar loved Swara & Vice Versa. Swati loved Sanskar but she never told anyone.

One day the Mahehswari & Sharma Family met casually for dinner.

Sanskar’s Room

Sanskar,Swati & Laksh were talking.

Sanskar : Guys I have something to tell you.

Swati & laksh : What is it ?

Sanskar : I am Proposing Swara tomorrow.

Swati : What ?

Laksh : All The Best Bhai.

Swati : But you never told me you love Swara.

Sanskar : I do love her from the first day of college itself Swati.

Then next day Sanskar proposed Swara & Swara accepted his Proposal.
They start dating eachother.Everything was Fine for next 3 months.

One day again Mahehswari & Sharma Family met casually for dinner.

Sanakar’s Room

Sanskar was sitting talking to Swara on mobile.

Swati entered the Room.

Sanskar : I love you Swara Bye.

Swara : I love you too Bye.

Sanskar turned & saw Swati there.

Sanskar : Swati any problem.

Swati (Angry) : Yeah Sanskar there is a big problem.

Sanskar : What happened Swati ?

Swati : I love you Sanskar this is the problem.

Sanskar : What the hell are you saying Swati ?

Swati : I love you from Childhood Sanskar but you love Swara whom you met only 3 years back.

Sanskar : Swati I am sorry but I love Swara

Sanskar was about to leave the Room but Swati stopped him.

Swati : Wait Sanskar.

Swati tried to kiss Sanskar forcefully but Sanskar pushed her.

Sanskar : Have you gone mad stay away from me.

Flashback Ends.

Ragini’s phone was ringing.She took the call.

Ragini : Hello Yes jiju.

Sanskar : There is good news Ragini.

Ragini : What good news Jiju ?

Sanskar : Your Di is Pregnant you are going to become Masi.

Ragini(Happy) : What are you serious Jiju ?

Sanskar : Yeah Ragini now we are heading home to tell everyone.

Ragini : Ok bye Jiju I am reaching home as fast as I can.

She cuts the Phone.

Laksh : What happened Ragini ? What did Bhai said ?

Ragini : Laksh you are going to become Chachu Di is Pregnant.

Laksh (Happy) : What are you Saying the Truth ?

Ragini : Yes Laksh. Now lets leave I have to reach home rest of the story tomorrow.

Raglak left for respective homes.

Episode Ends here.

Precap : Swasan Moments & Flashback Continues.

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Credit to: Abhinav

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