Swaragini jode riston ke sur SS Episode 1


Prologue : Prologue

Episode 1 is here

Swara was shocked to see Uttara as she only met with DP,AP & Laksh when they came for Ragini & Laksh’s Alliance even Uttara was equally shocked on seeing Swara.

Ragini introduced the Gadodia’s to Sujata,RP,Adarsh,Parineeta & Uttara

AP: Ragini beta kaise ho tum aur Swara tum kaise ho ?

Ragini : Hum thik hai ma.

Swara : Main bhi thik hu aunty.

Sujata : Beta Swara where is your husband ?

Swara : He will come aunty.

Laksh : Di today is our engagement & he is still not here.

Swara : He will come by lunch Laksh. Till then let us complete the Engagement Ritual.

The Engagement ritual was completed with the blessings of Elder.

Everyone was sitting for lunch on dining table & Swara was anxiously waiting for sanskar.

Ragini : Aaj to jiju ki shamat hai abhi tak nahi aaye hai.

Suddenly the lights got off. A man entered the Gadodia mansion.

The Man moved towards Swara & handed her two roses on which kangan were attached.

Swara : Sanskar what is this ? I am angry at you .you are so late

Yes it was Sanskar everyone of MM were shocked to hear the name Sanskar.

Sanskar : Yeh gulab ye Kangan
Tere samne fhika hai
Par tere nak pe jo ye gussa hai vo
Mirchi se bhi tikha hai

Swara was about to turn but Sanskar held her hand & stops her.

Tu roothe to tujhe manana chahata hu
Teri har muskurahat par muskurana chahata hu
Meri zindagi mein aake tu ne mera sara gam dur kar diya
Toothe kach sat ha main Kohinoor kar diya.

Ragini , Sharmishta, Dida clapped & Swara hugged Sanskar.

Sanskar : Lights on

Lights came back

Maheshwari Family was shocked & Sanskar was equally shocked.

Sujata (Crying) : Sanskar mara chora & she hugged her & Sanskar reciprocated as well.

Sanskar (Crying) : Mom I missed you so much in these 3 years.

Sujata : Maine bhi tujhe utna hi miss kiya tha Sanskar.

Sanskar: Mom meet Swara she is my wife.

Swara took blessings as wife of Sanskar from Sujata & she blessed her .

Sanskar : Swara I am very hungry let’s eat food & I know you have also not eaten anything.

Uttara : Bhai mujhse to mil lo.

Sanskar : Abhi 2 din pahle hi to mile the restro mein. Chal phir bhi & he hugged her.

Gadodia’s were shocked to know that Maheshwari Family is Sanskar’s Family.

Laksh : Ragini bhai is Swara di ‘s husband .

Ragini : Yes Laksh but we didn’t know he is your brother.

Laksh : I know he is upset because of us .


Sanskar is sitting & eating with Sujata’s hands.

Maheshwari family was sitting silently just then Sanskar received a call.

Sanskar : Hello ya Rohan

Rohan : We got the contract bro.

Sanskar : What Thanks yaar I am so happy .

Rohan : Ragini ki engagement kaisi rahi

Sanskar’s expression changed

Sanskar : I will tell you later bro.

Swara : What happened Sanskar ?

Sanskar : We got the deal Swara.

Swara : Wow congrats Sanskar .

Sanskar : What congrats Swara It’s all because of you only presentation was yours I only presented it .

Swara : Ok but now you finish your lunch.

Sanskar : You too eat & make her eat with his hands.

Soon the Maheshwari’s left & Sanskar only bid bye to Sujata & Uttara.

Sanskar : Mom aap aate rehna Uttara ko humara address pata hai par abhi to kuch din ham yahi hain.

Uttara : Ha bhai bhabhi aab mujhe aap logo se chupke nahi milna padega .

Swara : Ha Uttara we will meet daily & you can even stay with us for some days .

Episode ends on Happy faces of Swasan , Sujata , Uttara.

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Credit to: Abhinav

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