Swaragini-Jode rishto ke dhage ff(3)


Hey friends thank u so much 4 ur responce..keep commenting,ur comment motivates me thank u sooo much..lets start epi3

Its beautifull evening
Gadodia mention is decorated like palace..as today is raginis bday party..ragini in her room gets ready
shes is wearing long red gaoun with less makeup n her curly hair n red lipstic gives her parfect look..
she think-Today every1 wish me except mr.Akadu (laksh)
she goes towerds jankis photo n talks-maa im very happy today,but i miss u too,ma dont know where is lucky, “LUCKY”my best friend from childhood,we r very diffirent from each other like u know ma lucky flirt with every girl,dont know when he become serious in his life,he always takes the thing lightly on other hand im always serious,but we have parfect bonding,he is my best friend..as we shared every thing many of people misunderstood us as a Couple but we r jst best friend…

In hall
Gaust r coming n shekhar greets them,maheshwari family is also coming they r family friend of Gadodias,shekhar greets them

A guy is showing who wears blue jeans black shirt n blazer..he is very handsome hes none other than laksh..
as usual girls r stares him..
one girl comes to him
Girl-Hi luksh..pahechna muze??
laksh-Yes of cource! u r natash,shrutis sister..
girl-no lakah,im suhana
laksh-oh yes!! we met in Koyals bday party.
girl-no laksh! we met in collage last year,n then we’ll watch 35 movies togather
Laksh-Yes darling!! how can i forget u!!The girl smiles..suddenly laksh sees Dp comes then laksh says
laksh-Papa!! shes suhana!! she tied rakhi on my hand..shes like my sister
Dp-Helloo suhana bete
The girl suhana is hell shocked n confused..Ragini comes n smiles seeing this
suhana-But laksh we r…ragini cuts her saying in middle n says
Ragini-suhana,sachi is calling u there..suhana leaves
dp wishes ragini n ragini takes blessing Dp leaves..
Laksh-Happy bday ms BakBak
ragini-Thank u mr Akadu!!!
both smiles n shares hug
laksh-Thank u ragini 4 saving me otherwise papa will kill me today.
ragini-laksh i’ll not come all time to save u!!!be serious
Laksh-Really!! i know ragini u come all time to save me so i.will not beacome serious in life till ur with me…
Ragini-okk then..so i’ll leave frm ur life
laksh-sochana bhi mat!!! i’ll not live without my best friend
Both smiles..
ragini-soo i have to bear my irresponcible friend all the time
Laksh-Yes u have too

Ragini cuts the cake n feed all,later Ragini n shekhar dances all joins them…after lots of masti Guest leaves now only maheshwaries. r there in GM
they talks about buisness n raglak parish n uttara chatting n doing mast with “ANSH[parishs son] Then all r coming in hall
Ragini tells shekhar that she wanted to go kolkatta for further study
all says that mumbai is best for collages,whats the need for going kolkatta….but ragini really wanted to go
so all elder says ragini can go to.kolkatta but lakah will go with also goes with him
laksh(shoked)what???in mind(what my all Gf r in mumbai they will miss me badly n i will also)
Dp-yes laksh!!pack ur bags today
laksh-okk papa!!
shekhar-Ragini,actually i have decided something 4 u..
Ragini-Yes papa!! tell me
shekhar-actually i want u to marry with laksh..
Raglak r hell shocke
Dadi-haa chhori,laksh is good boy aur ajkal achhe ladke milte kaha hai..
Raglak in unison-its too early
Dp-no we r just decide now,when
ur education will compleat we’ll does ur mearrage..
DADI-Haa ladoo,i know u love lucky!! n if u want to go colkatta u should say s to proposal..
Shekar-ma whats this we cant pressurise her,its all her wish

OHH as usual again every1 mastaken our relation; every1 look at me with expectation fullfilled eyes,its really difficult for me to say no…but i never thought lucky as my life partner,he is always my best friend;yes i love him but as a best friend not like that,but how can i make uderstand them???
ohh God!! but i have to go to kolkatta for finding sumi ma n swara,if i says no then dadi will never allow me to go to kolkatta,bechara lucky meri vajah se fas jayega!!! but for papas happiness i said “YES”…all r happy n lucky is shoked..im really sorry lucky i looked at lucky with guilty eyes!! i used lucky for my motive…im words worst friend
Raginis pov end…

Ohh God!! whats this i always treat ragini as my best friend i never thought her as my life partner…shes pretty,intelligent parfect every1 can fall for her…n im im free bird,i cant live in one relation for long time n she knows it then why she says yes….ohhh now im got it ,she wanted to go to kolkatta thats why she said Yes..okk wait but now what i will do;if i said no then papa will definately kill me so i said Yes due to papas fear n of cource i wanted to help my best friend ragini,she help me many time now its my turn n till mearrage we’ll find some solution
so i said “YES”..every1 is happy n hugs each other
lakshs pov ends..
maheshwari family leaves

ragini comes to Balcony n see the most brightest star n says
Ragini-Maa!!tomorrow i’ll go to KolkATta,in same collage where swara studies,in same hostel where swara lives..i dont know whether i recognised her or not as i saw her 10yrs ago!! hope everything will be fine…hope my mission of union of sumi.ma n papa swara will successfull (she smiles)

precap-Raglaks journey to kolkatta,swars intro

Credit to: Sasha

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