Swaragini jode riston ke sur SS Episode 2


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Guys here is Episode 2

Recap : Sujata & Sanskar Emotional Moment.

Swasan Room

Swara came out of Bathroom & saw Sanskar in deep thinking.

Swara : What are you thinking Sanskar ?

Sanskar hugged Swara.

Sanskar : I am very happy today Swara i met Mom after 3 years.She was the only one
who supported me when Mr. DurgaPrasad Maheshwari throwed me out of MM.

Swara : Can’t you forgive them Sanskar i have seen in there eyes they are very guilty &
now Ragini is also getting married in that home.

Sanskar : No Swara i can’t forgive him he throwed me out without listening to me even once
he didn’t trusted me.

Swara : But Sanskar

Sanskar :No ifs & buts i am sleepy Swara lets sleep.

Swara sighs & gave a sweet peck on Sansakr’s lips & they slept in each others embrace.

Ragini’s Room

Ragini was talking with Laksh on phone.

Ragini : What is the reason of Hatred of jiju towards our family.

Laksh : Ragini Papa didn’t trusted bhai & throwed him out of the house without listening to him.

Ragini : But Why ?

Laksh : I can’t tell you.

Ragini : Please Laksh tell me i want to know Please Please Please

Laksh : Ok but i can’t tell you on phone meet me at CCD @12 Noon Tomorrow.

Ragini : Ok done. Good Night & I Love You.

Laksh : I Love You too.

After the conversation both of them slept.


A beautiful morning In Gadodia Mansion

Swasan Room

Swara woke up due to alarm which rang on her mobile & saw herself lying on Sanskar’s chest &
Sanskar holding her waist.

Swara disentangled herself from Sanskar & tried to wake him up.

Swara : WakeUp Sanskar we have to go to office.

Sanskar : 5 Minutes more Swara & pulls her hand & make her lie on the bed.

Swara waited for 5 Minutes & Then.

Swara : Now WakeUp or we will get late.

Sanskar pecked Swara’s Lips & left for Bathroom for taking Shower.Soon both of them got ready
& left for hall to take Breakfast.


Swasan greeted everyone & took blessings from Dida.

Sanskar : So my sister when is your marriage date fixed.

Ragini : Jiju Maa(AP) asked for Horoscope they will match & then decide the date.

Sharmistha : I have taken out your Horoscope Ragini can you deliver it at MM.

Ragini : Mom i have college it’s important to attend.

Dida : Swara & Sanskar will deliver it.

Sanskar : But Dida you know na i don’t want to go there.

Swara : We will go Dida. Please Sanskar come as Ragini’s Jiju.

Ragini(making puppy face) : Please Jiju.

Sanskar : Ok he can’t deny seeing Ragini’s Face & he also loves Ragini
so much even more than Uttara.

Swasan leaves for MM.


Swasan reached MM

Sanskar got emotional on seeing MM all the memories from childhood to the last day in MM
was playing in his mind.

Swara squeezed his hand indicating she is with him always.

Swasan entered MM.Everyone was happy seeing Swasan.

Swara took everyones blessings but Sanskar only met with Sujata, Uttara & Laksh.

Swara :Aunty (AP) this is Ragini’s Horoscope

AP : Swara call me Maa that’s what Sanskar called me.

Sanskar : No need Swara call her aunty only no need to call her maa.

AP was hurt but she know her son is angry on her.

Swara(Whispers) : Sorry Maa(AP) on Sanskar’s behalf.

AP was overwhelmed.

Sanskar : Swara we are getting late lets leave.

Swara : Ok lets go .

Swara took everyones blessings & was about to leave when she fainted.

Sanskar(Shouting) : Swaraaaa

Episode ends on Swara’s head on Sanskar’s Lap.

Precap : A happy news & BLAST FROM THE PAST.

Credit to: Abhinav

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